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  1. Hello all! I'm looking for anyone interested in Gundam Wing, Free! Iwatobi Swim Club or Princess Tutu roleplays, focusing especially on bromance/friendship, with maybe some MxM romance. AU and OU ideas are both welcome. I have plenty of ideas, and am excited to hear yours! However, let's get some things out of the way first.

    1. Fandoms: As the title says, the fandoms I'm looking for are Gundam Wing, Princess Tutu and Free! Iwatobi Swim Club. The last one is my newest fandom, so I'm still learning, but the other two I know well enough I feel pretty comfortable. Sadly, I don't know enough about other fandoms to feel like I can really be up to par rping. I know it's limited- I'm sorry! I want to give you my very best, though.

    2. Posting style: Paragraph-based, and as literate as possible, please. I make typos sometimes, and I know you will too, but coherence is a must. Also, I prefer something more than one-liner posts. Please give me something to work with.

    3. Pairings: While I am not comfortable with smut, I love when characters are so comfortable with one another (or get that way during the rp) that they can be very cuddly. A few of my muses are very touchy-feely by personality, or (depending on the AU) are completely innocent/unaware of personal boundaries/modesty. It will not, however, lead to romance or sex. It just isn't what I'm interested in. But the characters can get pretty physically close in a platonic or even romantic way, which makes me very happy. Bromance/friendships are what I'm looking to do, some romance is acceptable and could be fun. I'm perfectly fine with your character being in a relationship with someone else and talking about it as part of the world the characters inhabit.

    3.a.: Favorite bromance (and maybe romance) pairings are Heero/Quatre; Duo/Quatre; Fakir/Mytho (Siegfried); Makoto/Haru. Other friendships/combos are great! These are just the ones I especially like.

    4. Please no OCs in a main role: Sadly, I'm a little gun-shy about OCs, mainly because I've rped with too many people who want to shoehorn their badly-written OCs into a plot, to the detriment of the canon characters (mostly for pairing purposes). OCs are fine and totally necessary to populate a world, but I'd rather focus on the characters I love. I won't be bringing in any of my OCs to the foreground, either, since fair's fair. Just background OCs.

    5. No real life drama, please: I've had more than enough of that in my 10 years of rping. I'm sure you don't want to hear my drama, either.

    6. Availability: I'm on Pacific Standard time, but I am fine with wherever you are. I've played with rpers halfway across the world. Also, I don't expect you to spend every waking moment rping with me. Sometimes, rps happen over days, or over weeks, and that's alright. iIm not going to be on all the time, every day, and I don't expect you to be, either. We have lives. However, I would love replies more than once a week.

    Now for a few rp ideas, though these aren't the only ones we can do:

    Gundam Wing:

    Underground lab experiments with Newtype abilities who escape

    Fantasy AUs (too many to list, just ask!)

    Slice of life

    Haunted house from which even they can't escape

    One of the boys has a PTSD episode, or gradual development of a split personality from PTSD, and nearly kills one of the others, perhaps temporarily blinds/incapacitates them

    The boys go undercover for Preventers as college students to find out about a rebel faction developing bio-weapons in the guise of 'school research'

    And more! You know, fun stuff all around!

    Princess Tutu:

    Prince and knight battle new threats to the kingdom, but one of them is slowly becoming a monster after being bitten during a fight

    Pre-tainted shard of love scenes with Mytho discovering new things


    Slice of life

    Mer-princes from warring clans who become friends

    Plenty more where that came from, and I'm sure you have ideas, too!

    Now that I've properly scared you away, if there's anyone who still wants to play with me, reply to this post and let's see if we can get some rping done!
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