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  1. It feels like Chronicle has waited an hour outside his boss's office. The only reason he would summon him is either that he's in huge trouble, getting a new mission or losing his job. With an irritated sounding sigh, he looks at the clock on the wall and it says that he's only been out in the hallway for only 5 minutes. Finally, his boss opens the door and motions for him to come in. With another irritated sigh, Chronicle walks inside, closing the door behind him. He could tell by his expression that something was wrong or going on.

    "Ok, Liam, what did I do this time?" He asks as he flops down in a black faux leather chair."Oh, you mean besides smashing one of our cars to smithereens, causing 50,000 dollars worth of damage to a hotel room, and assassinating someone in public? Nothing," Liam says with an irritated grunt.

    Chronicle rolls his eyes and sighs as he rubs the back of his head. “ Look. I'm sorry, ok...Anwar Armando surprised me in my hotel room, then I had to chase him through the stupid city, and I had to take him out didn't I?" He says."So, If nothing is wrong, then why the hell did you call me? I was at home relaxing." He adds.

    Liam looks at him, "You're becoming reckless and extreme...I called you because you are getting a partner, if you like it or not, think of them as your babysitter," he says.
    Chronicle just rolls his eyes and scoffs. "Tch, what ever. Whose big idea was this anyways? Yours?" He asks. Liam looks at him and shakes his head, "It's not my idea, its The Higher Ups idea. They think it would do you some good," he says.

    Again Chronicle rolls his eyes and scoffs. " Tch. Fine, when do I get to meet the poor sucker who got drug into this?" He asks.

    Liam looks at him and places his hands on his desk, "How about now?" he asks as there was a knock at the door...
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  2. After knocking Sylvia opened the door, peering inside. 'Sir? I have arrived' She took a few steps inside before closing the door and looking at her surroundings. She finally noticed the man sprawled in one of the chairs, in front of her boss. 'Ah, I suppose you will be my partner?' She said conversationally while taking a seat in the other empty chair. She sat down properly, in contrast to her new partner's careless position. 'I am Sylvia, and I understand that we are going to be working together from now on. Sylvia gave him a small, polite bow, while smiling at him and extending her hand. 'It's a pleasure to make your aquitance.
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  3. Chronicle watched her and thought that being polite was weird, after all he was never really taught that, having a rough past life anyways. "The name's Chronicle." He says to her bluntly and shakes her hand, he had a strong grip. He was dressed black on black, with trench coat on. And he was also wearing a special type of goggles that were black. He figured Liam would explain about the goggles. Liam looks at Sylvia. "If you are wondering about the goggles that he's wearing, let's just say he's 'blind'." He says, hoping that, there would be no need for further explanation. Chronicle was glad that Liam didn't exactly explain what exactly the goggles were for. And he didn't exactly want Liam to come out and tell his new partner that he was basically a science experiment.

    When he just started out a rookie agent, scientist needed a "volunteer" for an experiment, of combining human and alien DNA. And of course he was chosen. This was a very painful experience for him. The alien DNA that was spliced with his was a race called Kius. Kius are a race of humanoid alien, that live on a planet named Uterra. In the far away galaxy of AlphaNobis. It is the farthest planet from the sun in it's galaxy, so it get's very little light, it's mainly in darkness. Each Kius is born with extremely keen senses, such as hearing and smell. And have very excellent night vision, they can also see in day light and also other lights, but have to wear something to shield their eyes, for it hurts their eyes and they are practically blind. Each Kius also has enhanced strength, speed and intelligence.

    Eventually Chronicle figured she would find out about this. Then there was now an awkward silence that fell over them. Liam then clears his throat. "Oh, and another thing, you have your first mission together...and it starts tonight." Liam says. Chronicle sighs, "Fine. What is it this time?" He asks. "For now you have to infiltrate the terrorist group known as The Sons Of Paradise and take them out. They have been trafficking many types of illegal drugs and women as slaves. They also have been supplying all sorts of weapons for other many known terrorist groups," he says. "If any more details come up, I'll let you now." He adds.

    Chronicle nods and rolls his eyes, but says nothing. "you'll be taking a private jet there and you are leaving at midnight tonight." Liam says. "Information will be in the jet waiting for you." He adds.Chronicle looks at the clock on the wall in the office, "Which is in less than a half hour." He says. Then he gets up and looks at Sylvia, "Well see ya then." He says and leaves.
  4. Sylvia smiled at him. 'Blind? I'm really impressed' She was less impressed by the knowledge that they had to infiltrate a dangerous terrorist group. She didn't hide the distaste in her face as she heard what this 'Sons of Paradise' trafficked with. She didn't have a high opinion of people who capitalized on others' weaknesses. It would be a hard mission to accomplish.

    She stood, and turned to leave, in order to set everything just right for the small "trip" they would be taken. She bit her lip nervously, it wasn't often that she did infiltration work, and it was always nerve wracking for her. She was just a worrier, and her vivid imagination kept supplying her with worst case scenarios.

    'I'll meet you on the jet' She said absently as she left the room. She would probably go over prepared, but that was way better than ending up needing something she had forgotten to bring.
  5. Chronicle of course was the total opposite he would pack a few items of clothing and that was it. Well except he would over pack with the weapons. He had many weapons- you name it, he probably has it. He sighs and walks toward the jet, he had one suit case full of some clothing. The rest were duffle bags, which had all his weapons and ammo in it. And since it was dark out, he put his goggles on top of his head, letting his keen night vision do it's work. He sighs and goes onto the ship. Just tossing the suit case aside, he gently puts the bags of weapons down. He didn't want any of them going off on the jet. When the lights were turned on, he put his goggles down over his eyes, even man made light source hurt his eyes, not just day light. He then flops down on what seemed like a couch, all he had to do now was wait for his partner. He was used to solo infiltration missions, but not with a partner. So this was going to be difficult for him. He didn't like the idea of having a partner in the first place, he figured she would just get in the way. He just lounges on couch waiting for her to arrive. To pass the time, he decided to meditate. He switches positions and sits indian style as he begins to meditate.
  6. Sylvia took a moment to check once again what she had packed. A few sets of clothing, a couple of books and magazines to make sure wherever they were assigned to occupy for the duration looked lived in, and most importantly, her surveillance equipment. It wasn't something that occupied a lot of space, since a lot of it consisted of bugs and small cameras that could be hidden anywhere in a room. She had recently gotten ones that were more difficult to detect, even. Her technology was her pride and joy, and she liked to fiddle with whatever she got her hand on. But she wouldn't mess with her new bugs just yet. They still had a purpose to fulfill.

    And, of course, there were the weapons. On that she didn't carry much, just her trusty gun and a fair amount of ammunition, and a few, all purpose knives. She was a good shot, but only with that gun, once she had gotten accustomed to the weight and the strength of the recoil. It had all been matter of long hours of practice. The knives were to ensure she wasn't unarmed if the gun ever got knocked out of her hand. Unlike with fire-arms, she was rather gifted when it came to handling knives. But she liked the distance offered by the gun, hence the time spent practicing.

    Once she was ready she headed to the jet, when she came in she noticed her partner, Chronicle, was already there. She was about to greet him when she noticed the position he was in. For all intents and purposes he seemed to be in deep meditation. Deciding it would be better not to bother him she silently took a seat and pulled forth a very thick file and began to read through it.
  7. Chronicle opens one eye and sees that she was sitting near him, reading a very thick file. He then stretches and goes to the cockpit of the jet. He flips some levers and pushes some buttons, the jet the whirs to life. He sits down in the chair of the cockpit and begins to steer the jet down the run way. They both lurch forward once the jet was in the air. And since their boss took the liberty to already put the cooridance into the auto pilot, all Chronicle had to do was press the auto pilot button. Once that was done, he then leaves the cock pit and goes back to where he had been sitting. Now he realized that there was a awkward silence that had fell upon them. Obviously it was clear that he wasn't used to doing such things, he had been on solo missions for many years. He then sits there trying to think of what to say. He finally clears his throat and decides to speak. He looks over at Sylvia. "So...where are you from?" He asks. He was trying to make small talk. Because he had a feeling that it was going to be a long flight. "I, myself, am from Chicago." He says to her. As he waited for her reply, he was thinking of other things to say to her or ask her. What am I supposed to say? Oh, yeah, your partner is part alien? He thinks and then shakes his head, trying to think of something else to say instead. He figured that there was plenty of things that he could ask her, but he didn't know exactly how to say or even ask them. So instead, while he was going to listen to her, he grabs the bags that has the weapons in them. And starts pulling out a few guns, inspecting them and then he grabs a rag and began to clean them.
  8. Sylvia looked up in surprise as she noticed it was Chronicle the one who was going to fly the jet. It seemed her new partner was full of surprises. She returned her attention to the file for a few moments, until her partner was back. It seemed he had engaged the auto pilot. How he was able to fly it didn't occur to her at the moment. It wasn't too long after he returned, and he took his seat, turning to look at her. She blinked at his question, rather surprised. 'From Chicago, eh? I, myself am from Boston' She then noticed that he had grabbed his bag and pulled a few weapons from it, concentrating on cleaning it.
    'That's rather a lot of guns, don't you think?'
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