Gwazi's list of small critiques on the new layout

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Gwazi Magnum, Aug 30, 2016.

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  1. This isn't meant to be a rip or hate thread. I do overall love what the update has done (custom colours ugh <3). But there has been a few small annoyances here and there I think should be brought up if for no other reason than to get the Staff feedback.

    1. Quote boxes are indistinguishable from the over post when making one.
    Once the post has been made I see what parts are quoted fine, but when I quote someone and am trying to reply their background colour is the exact same as the rest of the posts and the border is hardly visible. Which leads to me clicking around with a bunch of guess work figuring out where the quote ends and the post begins.

    2. I can't see what's being highlighted when trying to copy a post.
    If I'm just looking to copy-paste a specific bit it's a lot easier at times to just highlight the text. It still works, but there's nothing visual to show me what parts are being highlighted. So once again it becomes a lot of guess work.

    3. The tone's of read vs unread threads are reversed.
    Originally if the text was dulled it meant I viewed the thread, and if it was bright it meant there was something new, but now it's become reversed. Now, usually I'd just shrug my shoulders at this of being a design chance to get used to. The issue is most other sites tend to use the "Greyed out = Seen" method, so it becomes a constant switch/adaption between most websites and Iwaku.

    That's all so far. But if I find anything else later I'll also post about it here.
  2. All these have already been reported in the Bug Report thread ^.^
Thread Status:
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