H-h-hello ~ *blush*

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  1. Uhm.... hello there !
    My name is.. well it's Caroline, but I go by the name MiNaGi or Kuro-tan/Kuro-chan online, and I prefer MiNaGi to be honest ^//u//^
    I'm not a newbie roleplayer, but I don't consider myself all that good as English isn't my first language but what do I care.
    Anyways, I hope that I'll figure out how to navigate around this forum and have an enjoyable time while being here ~
    If anyone wants to know stuff about me then ask, I have no idea what to put here....

    ~ MiNaGi
  2. hai Mina-chan :3 (mind if I call you that?)I'm new too
  3. Ah, Welcome to Iwaku! Your grammar is so nice, I never would have guessed English wasn't your native tongue! :D
  4. You can call me that, it's fine ~
    And nice to meet you then ^u^
  5. Aww, thank you ~ ! I'm a writer so my grammar has to be awesome. Okay sorry, I'm kidding. For now I'm just going to enter the Jump in rp's with plot bunnies flooding my room.