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  1. hello to all. i'm new to the site and would love to find a good role play. not so many people have the mind to make me work. i need people with skill so that in turn i have to rack my brain to match there standers so that i can become a better role player.
    so yea i'm new and would LOVE to role play any takers? please?
  2. A Hinata chan avatar! :3 Nice ^^
    Hello there xD
    Welcome to Iwaku c:
    If you need any help please let us know.

    You find find upcoming roleplays by searching through the plot discussions in the FORUM page .
  3. Welcome, just look around for a while, there are some very interesting roleplays going on hehe.....
  4. You wish to learn more RPing goodness? Demand help from those around by going >>>HERE<<< But it might be a better idea to ask polity for assistance, I like my approach better tho..... *Mutters*

    Anyways Welcome to my little slice of.. of... what do I call you people again? Not the ones that throw things at me randomly but the ones that say inappropriate things in my ear in sweet whispers? *Loses train of thought again and heads back to the posts he's behind on.*

    Thanks for Joining!
  5. okay thank you so much ^^
  6. Welcome aboard Hinata! If you're looking for a roleplay you've come to the right place! I assure you there's plenty to do here. And if you want to get better at roleplay I'm sure I could use an apprentice... to do all my dirty work better yet, just ask the lovely folks around here. My approach is a little... mad... we don't bite though I promise *gives a welcome batch of cookies*
  7. Hi there :) I'm new too. So welcome. And Hooray for Hinata! :3
  8. So glad to have you join our giant-crazy family, Hinata! :3

    Please let me know if you need any help or tips on improving your writing :D I'm always happy to help!
  9. Hello Hinata! 8D If you like, you can always join up in the Roleplay Academy to do the exercises there and get a mentor.

    Also, welcome to the community! >:3
  10. Hello and welcome to Iwaku!
    As already suggested, the Roleplay Academy is useful for improving skills.
    There's also the challenges section for trying to stretch your ideas and inspire your muse.
    Have a look around and see what catches your interest.
    Best of wishes!