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  1. Not very on point with introductions, so, don't mind me ? I Was searching around google and i found this cozy looking place.I have been RPing on Social newtworking sites for atleast 4 years now and unfortunately the rp section is starting to die down, so it was time for me to migrate. Ive only just started to get into forum based Role-play, so i'd appreciate it if i got some help from others. Ive been in the role-playing business for awhile, so im completely aware of how that works. It's just navigating around forums. Keep in mind this is all new to me. So, so, soo, it hello again, ha, and it's really good to be here. Can't wait to get into Role-playing with you all. :}
  2. Welcome Seventh! We're glad you found us!

    If you're not sure exactly how the forums work around here, feel free to check out the Roleplay 101 tab at the top. It'll help explain the different sub-forums, and even direct you to the Academy, where you can request your very own advisor to guide you through! Or come on over to the Chatbox and talk to us! If faster-paced RPs are more your speed, we have chatRPs several times a month that you can join in on!

    Again, welcome!

    Happy Roleplaying!
  3. Welcome to our humble abode. I do pray that your thirst for engaging roleplay will become sedated as you join our community. If you ever find yourself in need of RP; do not hesitate to flood my wall or message inbox with request.

    But I doubt you'll have any trouble fitting in let alone find yourself wanting.

    -Sincerely Mr.Fox.-
  4. Very happy to have you here Seventh! I think you'll find that Iwaku has something for everyone! I hope you find what you're looking for in out community and that you love it as much as I do! :)
  5. Hi Miss S squared! Please feel free to ask any of us questions! that's what we are here for. Well most of us XD. but anyways! i hope you have a great time here in the world of rp!