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  1. Features:

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    • An original story set in an open-universe​
    • Play as regular humans, or up the ante with playable alien races​
    • Journey the stars and colonize planets and moons​
    • Enter the GAUNTLET! A coliseum-like event featuring mobile weapons as the gladiators​
    • High-End Custom Units allowed from the start! Pilot that custom you've been aching to try!​
    • and more!​
    The Story:

    War erupts in the year AR21 between the United Nations of Earth and the Ebonheart Pact. Eight years later, the neutral nation of Harbinger is attacked by the unknown Helghast. Armed with powerful weapons called Mobile Suits, the fate of the universe falls on the shoulders of brave strangers.
    Welcome to Mobile Suit Gundam: Redeemer!​