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  1. UPDATE: To those who are using my services, you are given different links but are using the wrong one when you go to upload a banner. Please use the Dropbox Link when uploading your banners! If I forget to give you one, just remind me.

    NOTICE (open)

    Before I go into this I would like to let others know that these are not hand-drawn by me. I only do specific hand drawn or paint (Like DA) on occasions. These are Photo Manipulations or retouching, this also goes well with other artists who want to put a little more excitement into their pictures. Photo manipulation (also known as airbrushing or photoshopping) is the application of image editing techniques to photographs in order to create an illusion or deception after the original photographing took place. A mere enhancement or correction is known as retouching.{-Wiki} A lot of times my work is with other artists to help put the things into background or give it more of a realistic or enhanced touch to it. I in no way claim the original pictures, I do claim the new edited pictures, Logo's, Emblems and ScreenShots as those are created by hand. Please do not tell me something like, "This isn't art.", "What is the point of these?" or something along of these lines. People do like these, a common method of making banners and it isn't something that everyone could do. Thank you!

    One of the main things I do on the interweb is photo editorial for my Journalism and I absolutely love it! I am bringing it to Iwaku (Originally started in Feral Heart.) All my work is for you, but if it is listed as "NC" you are not allowed to take this picture as it is just for show. I do have a way to track most of my photos so don't think you are sneaky because you won't be. Please don't try to be that sneaky person, also if you use any of my pictures a little credit is very appreciated~
    "My Work Is Always Transforming and Getting Better What Can You Get Me To Do?"

    **There are old and new pictures, depending on if the owner wanted to let them be released.


    (Original Artist Name Upon Request)
    -All Pictures come in SD or HD (HD Takes More Time)
    -Comes in any Shape or Size
    -Original Picture Included Upon Request (Helps see the Differences)
    -Times Finished are usually Not Set but can come close to a specific due date if provided!
    -Can animate(Not the same is Manga or Anime), comic-preview, paint and more original pictures.
    -Retouch Dull Photos or Pictures
    -Much Much More Available!

    Signatures And Banners
    Signatures are probably my favorite things to do! There is no level of simplicity of signatures unlike my avatars EXCEPT more complex ones as they will take more time. After four-five years doing this I noticed most signatures are for Group Advertisements so I don't have much other than Group Ads. Please keep in mind some of these are old groups, (yes that means some are old picture) or from a different site. But there are a few newer ads as well. You will be able to tell there is a big difference between my old and new work. These are only a few of many. Sadly with Iwaku's banner size 800x100 it is hard to do a lot to it like adding images. Always remember the size requirements when requesting, if you are not sure something would work just ask!​

    [​IMG] (NC)
    (Sparkle Text is a very popular among people)

    [​IMG] (NC)





    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    (SD and HD Available)


    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    (Before And After. Lighting Affects can be done anyway and color, even rainbow!)


    [​IMG] (NC)




    My avatars come in three different categories Basic, Natural and Supreme Editing(SE). Since a lot of people have not wanted to release their Avatars to be showcased anywhere else there is limited images to release. Please do not let this discourage you from my work. I can prove to you I can accomplish your need. (At least I hope. Can never seem to please everyone!)

    Basic are simple requests like adding their name to a picture in fancy text, changing hair or/and eye color with low to decent quality and a few other things that may be considered simple. Some filtering may be used

    [​IMG] (NC)


    My Natural Works helps make things seem more realistic depending on the photo. In this step, logos/texts are bigger and better, better filters, lighting affects, can put pictures into a different background and a few other surprises that won't disappoint you. This is most where my work is at since (SE) takes a lot of time and many people don't wish to wait.


    [​IMG] (NC)
    (This one is a personal one, Still having some work done to it!)

    [​IMG] (NC)
    (An older one from two years back.)


    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Edited VS Original

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Animated VS Original

    Supreme Edition is the Works! Everything and anything. Unfortunately these are the least popular at the moment because of how time consuming they. I have only done two but they have not been available outside of any other site except where the beholders are and that is on FH. But I am working on a personal one right now so I can have something to showcase, when it is finished I'll have it up.

    I do offer a special program known as the 3-Step Program, like the SE it is a little time consuming. The 3-Step program allows the person to start of with Basic, then move up to Natural , then SE if they wanted to. This allows the requester to have a copy of all three steps along with the original picture upon request. Since this program is a little time consuming this gives the person the opportunity to STILL have the picture as they wait for the next. Say you wanted to advertise a RP and fast, you would have the First Step Picture so it is at least up for attention. Once you get the further steps you can change your Ad. Convenient right? This is also good for those who want to take one step at a time to help figure out what they want and how they want it. Like any other of my things, communication is key. Expect heavy communication in the 3-Step program to help perfect your needs, because there is heavy communication through this program do not think there isn't in any other. I try to keep in touch with my requester the best I can
    Lucky for you there is no payment with MOST of my things probably because people tell me I am too nice, but donations are highly appreciated as they help pay for editing tools, keeping the program, and upgrades. On Iwaku, I will donate any overachieved money to them~ That donation isn't used as the donating member pack but as a donation itself and will be listed as "Gypsy's Dancing Signatures and Avatars Donation Fund". (Because we all love Iwaku! I'll stab you if you disagree!)

    Signatures: Free
    Banners: Free
    Avatar Basic: Free
    Avatar Natural: Free
    Avatar SE: $5
    3-Step Program: $15
    NEW! SE Avatar and Signature/Banner Sets: $20
    JULY SPECIAL: Anyone NEW to Iwaku get's a free AvatarSE. *Times may vary. (Must be at most five days new.)

    End Date: 7/25/14

    Notice: When paying for Avatar SE, payment is taken within the middle of product. Mentioned in the beginning I have made everyone aware that I can track my things. So if you take the showcase of the middle product, then leave without paying I will know and that picture will no longer be available to you. Don'tchya' just love me?

    Warning: During the 3-step program, payment is taken between phases of Basic and Natural. If you drop communication or cancel your request, your money will NOT be refunded. If for some reason you are unsatisfied with the final product your money WILL be refunded by nearly 65%. That is $10 back of refunds and you will be allowed to keep the Basic and Natural pictures but not the SE. (I am OCD so I can't do change, has to be an exact number >.<)

    Sets are when you want an avatar that goes along with your banner. You cannot ask for them separately to avoid fees. I'm smarter than that, so be honest people.


    I am currently only taking five requests at a time. That will be Any Basic, Any Natural, 1 SE, and 1 of the 3-Step Program IF there is any requested. This is a first come, first serve basis. So if all are Natural then SE and 3-Step are on a waiting list to begin. Some basic requests are handled even AFTER the spots are filled depending on what they want.
    **Any requests can be denied due to feeling uncomfortable or the requester is asking for too much if the size is too small. Example: 800x100 Banners, I can't put millions of oversized pictures without resizing them but then would be hard to see them. All rejections will have an opportunity to have a banner made on my own ideas while still trying to hit the target.

    Open Spots (open)


    Waiting List (open)


    Payment or Donation Methods: Paypal Only (

    Contact Methods:
    Iwaku= ZsafineGypsy
    Feral Heart=elektricroze
    Cell Phone= (419)984-3200 US Only

    **When using my number you MUST tell me who you are, where you came from (Ex:Iwaku) and why you are contacting me. If you don't, I won't respond. That means if you send me "Hi", it's an automatic ignore. Calling is fine but be professional about it.

    When Filling out an Application I need the following:

    UserName (I Know Our UN is Listed, Would Still Like to Know especially for those who have those crazy symbols in their names and I can't make out what it is.)

    Communication (How Would you like to communicate? Through Iwaku, Email, Skype, etc. Please Provide or PM me your e-mail or the required link/UN to reach you. I'm not a psychic!)

    Base Photo/Idea (This Needs to be in a spoiler. Provide what images you want to use either it be a screenshot, photograph, internet searched photo ect. Attach Links if necessary. Along with your photo(s) please let me know what your idea, wants, needs ect are. If you don't know we can talk a bit then I will surprise you. Any and all Information you have should be listed here.)

    Likes/Dislikes (What do you like to see what don't you like to see in photos if any?)


    Additional Info (Photo Related or Not)

    I hope to work with you soon even if it's just for fun!

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  2. For @Aaronace52 's RolePlay "Bleach:A New Seireitei" 3 Submitted
    Start Date: 7/2/14 Finish Date: 7/3/14
    Bleach (open)


    For @Aaronace52 Character
    Start Date: 7/30/14 Finish Date: 7/31/14
    Show Spoiler


    For @Red Reaper 's RolePlay "Konoha A New Generation" 1 Submitted
    Start Date: 7/3/14 Finish Date: 7/3/14
    "An Unwanted Marriage" 1 Submitted
    Start Date: 7/4/14 Finish Date: 7/4/14
    "A King and His Concubine"
    Start Date: 7/4/14 Finish Date: 7/5/14
    "A Winter Storm"
    S: 7/6/14 F: 7/7/14
    Reaper's (open)


    For @Lunita Nesta Avatar Request 3 Submitted
    Start Date: 7/5/14 Finish Date: 7/6/14
    Lunita's Avatars (open)

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    For @Urdnot Grunt 's Roleplay "Murder in Guten" 1 Submitted
    Started: 7/8/14 Finished: 7/8/14
    Murder in Guten (open)


    For @Cheesecake 's Roleplay "Warhammer 40k" 1 Submitted
    Start:7/12/14 Finished: 7/14/14
    WarHammer 40k (open)


    For @AngelNinja2018 's Roleplay "Dixie Clark School" 1 Submitted
    Start 7/12/14 Finished 7/15/14
    Dixie Clark (open)


    For @HollowEastWord Signature 1 Submitted
    Start 7/19/14 Finished 7/19/14
    Hollow (open)


    -Reserved For All Work Submitted-
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  3. Thank you how do I give you a medal thingy? And I may take advantage of your paid services in the near future so if you have a kik (my prefered method of communication) please message it to me
  4. I do not have a Kik unfortunately let alone know what it is. But I can surely make one to communicate with you. I hope you will in the future! To give a medal, hover the post you wish to do so, on the bottom right of it you will see small icons with different images. Like a thumbs up, a heart, medal and others. Just click on it then wah-la! You just gave someone a medal or whatever the case may be.
  5. Sorry to ask this but I need a new banner for my adult Roleplay however THIS one I leave up to your creative freedom,I will provide a link to it so you can read the plot and create a banner to suit it all I ask is that in the corner somewhere you let it be known its a Naruto rp
  6. Sure thing Red Reaper, send me the link please through a PM.
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  7. Thank you so very much for my awesome avatar!!! She is so beautiful. You are so creative, and resourceful. I gave you a description and you matched it perfectly. If anyone needs an avatar this is the girl to go to. <3
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  8. You are very welcome~ It was a pleasure working with you, I had fun!
  9. You do amazing work, I would ask for an avatar but I don't know what I want. So I'm just giving you a compliment for now :P
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  10. Thanks a lot Urdnot! When you figure it out, let me know. I'll be more than happy to make you one. Even if you don't know what you want, if you give me a few ideas I can probably brew a few things up for you! :D
  11. Well, My name is Urdnot Grunt and my current avatar is Urdnot Grunt from the Mass Effect series. I would like something like that, but I don't have anymore information after that xD. I'm trying to think of something else :/
  12. Do you only do banners for this site or can I get one made for my BA FC?
  13. -Pats Urdnot- Don't you worry, I will throw something at you later on.

    @Red Reaper I make them for any occasion, place, and everywhere! But I need their size requirements when you submit something.
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  14. You will? :D -Is Happy-
  15. Of course~ ^.^
  16. Okay let me get that info for you
  17. Alright Red Reaper, when you're ready submit a proper application to me somewhere.
  18. Also if you like I can send some business your way by advertising your shop on the 2 fandom sites I frequent
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