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  1. At a seemingly normal school, with seemingly average students, and even seemingly typical (but hot!) teachers, things are usually calm and relaxed to the naked eye, however, things are not as they seem. What would seem like an average high school to most people, is actually anything but average. In reality, it is actually a school for important, famous, and gifted children, to learn and live in a safe and relaxed environment, while also being protected from behind the scenes. Who protects these important students, you ask? They are known to be ruthless, cold blooded, inhuman freelance soldiers, otherwise known as mercenaries. Though they may sound terrible and intimidating to some, they are, at least most of them, teenagers just like the other students, granted the fact they could kill you with a rubber band, if need be.

    These mercenaries are formed in units of three and assigned to protect a students, depending on their rank. The ranks are as follows, D rank, C rank, B rank, A rank, S rank, and the legendary title of master rank, only held by those of the utmost skill and experience. At this school, there is currently only one master rank present. His name is Drake Akayami, and he is a teacher at the school. Since the school year is just starting, it's enrollment is still open, so those who wish for protection or mercenaries looking for clean work, are welcomed to sign up.

    Alright! Now that the synopsis is up, here's a little explanation on what gun x clover is exactly. Gun x clover, is a rather new and underrated manga series, about a school for gifted and or important children, to go to get an education, while also getting protection by trained mercenaries. There are other important details in the manga, but they would spoil potential plots for later use, so I'll just wait til we cross that bridge, lol. Anyway, here are the rules.

    1. No magical powers...yet. This is mostly a manga about technology, superhuman combat, and ecchiness, and while there IS magic in the series, I don't want to introduce it just yet.

    2. No one else can sign up as master rank, unless the plot calls for it, at which time, I will ask for the entry of another master rank.

    3. No overpowered OC's. While your character may be peak human, or minor super human, they cannot do things like destroy large buildings with their bare hands! However, that doesn't mean your OC can't carry around an RPG, lol.

    4. Superpowers/unique abilities, are allowed, however, please PM me the details of the power you have in mind before posting them in your OC's sign up sheet.

    5. We absolutely MUST have at least one overly hot high school girl!! Remember, this RP is based on an ecchi manga, after all. :3

    sign up sheet:

    Name: Drake Akayami

    Gender: Male

    Age: 25

    Rank: Master

    Appearance: Dark red hair, piercing jade green eyes, pale skin, and very fit. His right eye is always covered by his long red hair. He always wears a black duster, a black long sleeved undershirt, black pants, black boots, and black gloves. the only skin he ever shows is most of his face, and even then his right eye is covered.

    Backstory: Drake is somewhat of an enigma, and is shrouded in mystery, only the staff of the school, and his master know what he's hiding, both under his appearance, and in his past. All that's really known of this man, is that he is a rather handsome and serious figure, with cruel tendencies, and unknown agendas. He trusts no one, and will not hesitate to beat an insubordinate mercenary to a bloody pulp, before demoting them.

    Other: Strangely, Drake is the only mercenary in the school, who is never seen carrying a weapon.
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  2. I want in!
  3. Cool! Just make a character using the sign up template I demonstrated above.
  4. Name: Aiden Talahasie
    Gender: Male
    Age: 19
    Rank B
    Appearance is the file uploaded
    Bio: Authority issues got tossed through the orphanage system for years and eventually started getting mercenary training. Always carries twin 45c. Pistols.

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  5. Great! Everything seems to be in order, so your accepted! But I have a question. Have you read the manga? It's ok if you haven't, I'm just curious.
  6. No but ill check it out online sounds awesome
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