Guys with Dyed Hair

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What do you think about the idea of men with dyed hair?

  1. I think it's perfect!

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  2. One color is fine, but a rainbow color hair is just crossing the line.

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  3. Depends on the colors used.

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  4. I am fine with dyed hairs, if it's to change their hair color (from blond to brown or black)

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  5. I personally don't dare about dyed hair.

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  6. No, dyed hair ruins your hair in the long run!

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  7. Dyed hair are for ladies!

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  1. Since there were threads about guyliners and makeup for men, why not make a thread about dyeing you hair?!
  2. Is this a thing? Do people actually think dyed hair is only for ladies?
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  3. ...





    Still don't. :ferret:
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  4. I've had blue hair, green hair, red hair and bleached hair for a while too.

    Shit's fun. Not for everybody, but fun.
  5. Well, my mother and sister were surprised when they first saw a guy with dyed hair. So, yeah. People still think that dyed hair is only for ladies.

    As for me, I know a couple who had dyed their hair in the past. I say that dyed hair looks good, depending on the color and the person.
  6. I've dyed my hair green.

    I also bleached it platinum once, which... was a mistake.
  7. Only ever go for a bleached fringe, I would say.

    Monotone platinum is... not great.
  8. Personally, I would only dye my hair to confuse predators. Or the Predator.
  9. I've been debating dying my hair blue lately.
  10. /has blue and green hair atm
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  11. Been meaning to dye my hair partially green for quite some time now but haven't gotten around to it yet. I'm lazy.

    I don't really care what color other people wish their hair to be, like I don't care about a lot of other things. I have better things to do with my life and occupy my thoughts with.
  12. I've dyed my hair blue more times than I can count, so by extension, I've had green hair too!

    Also gone blonde once or twice.
  13. I've never thought of hair dye as being a gendered thing. o.o

    That said: I probably wouldn't dye my own hair, but I'm fine with other people wanting to do whatever. Sometimes it actually looks really cool, too.
  14. I'm not a guy, but I color my hair all the time. 8D my fav is dark blue.

    I love dyed colors on ALL the peoples! dudes and ladies! O__O It's really fun
  15. I really want to, but simultaneously, I'm not sure how I would like to do it. I kinda like non-natural colors, but that is rather hard to do and still be taken seriously.
  16. I'm jealous... o_o
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  17. People think dyed hair is unmanly?


    This falls under the same as makeup for me! It's fun, it opens your options, and everybody should be able to do it without being bullied if they want.
  18. There's a guy in my class with green in the front and black in the back. The teachers love to poke fun at him, but it looks good.

    Also, Markiplier and JSE dyed their hair too.

    I like it, but as said, not for everyone!
  19. Dying your hair is fun. I've dyed it a darker brown a few times and bright red once or twice. :3 I say go for it if you want to, regardless of gender or anything else.
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