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Anime, Fantasy, Post-Apocalyptic, Action/Adventure, and Dark. Sometimes I like to do Edgy things, but it has to be played out right to work for me.
The blimp floated high above the current stage. Both teams appeared ready for the coming match, but due to its closed dome nature they had to be observed via surveillance cameras inside. The ringmaster stepped out of the giant balloon and his voice boomed through the stadium speakers when he spoke. Everyone watched him via the giant screen in the middle of the stadium. "Welcome ladies and gentlemen..." He started to rail off to stall while the members of YIN and VMH got ready. It was the first match of the season for both teams. Loss was not an option.



Cons of the map:

Pros of the Map:
Smoke Screen
Infrared Vision
Grappling Hook

Features of the Map:
Many Catwalks crisscrossing from the beginning of the map. These mazes of Catwalks eventually end toward the middle of the map where it is pure open hallways with no cover and continue on the outskirts. Expect firefights. Walls are rusted and tattered giving no solid color or pattern. The map is elevated and some sectors of the map are unstable and could collapse into the water or darkness below if too much weight is on these areas. Some of these areas have already collapsed and make way for water passages. However considering the combat suits have no oxygen tanks a full on swim would be tiring and impossible.

"I hate that guy. Why is he always announcing? What happened to that one girl?" Jared said as he checked his Energy Gun making sure the safety was off. "Who are these VMH guys anyway?" Another member who was leaned against a beam examining his pistol's sights shook his head and holstered his pistol angrily. "Shut up and pay attention we're about to start Com Tower. You know your positions. Get to 'em and get to 'em fast. Kaze did you hear me?!" A man lazily walked over carrying an SMG and looked around before getting in front of the bossy Ken. "Whatever Ken."

The announcer had the crowd at their hype peak and then motioned to the T.V. crew to set it on the playing field. "Then we begin in..." He motioned again and a countdown overlapped the giant image of the teams. "3."

"Oh, yeah. To answer your question Jared..." Kaze started as he cocked his SMG.


"This VMH team..."


"They're just more dead meat."

"Open Fire!" A bell went off in the stadium and stage signaling the match had started. VMH was attacking so Fenrir would be tasked to infiltrate the YIN base. Their base could be identified by an open area underneath the catwalks where Fenrir would have to go underwater and plant the Com on the hollow projector which would release his teammates halfway into the map inside a empty room with two pods.

Kaze kept running forward while Jared and Ken ran to defend. While it was only one person only one person needed to be away from the base. Jared patrolled on the catwalk floor near the hole to the hollow projector while Ken patrolled above this on the narrow beams.

VMH BEGIN! @Silverdawn and @DragonFist1988 you two are on standby until your captain [ @West ] unlocks you.


He felt the hype flow through his veins, his brain bolting in action as if the drums of angel's marching where playing inside his skull like an orchestra. He had to make it through the water pit, he knew that much: that itself wouldn't be the problem, but what lied up ahead would definently be more than just a simple task to complete. He reached for his belt, and unstrapped a grenade: Marked 'Loki'. He would have to use this grenade to fool them, make them believe he was somewhere else: next to them, hidden behind cover of some sort. Fenrir quickly began to run, his strength more than enough to aid him in bringing him close to the base's inner circle, the rattling underneath his feet giving away his position; the echoing growing louder for those around him. He reached into his satchel, taking out his boomerang and holding it tightly.

He felt he needed to make a sudden change, and quickly hopped up over to the side of his catwalk, and dropped down to one below. He landed somewhat loudly, and the catwalk itself gave off a nasty sound, causing Fenrir to keep on running: narrowly escaping the grasp of darkness as the catwalk quickly collapsed, falling down into the pits of hell below. This time, Fenrir twisted the grenade somewhat, and threw it towards the other side of the center, hoping to trigger false alarms on their radar. The grenade flew quietly through the air, just as small as a bird as it soared through the air, and quickly impacted the ground close to the center: sending off numerous heat waves, causing alarms to any radars.

With this, Fenrir quickly duck behind a small pillar, not really enough to conceal him, but hopefully enough to cover him from any sudden gunshots heading over his direction, his boomerang brimming up a small light as it's plasma blades extended outwards, ready for combat.

(-1 HeatWave Grenade.)
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