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  1. {OOC Explains how "death" works and format}

    The Gun Guilds have been running for twenty-two years. People As old as 40 and young as 14 are in them. created to protect us from our violent natures. Life chips were created to preserve peace as well. Microchips enabling you to die as many times as you want and still come back with no penalty, if certain requirements are met. Testing on the chips began shortly after Gun Guilds were created. The higher ups would allow us to use ground zero if we tested these chips. Sooner or later we found a bug, when the chip is damaged so is your memory. You lose a percentage of memory for the percentage of damage. People began saying it was a curse due to the fact we were escaping death. None-the-less we still used these same curses for the enjoyment of the people. You can call it what you want, But me personally.
    (Plane Hatch opens) I Think It's exciting! "Go! Go! Go!" (July 24, 3084 2:30:04 B.O.R. Jumps out of plane onto ground zero)


    September 5, 2084 6:36:56 Nuclear War begins.

    October 18, 3000 10:00:02 Construction on New Eden Begins

    December 27, 3044 12:59:21 Construction on New Eden finishes. Garren is born. And one year later Gun Guilds begin using remains of Ground Zero as battle grounds.

    May 29, 3080 4:36:08 Garren joins B.O.R.

    July 24, 3084 4:30:47 A.M. B.O.R. Wins their fifth match. Garren is sitting at the B.O.R. registration

    "No one. Why are we even here John. No one. No one ever shows." A man sitting next Garren chuckled "Why are you such a stick in the mud Garren. We just made it out alive from one of our games." Garren glared at John. "The fact that my celebration starts with recruiting new members." Garren began maintaining his sniper and feeding his bird. John looked at his bird "I never understood why you chose a fire element. Anyways it's not like Brianna is gonna have a one-man party." They looked at each other for a while then began laughing hard. Brian a comes to the registration desk drunk as ever. She throws down a manilla folder. "Our next mission. Read It. Learn it. Love it. We're facing the "Deadline"." Garren picks up the manilla folder and views over the mission rules. John looks over his shoulder. "Brianna. This map requires a four person team. We only have three." "Garren right, isn't there a three on three area control contract. We're pretty good at A.C.s." Brianna scoffed "Fine. I'll take a look." Brianna snatched up the folder and went back to the contract offices. Garren put his feet up on the table and rested his eyes. John leaned over the table and did the same.

    Garren (open)

    Name: Garren Jackson
    Field of Expertise: Sniper
    Guild: B.O.R.
    Bird: Red Cardinal
    Bird Defensive Skill: When Garren is hit the bird casts a shroud of flame around his last area so he can change positions.
    Garren's Custom Weapon (open)

    John (open)

    Name: John Lagg
    Field of Expertise: Sniper Pistol
    Guild: B.O.R.
    Bird: Raven
    Bird Defensive Skill: When John is hit the raven creates a pitch black area around John to hide him from the enemy.

    Brianna (open)

    Name: Brianna Montoya
    Age: 21
    Field of Expertise: Assault Rifle
    Guild: B.O.R.
    Bird: Dove
    Bird Defensive Skill: When Brianna is hit her bird casts a bright light at the enemy to blind them.
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  2. [​IMG]
    Name: Nathan Steele
    Age: 34
    Field of Expertise: Assault Rifle
    Guild: B.D.D
    Bird: Owl
    Bird Defensive Skill: When Nathan is hit he gains keen sight in both light and dark areas; able to focus farther and shoot better.
    Bio: Started B.D.D (Break Down Destiny), he has an act for leading. His group has two wins with their new squad after their last squad lost to a no name Gun Guild. He is known as one of the best Assault users of any Gun Guild because of his ridiculous shots that are often questioned as sniper shots.''

    Name: Liz Yuudai
    Age: 17
    Field of Expertise: Sniper
    Guild: B.D.D.
    Bird: Hummingbird
    Bird Defensive Skill: Her shots sound like they are coming from a different direction then where the weapon is actually coming from.
    Bio: Picked up weapons very early, her light touch and breathing found harmony in a sniper. Her kills are higher then anyone in B.D.D. in the newly formed group and is one of the youngest. Her team calls her Prodigy, certain that she will get better as she grows. Her attitude is very mute compared to others.

    Name: Chance Inka
    Age: 21
    Field of Expertise: Sub Machine Guns
    Guild: B.D.D.
    Bird: Falcon
    Bird Defensive Skill: When hit, the falcon flies and hovers over where he was shot from.
    Bio: The do it all man, always the first one onto the battle field. Sets up the communications between the guild and has a lucky streak of not getting shot in his two matches. Not the smart, but knows his way around a weapon and a radio.


    Name: Derek Katsuo
    Age: 23
    Field of expertise: Sniper
    Guild: B.D.D.
    Bird: Hawk
    Bird Defensive Skill: When hit hawk goes to the air and scans the area and brings back information of terrain and locations of an enemy seen.
    Bio: Considered the main killer in the group though he has only three match kills to his name. All three leaders. He is more of the assassin. He talks very little but when he does it's accepting the challenge of taking out the most important member of the other guild.


    Nathan stood there in his dusk colored outfit that consisted of cloth clothing with armor on his chest and legs that fit his body perfectly, a brown cloak hanging over his golden blonde hair, though he was rather older he looked young. He was his looking at the horizon, he had his eyes on B.O.R. trying to figure out how to gauge them. He had just heard about their recent win, and Nathan was mad that he hadn't challenged the Guild they beat. Though one of their matches were coming up, and he was sure that his team could handle anyone. He turned to Liz, Chance and Derek, his tone was soft and low though no one was around them, it was just a habit. "What do you think? Five in four years... While we have two in one." He smirked, honestly pleased in the team he had put together, though he was disappointed since his guild had been around for 14 years and had just came to rise as a guild worth acknowledgement.

    Liz looked to Derek, he just shrugged at her and turned his head away from them, looking somewhere else. She then looked to Nathan, she was cross legged sitting on a rather large boulder, her camo tight shirt and dirty, lime green mini shorts tight to her body and her sniper laying across her waist as she sat. "Does it matter, honestly? People are already scared of us, except certain guilds who think it's been luck." Her tone was rather dull, feeling like Nathan gave no confidence in them if they were to face this B.O.R. group.

    "Yeah, we destroyed our opponents in less than ten minutes each, mostly because they hid from us!" Chase said in an excited tone, "We haven't really even tested our strength but I have a feeling this next guild will through out a bit of a challenge this time!" His blonde hair was long and his SMGs never seemed to leave his side, ammo was placed on his chest and he wore shoulder plates for protection and chest as well.

    Nathan justified their statements, and turned back to the B.O.R. gang. They were right, B.D.D. was quickly growing and people knew they were one of the biggest threats now. He had the experience and talent most guilds dreamed for. Liz and Derek were quite the duo when it came to certain things, and he found it almost distasteful that Chase had run into so many situations where he should have gotten blown up but ended up taking down the amount of people they did. He wanted to test their strength and he knew they would... soon.
  3. Brianna came back with a new contract. "Ever Hear of B.D.D.?" Garren kept his eyes closed and spoke. "Yeah, Sure the rising Guild with four members. Two wins in one year. Why?" "Four members? Brianna we only have--" "I know that's why I recruited her." Brianna pointed to a girl carrying a Blaster.

    Name: Kiran Tsugumi
    Field of Expertise: Energy Rail Gun
    Guild: B.O.R.
    Bird: Mocking Jay
    Bird Defensive Skill: When Kiran is hit the bird scans the area and copies a random birds D. Skill

    "An Energy Gun User! Brianna your amazing!" "Hello..." "So cute!" "So Cute!" "No!" Kiran fired a large slug at the two men sitting. She looked down. "I'm sorry." "Your fine. So, anyway you pervs listen up. We're playing the abandoned city. The game is Home Defense. We will be stationed inside a broken down building and have to last one hour. If B.D.D. excepts the challenge they will enter through airplane drop. Here is the map design. No questions good. Gear up, and meet me at the Launch Bay." "Yes Ma'am" "Alright." "I will try to be of service to you." Brianna leaves to deliver the challenge to B.D.D. Leader.[​IMG]
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  4. Nathan was readying his weapons, they were inside a heavily concealed fence area, with the word "Skirmish" on a metal plating above them. Nathan looked at his team, Derek was ready... Of course. Liz was stretching her sniper laying her in front of her as she put her palms on it with her legs almost completely spread. She was loading her ammo like that as well. Chance was leaning against the fence, half asleep. None of them understood how he could just get up and be ready, though he was always fully loaded with 10 clips on his waist and grenades on his chest.

    2 minutes
    Nathan stood in front of the entrance, his hand aimed seeing if he could already see the four man team they were facing. G.O.R. The next guild they'd hope to take in this four man team battle. He knew they would win, somehow he knew. He looked to Chase. The long hair blonde man smiled at him, his SMGs placed in both of his hands and his various rounds started to glow different colors. Chase was always smiling, he enjoyed this more then anyone and he spent most of the money earned... not exactly sure on what but it never went to himself.

    Liz was patient as the clock hit one minute. She understand what Derek wanted her to do, she kind of had a thing for the man. He didn't talk much and his sniper skills were, as much as she hated admitting it, probably better then hers. She eyed him up and down, he barely carried anything. His sniper and three magazines. Not that he needed a whole lot since he always got his target. She might have had the most kills on the team but that was probably because of him because of the loss of communication because of the loss of the team's leader. She gave a faint smile as she saw him look at her.

    Derek didn't return the smile, he knew how this was going to end. Good.. or bad. He didn't care much really, he knew Nathan knew what he was doing. He owed him a favor so he decided to join the guild, little did he knew this competition thing was the most fun he had for awhile. Liz and Chance aren't half bad either he thought, though he hated the ever smiling chance. He much preferred Liz... she never really talked.

    Nathan watched as the counter hit zero, and rushed forward with Chance as the gate open. He recognized something immediately as he stepped out, "Small area!" He shouted as loud as he could. The place was stocked with cover, but the arena itself was only as long as two football fields. Gun fire rained down on them, he saw birds over head ready to use their abilities.

    Chance's SMG shot off with a loud bang. Seconds later one of the barricades one of the G.O.R. members were hiding behind blew up. The man's gun went flying in the opposite direction, rubble flying everywhere. Almost on que, Derek pulled out his sniper rifle and aimed at the enemy and let out a shot. A bird flew down and the bullet stopped in it's track. Derek cursed as a light machine gun shot where he was at, hitting him once but Derek didn't mind that. The hawk came down almost immediately and showed their location.

    "Nathan this is Derek, over." He called on his headset. "Sniper in the very back in the green barn, about 180 yards out. Easy shot." He continued, "Though he shot off one round and the ground melted. Acid gun. Over." Derek looked out of his barricade and noticed that he didn't know where Liz was. Nathan and Chance were letting loose rounds at the three front members. Two assaults rifles and a light machine gun. Well equipped for a field like this.

    "I understand why they chose this area, they are suited perfectly for it. Unfortunately, we are suited for everything" Chance ducked as one of the sniper shots flew past him, he peeked up body almost fulled exposed and aimed both his SMGs at the Light Machine gun user, he fired, rounds coming out and hitting the ground just short of them, smoke started flowing impeding their vision. Nathan took that opportunity and put his assault rifle on the wall. He flipped the scope to thermal and could see the red outlines of the three men's bodies as they fired blindly into the smoke. They had them.

    "Liz, now." Liz was on the other side of the map, using the side barricades she had snuck around as they had concentrated looking toward Derek, thinking him the lethal sniper. Liz was already placed and had her scope directly on their sniper's head. Her weapon flared to life and shot. A huge beam of light could be seen coming from the gun and hit G.O.R.'s sniper and as the bird went to use it's ability but it was too late as the beam exploded on contact, taking parts of the barn with it. The chip on the man's body was completely red, signifying he was out. She turned, looking for the other three.

    The three G.O.R. members turned and saw what was left of the barn, they pauses a moment to long as the Light machine gun user took a sniper bullet in the back of the head and then another one straight to the neck. He flopped down, his chip red as well. The other two made a wall and fired at where the bullets were coming from. Chance was charging them though, throwing two grenades to each side. The grenades blew and created a energetic wall keeping them in. Simultaneously, Nathan was on the charge his assault rifle pointed at them. He started shooting and the bullets went straight through the whole connecting on one of the men's chest. He bird swooped down and made a small barrier. The other man turned and went to shoot until he felt something warm. He had been shot in the leg, the bullet burning in him as Chance's heat round went through his skin. The barrier around the man simply disappeared as Liz's sniper hit it. Also destroying much of the wall around it. Nathan jumped up and through Chance's shield, quickly putting rounds on the armed soldier. The man dropped as Nathan's bullets connected and Nathan took aim at the other member.

    "Stop, I surrender!" Nathan pulled up his weapon as did Chance who was right beside him. The man's chip turned red and the medics came rolling into the arena out of the ground and sides and started carrying away the G.O.R. members.

    "Good job guys, and lady. Let's head out." Derek was already beside him, a paper in his hand. It was a Challenge paper from another guild. "So quick and another four?" Derek nodded a blank look on the man's face. Nathan took the papers out of his hand, Chance looking over his shoulder. He read that it was a challenge from B.O.R. and it was a four versus four match.

    "Don't they only have three currently?" Chance said, scratching his head. He hadn't wasted many rounds, so he thought he was ready. Until he heard someone walk up behind him and knew exactly what she was going to say.

    "I would like a break, making me run all the way to their side as Blondie and yourself take charge and barely give me cover fire." Chance rolled his eyes at her which made her angry for a second. She looked at Derek, one hand slinging her sniper rifle and the other on her hip. "Unless you think you can do it all yourself." Derek smiled at the comment and for a second she honestly thought he was going to accept it whether she wanted to or not.

    Nathan spoke up first, "We rest, and maybe we can talk to them. They might decide that it's better too wait until we are both at the top. And it's unheard of for a team to fight two battles in one year, let alone two battles in two days. We will decline for now." Derek nodded and filled the rejection letter for now, but gave them their contact information. They all headed out as they checked their ammo and set plans on where to get new ammo and any messed up gear but they had gone flawless, though considering G.O.R. had won only three and lost five, now six, in five years. They weren't impressive, especially on turf they had the weapon advantage on. They'd meet up with B.O.R. and see what they had going for them, and maybe... Just maybe, this new team of his would battle them.
  5. B.O.R. Was sitting in the Launch Bay when a man came carrying a folder. He handed it to Brianna. "Your Challenge was declined and accepted by a new Guild." "Thank you." The man nodded and trotted off. "Well the map hasn't changed, our roles either, but we're facing... Y.I.N." John was fixing coms and wire traps. "Wins?" "Four." Garren was feeding the birds. "How about losses." "Hmmm. None. So same as us." Karin was replacing the mags with energy contamination mags, that electrify on contact. "What's the plan." "Karin will be on the top of the skyscraper she will attempt to bring them down before they fall, She will also provide cover fire." Karin cocked a dead slug out of the Rail Gun and nodded her head. "Garren you will provide sniper support. Your first task take out any SMGs. Second LMGs. Third Snipers. You may station anywhere inside the building." Garren walked to the edge of the Launch Bay, nodded, and jumped. Karin followed his example. "And me and you will provide frontline fire at the lower levels of the building. Correct?" "Correct. Now jump!" "Yes ma'am!" John ran and flipped off the edge. Brianna ran and jumped.

    5 Minutes {B.O.R. Free-falling through sky}

    John spoke through his communicator.
    "Coms are up." "Alright, Karin activate gravity impaler." "Gravity impaler active. Descent slowed 70%" The team lands on the ground
    "John get those traps active. Assume positions. This is war not kindergarten!" Everyone rushes to their positions. John activates his traps and sets a com tower. "Coms stable. Traps active. Watch your feet." "Roger. targets incoming. Five seconds remaining. Kiran you ready." "Yes." "Fire all units stay sharp!" Kiran lit up the skies, but they were falling to fast. They slowed descent right where she was. Before they could hit her, she went through the floor. "Targets analyzed. Laser Mini Gun. Vector 3.9s Packed Ammo. Other two unclear." "These bastards aren't playing! They've already open fired on us!" "Moving up Taking one out from above!"
    John runs up the stairs and gets the one of the unidentifiables. Kiran spraying heavy fire got the mini and one of the unidentifiables inside. The SMG shot her in the leg. her bird flew up and came down hard on the ground making a large crater, also killing the SMG. "What!? Their birds have offensive skills!" "What!" A bird zoomed into the room Garren was in. It exploded, but Garren's bird consumed it as energy. "This is why I have a fire type John!" One of the unidentifiables came to Garren. "Unit identified. AK86 Fire mags. Invisibility skill. Takin her out." Garren turned the corner and shot her in the head at point blank range. "We can't get this mini! He's shooting up the lobby cover!" "Captain move out the way." Karin began shooting rapidly through the floors. "Ahhh!" She passed Garren. "John activate traps!" The wires blew up around the mini gunner, pushing him back directly under Karin. "Surpressive Fire!" Karin broke through the lobby floor, right on top of the mini gunner. She fired a shot and the gunner fell like a brick. "Alright! Down for the count!" "Way to go Kiran!" "You did well for your first mission kid." Medics rushed in and took the Y.I.N. Guild. "Party for the recruit at HQ!" "Yes!" "Finally." "Thank you." B.O.R. walked off the field to HQ. "Five Wins! We're a sure shot in the Heavy Artillery matchups now!" "By the way John how's the mecha looking?" "A few more repairs and it's good."

  6. Character 1

    Name: Coco
    Age: 21
    Field of Expertise: Sword Gun
    Guild: Non Just a watcher
    Bird: encase some one tries to kill her and it always happens she has a Common House Martin
    Bird Defensive Skill: When hit her Martin makes a tornado around Coco and when its done Coco is gone.

    Weapon both of them are hers (open)

    Character 2

    Name: Gunner
    Age: 30
    Field of Expertise: anything that Pistol which means things like USP or older (Universal Self-Louding Pistol)
    Guild: non just a bodyguard of Cocos
    Bird: Brewer blackbird
    Bird Defensive Skill: when hit he can see from his bird but for only a few mins.

    Weapons two pistols (open)

    (To be added soon XD its like 3 o'clock in the morning right now)
  7. (The amount of colors that was in your post was ridiculously awesome.)

    Liz and Derek had been watching the match, Liz the most as she was in awe at how easy they had made it. She leaned back, her right leg over her left, as she stretched with her arms in the air. "They are good. I'll admit that. Especially that Assault Rifle... Brianna I think it was." She smiled, always throwing down men no matter how good they seemed. Liz looked at Derek to see his reaction, she immediately frowned as she noticed he didn't really seem to care all that much, in fact he looked almost asleep. She hated that side of him, he never seemed to be pleased by anything even he when he was part of the combat.

    Derek was resting his hand on his chin, he'd saw all their movements and realized that he knew who to go for in time. He looked over at Liz and saw her face, he gave a sigh, "Yeah, sure." She gave him the cold shoulder, still he gave her a blank expression. Making her even more mad. He stood up, and looked at all the spectators. "Y.I.N. had four wins as well, and they thrashed them without losing anyone. Impressive." He started walking away to go out of town where B.D.D. was camped up. Liz followed him, trying to make small talk on the way but Derek seemed to refuse to take any part in a conversation.

    Chance noticed them first, "Hey--!" Liz walked right past him and slammed the door of her little building that had been bought and put out by the towns people to make a comfortable living space outside the city. Chance laughed as he looked to Derek, "Guessing you were as responsive and easy to deal with as you always are." Derek looked at him, and smiled but only briefly. Nathan walked out and looked to Derek, he gave him a cock eye wondering why he was so early. Realization hit him like a brick.

    "They already beat Y.I.N.?" Nathan had played Y.I.N. with a past team, they were utterly destroyed only defeating one of Y.I.N.'s players. He cursed and sat down near chance and Derek. They also took the seats on the metal chairs they had placed out around a campfire. "Are they that good?"

    Derek sighed, not really interested in about. "They are impressive. Well geared, know how to communicate by the looks of it. New girl on their team uses a rail gun, very odd." He laid down as he looked at the sky. "Nothing special, but will be very difficult. Will lose one or two." At that word Chance stood up.

    "I know what that means!" Chance wasn't angry, instead he had a huge grin on his face. "Don't worry Derek I'll prove you wrong like I do every time, my friend!" Derek smiled at the comment as much as he disliked Chance, he had to admit he was one of the best front-line men he had ever met. That he hadn't killed that is.
  8. Brianna sat in the office going over the footage of the match. She wanted to know more about these offensive skills the birds have. She also needed more strategies for things like that. Home Defense isn't B.O.R.'s strong suit. Reviewing the footage she noticed that Y.I.N. only slowed their descent by 30%. Surviving an impact like that is only possible by androids. She called John into her office. "What's up?" "Is it possible to have a robotic bird?" "As a guardian bird? No. But, as a trap yeah. They're called nano flyers why?" Brianna showed him the video footage. "Yeah those are nanos for sure. You ignore them because they look like guardian birds when they're actually not. Your allowed to shoot them down if you can identify them. But, that's only possible if your bird grants you enhanced eyesight." "How expensive are they?" John laughed. "You don't buy them." Garren walked in the room with Karin watching a pocket sized version of the tape. "You build them." John and Brianna looked at Karin. "How do you know?" Karin held up to birds that looked exactly the same. "Which one is my guardian?" Everyone watched closely as Brianna chose a bird. She chose the wrong one, The bird flew up and pecked her shoulder. "These are lighter versions of the birds, but I can make heavier ones that pack more of a punch." "Then do that, but make them miniature and random bombers. I don't want them buzzing around our heads. And you two go find something to do. Actually John go fix the mechs. And Garren go cook some dinner, I'm starving." You could see B.O.R. running around inside their three story office.
  9. John was working on Brianna's mech when Garren's plummeted to the ground. "Perfect!" He walked to the fridge in the lab and pulled out a bottle of water. Then he lit a cigarette. But, John's cigs are custom made. Replacing the tobacco plant with an herb it is healthy for the body to breathe it in. Garren shot a bullet past his John's face. "What the hell did you do to my mech?!" John shrugged and gave a nervous smile. "The wires snapped I guess. I'll run to the market and get new ones." John was walking out the door when he yelled to everyone "I'm taking the truck." Garren tried to shoot him before he could get out. Brianna smacked him upside the head. "Now, what are we gonna do if New Eden Task Force saw you?" Garren shrugged and went back to cooking.

    B.O.R.'s Personal Truck (open)
  10. On his way to the shopping district John stopped by the sign-up offices. To scout any new competiton. He pulled out one of his cig packs, but it was empty. So he picked some near by basil out of the ground and placed it inside a wrapping. He hit a button and the trucks bed lifted exposing a table he hopped up and layed his gun down on it. "Doesn't look too bad. I could try to replace the chamber with an energy rifling instead though..."
  11. Coco!!" an angry voice called out to a woman. "I AM NOT YOUR BAG HOLDER BOY OR WHAT EVER YOU AMERICANS CALL THEM! I AM YOUR GUARD!!!" the man called out to her as she walked away. she was shopping for some new clothing that was in style and she had business with some people that wanted weapons from her. she was a guns dealer she been doing it for a while now and a lot of people come to her for the latest weapons. "There is something called multitasking!" she called back as she walked to one of the shoes stores. "Ohhh shoes!" she called out with joy and ran to get some new shoes. "Some times you surprise me people believe your a evil person but I never seen you evil. EVER." the man said with a sigh. "Oh don't be dumb Gunner the reason I don't show you my evil side is because you a good man and have been good to me so why should I show you my evil side?" Coco said with a smile as she put on some shoes. "good point, and Coco you put the shoes on wrong." she looked down and noticed that her left foot was in the right shoes and left shoes was on the right. "hehe I knew that!" she said and took them off and said "I WANT THE SHOES!!!!" Gunner sighed "can you not make such stupid shit all the time!" "HAHA YOU LOVE THE STUPID SHIT ALL THE TIME!" Coco laughed. Gunner sighed "sometimes I just want to kill you I need a raise" "Oh Confession time!! tell me your sins" she said with a smirk "Tell me yours you" Changing the subject quickly and smoothly Coco said "and don't worry you'll get a raise soon!"

    (Hope she and Gunner are alright ^^; and sorry its not in the guild right now but don't worry her job will be taking her to the guild. I'm thinking maybe the owners want something from her and she can only get or something XD I don't know I have yet to think about it)
  12. Pic: 9k=.jpeg
    Name: Victor "Hell's Marksman" Markov
    Field of Expertise: Fang of Fenrir. A Multi role and multi-form weapon that can change ammo types, fire rates, and weapon platforms upon command.
    Guild: Gunslinger May Cry. (G.M.C.)
    Bird: peregrine falcon
    Bird Defensive Skill: when Victor is hit, he can move at supersonic speeds for a short time.
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  13. Victor was sitting at his desk in the headquarters of Gunslinger May Cry with his feet propped up on the left corner of the titanium piece of furniture waiting for someone to either call him or walk through the front door to join his newly formed team or challenge him. He already had a mech, so he could do a David and Goliath match any time even if he was playing the role of David. His weapon, the Fang of Fenrir could cut through a mech's armor if he could get the charged particle canon his weapon could turn into ready before he was spotted by the pilot of the mech. But that took some time, a commodity that was not usually aforded on the fields of battle. Fortunately for him, the David and Goliath game was basically a one on one if not a four on one match against the towering battle machines. He was not only a skilled gunman, but a decent bounty hunter for side jobs. The matches were his major source of income though since there were not that many criminals that needed to be hunted down. His chip was implanted in his left eye and he wore a special eye patch to keep his eye covered. The patch had three telescopic lenses set up in a delta formation on the outside and a screen centered on the inside, which was what he used instead of a bulky scope. He just needed to keep the lenses and the screen clean and he was basically set for some long distance shots. They didn't call him Hell's Marksman for nothing. With no visible optics on his weapon of choice, some of his opponents wondered how he managed to make the shots he scored. It was at that moment that the phone rang out and Victor flipped it skillfully into his hand with his foot before he said "Gunslinger May Cry, Victor Hell's Marksman Markov speaking"
    "Mr. Markov, you have a challenge waiting and yet you have no members to back you up." the man on the other end of the line said
    "Ever thought about why I mainly play the David and Goliath matches?" Victor shot back
    "And that is exactly what you will be playing. the Y.A.N.G. team wants to see how good one man can be against their mech." came the reply
    "Oh, I think I'm up for it. Give me the details on my opponent." Victor said with a smirk. To him, it was easy money.
    "They have suffered no losses and won ten matches so far. Very tough team to beat even in a match set up for a showdown like yours is." the mystery man said
    "yeah yeah. That's very nice and all, but give me the specs on their machines." Victor said, slightly impressed that they were doing so well, but highly disappointed that they would choose to go after him when he was currently working alone and looking for members.
    "They have a Titan class mech, a Jupiter class mech, a Poseidon class mech and an Atlas class mech." the man said
    "Tell them to send in the big bad Poseidon. I'll cut that sucker down to size in ten minutes with one well placed shot." Victor said "And before they get even one shot off too."
    "Good luck." the man said before he told him the time and day as well as the map. The forgotten city. a set of ruins that had been reclaimed by nature before the blast. the vegitation was crisped and the ruins looked even more ominous. the match was for five in the morning the next day.
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  14. Pic: 537dbd34-0f23-4e99-88b5-956ed78a19e2_zps26a4105d.jpg
    Name: Leon(Red) and Vincent(Black) Corvinus
    Age: Both 23
    Field of Expertise: Leon is good with an AA12 shotgun outfitted with the Vocal ammo selector and always carries a few 100 round drum mags while Vincent carries a smaller version of a gravity cannon. Both wield too Lawbringer sidearms as a backup piece
    Guild: both are in Gunslinger May Cry (G.M.C.)
    Bird: Leon has a phoenix while Vincent has a raven.
    Bird Defensive Skill Leon's Phoenix gives him one instant revive on the battlefield while Vincent 's raven makes him disappear in a puff of black feathers when he is hit.
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  15. Not too long after Victor hung up the phone, two men walked in. "This where we sign up?" The one in red asked
    "It is. Good timing too. This Guild has a match at five tomorrow morning. " Victor said "what are your names?"
    "My name is Leon Corvinus. And this is my brother, Vincent Corvinus." Leon said , the one in the red.
    "Leon and Vincent Corvinus." Victor said as he entered their names into the computer on his desk.
    "Welcome to Gunslinger May Cry. I hope you two brought at least one mech."
    "Don't worry, we both brought our own mechs." Vincent said, the one wearing black. "My brother favors a custom AA12 shotgun while I use a small gravity cannon."
  16. John packed up his gun and headed off to B.O.R. with a new mission and hardware specs for the mechs. "Jumpdrive specs. Now these are hard to come by, wonder why they were just laying on the ground? Oh, Well! We should probably sit the request out I'm exhausted from our last battle."
  17. Anna (open)

    Name: Anna Anderson
    Field of Expertise: Shotgun
    Guild: H.C.
    Bird: Golden Eagle
    Bird Defensive Skill: When hit Anna's ability to feel pain is numbed
    Bio: Anna is the founder and coordinator of Hard Corps.

    Sara (open)

    Name: Sara Taylor
    Field of Expertise: Sub-machine gun
    Guild: H.C.
    Bird: Needle-Tailed Swift
    Bird Defensive Skill: When hit Sara's speed and response-time is doubled

    Shina (open)

    Name: Shina Taylor
    Field of Expertise: Sniper Rifle/Pistol
    Guild: H.C.
    Bird: Mocking Bird
    Bird Defensive Skill: When under fire Shina's bird will circle above the individual firing at her

    Alison (open)

    Name: Alison Morrow
    Field of Expertise: Assault Rifle/ Under-barrel grenade launcher
    Guild: H.C.
    Bird: Robin
    Bird Defensive Skill: When hit Alison's bird kicks up enough dust to obscure her from her enemies.

    Shina and Sara sat at the square table in the center of the guild's main room. "Why do we keep losing Sara?" "It's cause we have such outdated weapons" Neither of the sisters were particularly satisfied with the guild's zero and three record. It seemed other people were treating them as if they were a joke now because of their record as well as the fact that they were a completely female squad. "Why don't we get better guns then?" Shina insisted as she laid her face down on the table. Sara kicked her feet up onto the table. "You think we have money for that, we barely have the money to keep us feed and supplied as it is."

    Alison walked down the stairs and into the main hall with the sisters, "Stop being such a downer Sara, Anna is down at the sign-in office, I have a good feeling about our contract this time." She plopped down into the chair next to Shina and gave her a pat on the head. "You mean that Com Tower contract that we put in weeks ago. Don't these things normally get picked up a bit quicker than this?" As usual Sara was the cynic in the conversation, trying to bring Alison out of her land of sunshine and optimism; but before that could happen Anna slammed open the door and flopped down into the vacant chair next to Sara. She took the last puff of her cigarette before tossing the butt aside and speaking, "Those fuckers at the sign-in office ain't doin' shit. They've been sitting on our contract for weeks now. Sayin' nobody is biting. That asshole."

    Anna's racket woke Shina with a startle. Alison however, didn't miss a beat. "
    I'm sure somebody will pick it up soon, lets just calm down." "Food." The room stagnated for a moment after Shina gave her opinion. They all came to a silent agreement to leave the topic until after dinner.
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  18. The Three (open)

    From left to right: Sluagh, Grendel, Ekimmu

    Name: Sluagh
    Age: Late twenties
    Field of Expertise: Heavy Weapons
    Guild: E.N.I.
    Bird: Crow
    Bird Defensive Skill:When hit the crow laser designates a target for Sluagh

    Name: Grendel
    Age: Late twenties
    Field of Expertise: Assault Rifles and Pistols
    Guild: E.N.I
    Bird: Crow
    Bird Defensive Skill:When hit the crow sends out a shockwave that knocks enemies off their feet.

    Name: Ekimmu
    Age: Late twenties
    Field of Expertise: Designated Marksman Rifles (DMR) and Machine Pistols
    Guild: E.N.I
    Bird: Crow
    Bird Defensive Skill: When hit the crow emits a large toxic smokescreen

    The Leader (open)

    Name: Nils Maupin
    Age: 27
    Field of Expertise: Battle Rifles and Revolvers
    Guild: E.N.I
    Bird: Hood Mockingbird
    Bird Defensive Skill: When at low health the bird will inject Nils with a drug cocktail that gives him 5 minutes of increased abilities.
    Bio: Nils is the leader of Ergo Natural Industries' gun guild. He is methodical, precise, and rarely loses his cool. Not much is known about Nils other than that he is part of the shadowy R&D department of E.N.I
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  19. Garren/John/Brianna/Kiran/

    John got back a dinner was served at the B.O.R. HQ. Brianna ran over to him. Grabbing his collar he began to growl at him. "Where have you been?! It doesn't take that long to get A mecha hangwire!" A knocking came at the door. It was the N.E.M.T.F.(New Eden Minor Task Force.) "Is there a problem here?" Brianna shook her head no. "Really? We just saw you try to strangle this innocent man." Brianna's brow twitched at the words. "Why no I was only greeting this-- this dear man." The cops backed off and said goodbye and wished the team luck in their next match. "You almost shut us down Brianna." Everyone looked at her sternly. "Stop staring and eat your food!" John threw the keys on a rack and sat at the table. The table had no legs it's only support was a gravity-nulifier.
    "So what are we doing tomorrow?"

    "I'll be shopping for supplies with Kiran. The colonel said he wanted to talk to you two down at his office."

    "The colonel said that?"

    "Yeah, something about radiation infestation in Old S.Africa."

    "I hate those jobs."
    Kiran looked at him sincerely confused. "Why? It sounds fun." In that instant John and Garren choked on their food. Brianna was dying of laughter.

    "Infestation requests usually come with a surprise. The radiation is so intense one crack in your suit and your a goner. Plus you have to deal with animals that survived the blasts somehow that have transformed, taking on characteristics of other animals."
  20. the next day Victor, Vincent and Leon were in the drop ship ready for the match. "Alright, the plan is simple. Leon, you go left. Vincent. you go right. And i will go right down the middle. we are going to not only flank him. we are gonna use the delta formation. just don't get too close." Victor said and the other two nodded before pulling out their sidearms,.
    "We forgot to mention we also specialize in the Lawbringer sidearm and carry two of them." Leon said
    "works for me." Victor said before he pulled out his custom weapon and said "Charged particle Cannon." the weapon shifted to cover his arm and extended a little ways out. "Begin mission." he said to the other two and jumped out of the drop ship before he dove full blast for the spot below the ship and fired the first CPC beam to slow his fall and landed after the ground cooled off the other two aimed for their respective directions and they all took off. the Poseidon mech was on the other side of the map and the pilot was already inside. needless to say he seen the beam and was a little worried about how the match would go. he didn't see the other two dropping to the ground to start flanking him.
    "High EX." the brothers said and the guns switched to the desired round as they ran. Victor waited for the CPC to recharge before he took off right down the middle and got into position before he took aim and fired a beam at the front leg while the other two members of Gunslinger May Cry fired at the other two legs.
    "What the?" the pilot said when the rear two legs were attacked and the glow of the CPC firing brought his attention back to the leader of the enemy guild, but it was too late. the match was over and the mech was disabled.
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