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  1. "My name is Miu.. I am a quiet person, more often than not. I have been having some difficulties with speaking to people lately, I guess, and I missed my old life of internet things, so I did some reasearch and found myself here..^^; I've been Roleplaying for a while now, though I feel my esteem may get in the way sometimes. I get nervous with time limits and stuff, and sometimes I either make the message too brief or draw out the story for so long people get irritated. But.. I'm working on it. I wouldn't consider myself bad, just... a little conflicted. I'm not much of a fighter either, unless it just allows some psychopathic rampage. Just a personal preference, maybe."
  2. Hello Miu!~ It's certainly a pleasure to meet you c: My name's Ravv~ (Heh heh, so obvious in my username but I felt I might as well~)

    I have to say, your Jump-in Roleplay thread was very interesting! I'm glad I could have the chance to partake in it. You have wonderful RP skills already and I certainly look forward to RP'ing with you!

    I wish you the best on this site! It is truly wonderful and it has a great community to boot~
  3. Pleasure to meet you also, and you're so kind to say those things. I'll try my best around here. Thank you! ^^
  4. No problem at all~ ;)
  5. Hello! Quiet or loud, shy or bold, Iwaku is the place for all. Our community is full of welcoming people and I'm glad you've come here! Ask if you need anything and feel free to explore! I hope you enjoy your stay.
  6. D'aw. You sound so shy! D:
  7. Thanks for all the hospitality.<3 And yeah I suppose I am, Sloth. ^^"
  8. Heyo! Welcome! Hope to see you around!
  9. Hello and welcome to you!
  10. <(^.^,) The Lamp welcomes you!
  11. (vo[]o)> I welcome the Lamp also!