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    Hey there! Name's Gwyneth and this will be my partner search/request type thing. I've only really had one (awesome) partner since I joined this site a month or two ago and no one else, so I decided it was about time I tried to find people to role-play with. I don't really stick to one or two partners for all my role-plays, I just go with the flow and role-play with anyone that takes interest. So yeah, if you think you'd like to partner up with me for a role-play just PM me or post me a message down below. I'll try to update plots/pairing ideas weekly and remove or strike out ones that are taken so people don't get confused or let down. It tends to annoy me when I find a plot I had my heart set on is actually taken. Please make sure to read my role-play resume so that you know for sure we're compatible. I'll read yours either way and if I feel we're not a good match, I'll just tell you.



    - I prefer 18+ partners. I have my reasons, which include the fact that I feel I have a bit more freedom within my own age group and some if not most of these role-play ideas may involve sexual themes or something further. I would not be comfortable around a teen; but do not think it's because I don't think teens write as well as I do. That's far from the case, friends!

    - I always like to have some sort of romance within my role-plays and at the moment I really crave romance. For those of you that don't like it, move along for the time being. I play any genre most the time but these plots/pairings are mostly more modern/slice of life or anime. Though for ideas you'll see some other stuff like fantasy and such.

    - I really do prefer playing the female but I notice many on this site don't want to play the male either because it's uncomfortable or because they find it hard to. So if you can't play the male role I'm willing to; don't be afraid I'm actually pretty decent at it.

    - I'm not going to ask for thousands of paragraphs from you, but I do ask for at least two good ones. My ideal quantity is three paragraphs but I realize that's hard in some situations. Grammar mistakes should be few and I want an experienced writer at my side who knows what they're doing. Quality over quantity. Be able to help push the plot forward and give ideas when you can.

    - A lot of these ideas may have sexual themes or be open to have sexual themes if you want to take it down that turn. I realize some don't like that kind of thing so a few of these are optional for the more intimate stuff. I'll have normal plots/ideas and libertine plots/ideas, so they should be separated pretty nicely.

    - Please follow all Iwaku rules as well as treat me and the role-play as how you'd like to be treated.



    Major Info:

    [​IMG]=As It Implies

    Minor Info:

    *=Will be beside Male or Female; indicates gender I'd like to play. If one does not appear, I don't care which gender I play.




    This role-play, based off of the anime S.A.O, will focus on our characters. It is open for the element of romance being there will be a male and female. (M) and (F) have never met each other in real life, but just like everyone else who participated in the game, they were shocked when they found that they were trapped. That is, until they beat the game. What makes this task all the more difficult is the fact that if you die in-game, you die in reality as well. (M) and (F) meet shortly after the GM's horrifying announcement, and they realize that if they want to live they must form a party together and do what they can to survive. While they do so, will they become more than friends? Open for further ideas to develop the plot more.
    M | F*

    Our own characters experience the zombie apocalypse and find a way to survive as long as they can. Meeting each other when (M) is snagged by one of (F)'s traps, they, after much fuss, decide the odds would better be in their favor if they teamed up. Open for further ideas to develop the plot more.
    M | F



    None at the moment. If you'd like to form a libertine with me, please PM me. As I side note, I do my libertine role-plays over PM.



    Rich PersonXPoor Person
    Deaf PersonXNormal Person
    Mute PersonX Normal Person

    WitchXWitch Hunter

    If you have an idea you would like to try out with me, just PM me or comment down below! I do quite a bit of fandoms but not all of them out there. Yep!

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  2. I'd be really interested in trying the TWD fandom (:
  3. Ah, really? PM me and we can discuss! :D
  4. I would be interested in the soldier and princess or witch and hunter ideas. Also, I notice you are a LOTR fan, and I am as well. I have a couple plot ideas involving that if you are interested. I can't read your role play resume, so you will just have to let me know if we are a good fit.
  5. @Beckett

    I can't see yours either; I thought that would have been fixed by now but it appears not. Either way, I'll gladly role-play with you. I'm interested in LOTR, so if you'd like to do one of your ideas I'm all ears. Bear in mind I can't do canon characters, I never feel as if I do them justice. If you still want to do one of those plots you took interest in, I'm do either one with you! Also, thanks for the interest! I also happen to like your username because it's the name of a woman on a show I like to watch called Castle, just had to point that out. XD
  6. @GwynnRosen
    I also am not a fan of role playing canon characters, other than making cameos or side characters out of them. Perhaps we should start out with soldier/princess or witch/hunter and maybe later start a LOTR role play. One thing I'd like to disclose is that I will likely be limited to two posts per week. Also when I pm and ooc chat I am usually on my phone, so my thoughts are usually simplified and to the point. I apologize for that!

    I chose Beckett as inspiration from Kate Beckett and Lord Beckett from the pirates of the Caribbean. :)

    I can't decide which I'd rather do, so I propose a mesh of the two. One idea is that the princess recently discovers that she has powers, and is being hunted. The soldier is charged with protecting her and transporting her somewhere safe. Perhaps he doesn't know why, perhaps he does.

    Another version would be the princess is hunted by a witch. I don't know how we'd incorporate hunter and soldier. Perhaps they are one and the same?
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  7. @Beckett

    Sounds good! No worries on that part, mobile is a bit annoying when it comes to talking, hah. As for the limited posts, I may busy myself so I won't be getting all impatient or anything like that.

    I grew fond of the first idea that the princess discovers she has powers. It sounds like a lot of fun, actually.
  8. Great! I am leaning toward playing the soldier, if you don't mind.
  9. Good because I wanted to play the female. :D It works out perfectly! So, I usually want to use pictures along with a written description. I like using realistic pictures, do you mind?
  10. No, I don't mind. Do they have to be photographic or just realistic art? Also, do you mind creating the ooc? I'm not new to role playing but I am relatively new to iwaku and still getting the hang of the set up here.
  11. Either one's fine! :) I know it's hard to find a picture of a real guy decked out in armor, etc.
    Also, sure thing! You want it over PM, right?
  12. I actually prefer forum role play. I hope that's okay...two other people cancelled on me because of it but I didn't notice any pm preference in your notes. =/
  13. No ^_^; I meant the OOC chat. I prefer my actual role-play threads in forum too.
  14. Oh! That's fine!
  15. Sorry for the confusion. XD Nah, not cancelling on you! From what I've gathered our writing styles will go well together and you have a good taste in things because those tastes are similar to mine in some ways. I look forward to role-playing with you!
  16. Is soldier x princess available?
  17. Yep! I changed it around a bit with the person above so I left it open. PM me and we can discuss!
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