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  1. Helllloooo, my fellow RPers.

    I am interested in doing an abusive Rp. Its a rp of a story I wrote called Juliet. About a young lady and her drunk of a father who moves to a new state for the seventh time. Who right away meets this "popular" guy that won't seem to stop following her around.

    • NO ONE-LINERS. Simple as that(: -Two paragraphs or one long paragraph minimum.
    • Little to no typos please. I use my phone as well, so I usually check back for typos.
    Please be 18+
    I dont really favor feeling like a pedo D:
  2. Hello. Can I ask which role I would be playing if I joined? .-. My joining would depend on it.
  3. Either role. The one you'd be more comfortable doing. Really doesn't matter for me.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.