Gypsy steps out of her Comfort Zone

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  1. So instead of doing photo manipulation and re-mastering...I took a step out of my comfort zone. I man myself up and did an paint/airbrush by hand photo. This is my first one so don't be to hard on me.

    What are you're opinions;
    Should I keep trying and get better?
    Or just stop all together?

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  2. I don't see why you should even consider stopping, unless there's some practical concern getting in your way. For what it's worth, I think you've demonstrated an impressive eye for detailing the identifying bits of a face, here, and you clearly know a thing or two about impressions. ;3
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  3. I also have this one o.o
    Think that is all I am going to release for now.

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  4. These are pretty good. You should definitely keep at it until you master blending and shading. It's rough but interesting at the same time.
  5. For sure, always keep trying! Practice makes perfect. Practice Practice Practice! you've got the eyes down for sure, maybe if you put a few solid lines into the hair this will enhance the hair and brig out the face. youtube also has tons of tutorrals on shading, definatley check them out to give your work some depth.

    You got the talent, emotion, and skill, so don't give up, this is a wonderful hobby to have and if you enjoy it you should keep at this.
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