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    I'm getting tired of all this action pack stuff, so I am looking for a nice vacation. But not just any vacation, something to give me a good massage. If RolePlays could do that. I am looking for a nice romance RolePlay either it be long term or short, though I prefer long term. Let me clarify something first before you jump the gun, I said "Romance" not "Sexual". Yes they go together like sun and plants but I'm not really looking to get into the whole sexual depth. A little sure, a lot no.

    This is my vacation idea:

    FxM or FxF

    1. Two people meet somewhere public for the first time, get to know each other and despite any flaws C seems to develop the first crush or so it seems. Then they try to find a way to let F know they like here and domino effect from there. Just something realistic and casual.

    2. Two people got caught up in some warfare and were imprisoned. On their way to their cells in another town, they try to strike up a convo. As friendly feelings develop, one finds the urge to escape but not without the other.

    3. A devilish maiden has been cruel to those around her for many of years. Though due to a recent attack on her kingdom forces to leave with a Guardian. Now they are stuck in a forest of illusions and the maiden is not too happy. Are feeling being formed deep in their hearts or is the forests playing tricks with them?

    I didn't want to get in depth because I want to hear my partners ideas as well. If you want to add to the ideas above or make a whole new one, that is perfectly okay with me as long as we can come to some agreement.


    -Reply Frequently (Not Everyday but not every five days)
    -A paragraph or two with posts. (The more details you give me, the more I can write out.)
    -Communication (If there is confusion or something wrong, we need to communicate to work things out.)
    -Spell Check (I understand English isn't everyone's first language but if every other word is misspelled, I will probably go crazy.)

    So who wants to give me a plane ticket to Hawaii?
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  2. I do like prisoners of war idea, could really play in on the idea of being helpless and alone except for those who are stuck with you.
  3. That's what I thought. I have not done a "POW" RP in awhile and been kinda looking forward to one.
  4. What kinda prison setting did you have in mind?
    Medieval fantasy, modern, ancient, etc?
  5. I was going for a medieval fantasy or somewhere in a desert on a realistic side but in older times. Almost like the place of Aladdin minus the magic things.
  6. Can they be children? Innocence is kinda my thing, especially if it's non-sexual.
  7. Depends on how young.
  8. Ancient, desert, gotcha there.
    Foreign prisoners or domestic you think?
  9. Foreign, but nothing extreme. Over a few borders maybe.
  10. Probably enough to look different and probably speak a different language, if not a unique dialect.
  11. Can it be fantasy? And I was thinking my icon.
  12. Easy people, hold your horses.

    @Windsong That is very correct, They trespassed and even possible taken in to be slaves! That sounds a little more exciting.

    @Zelkova I was hoping more for realistic but I could do fantasy I suppose. What were your ideas?
  13. Fastest thread on the board, sorry about that.
    Captured together/separate, confined, sold into slavery..

    Liking it so far.
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  14. Would they know each other before hand though or just some strangers who happen to get caught in the same mess?
  15. Could be caught in the same mess. Sudden change of leadership makes foreign trade illegal, the guards are rapidly turning in to thieves, stealing goods and selling off the merchants, families, and anyone else.

    I guess sticking with your original idea of warfare could be a civil war, anyone not a citizen is seen as lesser or the enemy.
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  16. I like the way you think Windsong!
  17. Aw, I'm flattered. It's been so long since someone liked my ideas do much. ^^;;
  18. Alright so here is the rundown:
    We got two characters in the "Sahara Desert" near "Libya" where aggressive Libyans reside. The two characters have no connection to each other, but are part of a traveling group that is coming from "Algeria" trying to make their way into Europe. Each with their own goal I am sure. The Libyans are protecting the border to prevent unwelcome people due to the French and Italians fighting for land, Also to put a stop to the French. There was a "Guarantee" that any refugees from Algeria who escaped can pass the border into Europe safely. But during their travels there was an unexpected change in leadership that did not reach them in time and got caught into a terrible mess. The new Leader demanded that there will no longer be any connection from the border and all who tried to escape will be killed. During these peoples travels there were a lot of sightings of various of guards who would call them names or give them harsh looks. Finally making it near the border they were stopped by an unidentified group as their clothing were different and started to beat them down. Those who were not killed were tied up and shoved into cages pulled by camels or horses. These people were transported down west to Benin who is occupied by the French. Woman were sold on the black market as sex slaves while men were punished workers. Those who were not sold or proved to be a problem were transported to a damp cell in a palace awaiting death. That is where the two will meet again after I am sure they will be separated from the ambush. After that who knows what will happen and before that there could be any twist.

    Should Knows:
    >All these locations are near the European Border
    >The Libyans are siding with the Italians and those from Algeria are fleeing from the French.
    >Libyans and Algerians are both enemies since our clothes don't match any turf.
    >It may be best to at least get introduced in the traveling group by small talk.

    Comments? If you have any questions on locations just use Wiki.
  19. I think that's pretty well and established.

    Now is it a land, sea, or a mountainous border?

    Aaaaand PM or thread?
  20. Land,Slight Mountain border.

    RP will be in a thread, OOC and CS's will be in PM