H-H-heeeeello c: Chiryu here

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  1. Hi fellow Iwakuroroleplayer,

    I'm the new guy, or one of the guys, because I'm guessing I'm not the only one exactly on this day.
    I was looking at roleplay 101 forum to take a look at the introduction of this site and it told me to say hi here and thus I did.
    I came here via another site called "Iscribble" where I used to roleplay a lot, but that roleplay community was quiet minor and I wanted something more and thus I came here. This seems like a cool site and I'm hoping my expectations are not undeserved. I'm excited.
    I'm gonna fill in the rest of my profile and maybe start already. In any case, if you wanna rp with me, you can just say it and I'll be happy to.

    Thanks for reading,
    Chiryu Amaratsu

    P.S. I hope I don't sound too formal or too....newbie and if I did, sorry beforehand.

    Have fun!
  2. OH hello there -snuggles- >w< Just cause your avatar is so darn cute!

    I am Vanille, welcome to this community. I hope you have lots of fun and whatnot!
    If you ever need help I am here :3 You can message me or you can ask any of the staff members (people with blue fonts)
    And, that shall be all.

    Oh! If you want to befriend me then that's ok too >w< I love making friends!
  3. RAWR!!! I claim thee in the name of the Collective! You will be brought into the Unity and find purity of thought through indoctrination!
  4. Welcome to Iwaku!


  5. Welcooooome~!
  6. Both your Avatar pics are so cute. I love the furry one more than the more human one with eyepatch. He reminds me of Sonic's Miles Tails Prower (Tails) but I can tell he's original.

    Enjoy your time here. I bet you find lots of people who like the same things as you.
  7. I didn't read it. You can have your thanks back.

    In any case,

    I'm happy to see you here. Carry on.[/h]