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  1. {RP }

    Welcome to Gun Guilds OOC. If you don't know what Gun Guilds is here is an explanation. And if you check the RP in Jump-ins you will see a little more about it in the RP itself. I've created this RP so you can jump-in at anytime because in reality signing up for events like these happens at anytime

    1.You enter a guild for the games. Your character gets to specialize in one weapon. They will also get a guardian bird that can grant special defensive skills. You will decide that.

    2.The maps are never the same i'll post pics of the new terrain so you can get an image of it in your mind. You may create your own gun guild with characters you have created or with your RP friends.

    3. it takes place in the future after a nuclear war so your weapons can be normal today weapons or advanced technology. In certain games one of your characters can use a mech. These are Called Heavy Artillery matches.

    4.You can create your own game but currently there is :Skirmish, Com Tower, Heavy Artillery, Area Control, and Home Defense.

    5.Also remember your "death" is just a life chip that let's you experience the pain of death and overall experience of it. The chip works like a health bar showing how much of your lifespan is remaining. chips can be placed anywhere on your characters body. ANYWHERE. Just dont go in depth -3-

    6.If your chip is damaged you will lose a percentage of your memory equivalent to the percentage the chip has been damaged when you are revived. At the end of each match/game medics come and recharge your chips.That is all for now. The RP is called Gun Guilds. It is located in Jump - ins

    7.people tend to do this but dont. Were in the future so if you stick to todays weapons you'll be at an unfair disadvantage. So be creative. Automatic Snipers. Special Laser Mags. Things like that

    8.When your battles are declined they're just sent to the contract offices to be challenged by someone else.

    9. As of the recent question spectators. people watching the games. are allowed. Spectators may live any sort of life in New Eden. Though New Eden is strict about violence. any kind of it will not be treated lightly.If found.

    10. Spectator ideas: Gang. Store Owner. Gun Maintainer. Family Person. Fan of a Gun Guild. Trying to make a move on any character. In B.O.R. i dont care if they are same gender i'll work with it.

    Random Note: I know people will be curious so, B.O.R. means Band of Rogues.
    Random Note: Bird Offensive skils will be active soon as i figure out limitations for that or else people might abuse it a little.
    Here are the rules for the different games.

    Skirmish: Your basic team deathmatch. First team to down all of the other team wins.

    Com Tower: The attacking team: One unit goes to place a radio on a tower and call the rest of the team into battle.
    The Defending Team: Capture the Unit before he places the radio. or kill the reinforcements and unit.

    Heavy Artillery: Your teams Mech is on the other teams base. Only the mech user has acess to operate the Mech. First one to take down enemy mech using their own wins.

    Area Control: One area in the middle of the arena. Teams fight to control this for 15 minutes.

    Home Defense: Defending team: You are trapped in a building. EMP wires are set around it so you can't leave and attackers can enter but not leave.
    Attacking team: Jump out of drop plane onto ground zero. And eliminate defenders.

    ☆New: Victor Markrov☆ David And Goliath:Defending team: Use one mech to destroy attackers. The rest of the team sits out.
    Attacking team: Destroy or disable mech.

    ☆New: dunruffle☆ Two-Team Games: Games where two-teams join together to fight another two in any game mode/challenge.

    Still Having Trouble PM @ShiroKiyoshi

    {RP }

    Here is the format if you could follow it please:
    Field of Expertise(weapon they use it doesn't have to be real, it just has to be a gun or RPG type weapon.)
    Bird Defensive Skill

    Name: Lily Kak
    Age: 14
    Field of Expertise: Snake Rifle
    Guild: R.A.A.
    Bird: Blue Jay
    Bird Defensive Skill: When Lily is hit the Bird casts a wall of thick ice for cover.
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  2. This sounds fun *purrs*
  3. Good to hear any questions?
  4. where do I sign up XD and does it have to be a gun can it be like a sword gun? or something like that?
  5. Yeah it could and its a jump in you dont sign up. Just make a guild of four members and submit it on the RP the link is at the top of the page.
  6. Great also Can I not have a group could I just be someone watch the games or something or must I be in the games?
  7. you can be a person watching it would be a bit boring though until i edited something for spectators to do.
  8. Yeah ^.^ ill have her up soon ^.^
  9. [​IMG] John Lagg

    Karin Tsugumi

    Garren Jackson

    Brianna Montoya
    I found these mecha for B.O.R. im storing it here like a sort of gallery
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  10. I have another thing to ask... sorry to ask so much things but whats going on so far? I kinda didn't get it all....
  11. Well we had little confusion and i thought Gold the guy controlling B.D.D. wanted me to challenge him but he didnt so we both had two seperate matches you can ignore match posts really unless your character is focused on our matches. And the first post i did just explains whats going on in "New Eden". The intro basically.
  12. Ohhh thanks ^^ I was confused a little XD sorry
  13. [​IMG]
    New Eden Police Minor Task force.
    Equipage: Standard laser rifle.

    New Eden Special Task Force
    Equipage: Energy nulifiers, EMPs, Gravity Impalers, and Gravity Propultion Systems.
  14. I was wondering if i could use a multi-role weapon I call the Fang of Fenrir. It is kinda along the lines of Judge Dredd's gun, but with one difference. It can change gun platforms and even become a gunblade upon command.
  15. Alright, I'm getting back to work on my character. ^.^
  16. I would like to join but I had a couple questions: Why are the guilds doing this, like is there a reward? And Is it fine if I draw my own characters, or do we have to have nice colorful pictures and stuff?
  17. You can draw them. And the guilds are doing it for sport. Like football. They get money through winning and franchises. Some may take on military requests.
  18. Gotcha, count me in friend, I will throw together a cs. Just post it straight to the rp is fine?