h e l l ' s _ t o y

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h e l l ' s _ t o y_

c h a r a c t e r s_

h e l l_

a living being who holds no shape. hell is a never ending place of nightmares for those that had sinned. he morphs his land as he wishes and watches over his domain.
he will occasionally take a physical form for reproductive purposes.

h u m a n_

a pure soul. he cannot be haunted by hell's nightmares and sees hell as it is. without the illusion of nightmares obscuring his sight, he is able to see hell's beauty.

p l o t_

the human falls into hell accidentally.

he is not haunted by nightmares because he has not sinned. he is pure.

the human can see hell for as it is - something gorgeous.

hell is enamored by the human and he silently guides the human around his land, showing him how beautiful hell can be. the land shifts with every step and the human only follows. hell shows the human his kingdom and for years, he continues like this. but humans are social creatures. he grows lonely. he stops following the path hell has made and laments, crying for companionship.

hell is torn.

he speaks to the human. hell has a conscience, the human discovers. for a while, the human is content. they speak and become friends. then, the human wants more. humans always want more. they are never satisfied. the human wants to see hell. he wants more than just his voice. he wants to touch him, feel him, see him.

hell obeys.

but humans always want more.

n o t e s_

_this is a dark, twisted RP.
_after years of living in hell, the human is sure to become strange. he is expected to become obsessed with hell, obsessed with controlling him.

_heavy bondage among other kinks is to be expected.

r u l e s_

_proper grammar and spelling, please.
_advanced+ writing. should have a distinct writing style.
_quality=quantity. screw quality>quantity. i like meaty posts.
_minimum one post a week.
_spam my inbox as if you're drowning on a boat if i don't respond within one week.
_be frank with me. tell me if you're not interested.
_let me know if you'll be gone longer than two weeks.
_you are here because you want a long-term partner.

n o t e s 2_

_i will be picky about my partner. for this. send me an example post if you don't want me stalking through your old posts, which i will probably do regardless.
_this is m x m RP.
_i don't usually type like this, with all lower cases. it looks aesthetically better.
_i don't use "uke" "seme" terms nor do i generally discuss who is on "top" and "bottom". i just let it happen in the rp - go with the flow.
_the words "fuck me to hell" on the subject line of your pm.
_versatility is expected, overall.
_i refuse to rp with someone who is exclusively "submissive".

i m p o r t a n t_

_did you read everything?
_PM's only. don't post here. you will be ignored. you were warned.
_RP can be thread or PM. doesn't matter.
_would generally prefer posts once a day or every other day.
_would also prefer to play 'hell' simply because i know about his workings however you are also welcome to take up the challenge of playing him.

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