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  1. [​IMG]

    By year 2067 the world has been engulfed in the flames of war. Smaller nations have joined larger ones for security and allies. Soldiers and military might are in high demand and civilians scavenge for food. The source of the war can be traced back to Dr. Kelly Nedman. A scientist, pioneer, and desperate father. He was also the creator of the Life Chip. This one little device was able to extend lifespan beyond comprehension. It could practically give a person immortality. His research was discovered and bargained for over and over. He would never comply. Dr. Nedman only made the chip to save his daughter's life not to create an invincible army. In the year 2074 he would have made a fully complete prototype that would at least extend his daughter's life until a ready version was available. She dies minutes after he creates the greatest device mankind will ever know. Dr. Nedman takes his research and gathers a bunch of suicidal maniacs to help him create weapons of mass destruction to launch in all corners of the world.

    Year 2084, the signs of death rain down on all major government facilities. A rebellion under Nedman's command seizes the various locations, but are pushed out within the decade and Nedman dead. Nedman however left a little present. In the year 2095 Nedman's death releases another series of missiles on major world leaders' households. Nedman's short lived war was for his daughter. However Nedman neglected to get rid of any of his data on the Life Chip. The second Cold War lasts for three years and ends in a truce. With the radiation looming around them the nations got together their best by volunteer and force to create the large continent New Eden. New Eden takes one millennium to complete. By this time the radiation has lifted and the species adapted and implemented the Life Chip.

    The year is now 3097 and 68% of the world is allowed into the super continent and join New Eden. The percentage not allowed, and that stays behind, form an alliance against New Eden. Armed to the teeth with tech created during the millennium the new alliance calls themselves Equal Liberation. Even though they're superior in fire power to New Eden, New Eden practically has an immortal army and have been able to keep the Equal Liberation at bay. The war between the groups has stayed subtle and attacks have not proven devastating to New Eden's society. The Equal Liberation is seen as a joke to them. Meanwhile the Equal Liberation(EL) conducts rebuilding and decide on a sole leader to govern the seven continents.

    The year 3378 the world is at peace. The EL has developed habitable areas into civilizations of a more cleanly level, but still lack the Life Chip. New Eden has improved its military power, weaponry, and increased population. In addition to this, they have taken over the continents of North America, Antarctica, and South America.

    The next millennium brings on the new sport of Gun Guilds. This sport pits the best gun men against each other using their life chips like health bars. The Life Chips were evolved to display how much more damage a player could take before death. Live ammo is legal. Gun Guilds (or GG for short) pits three man teams or one man teams against each other. The rules differ for one on one matches. People loved the sport and it became popular and an easy way to stardom. The GGB (Gun Guilds Board) founded the sport and is said to be corrupt, especially during the off season.

    Your Role in the Story... For now:
    The Year is 4007, so the GGB has only been running the sport for seven years. You are a part of a Gun Guild and wanted by many fans. For now you simply go about your rich life playing the sport.

    [BCOLOR=#008000]Mechanics of the story:[/BCOLOR]
    Since we are going to be in a lot of combat situations, I'll give you the options on what to do:

    Dice Rolling
    +Limits bickering, Computer Controlled, Fairness
    -Little control over the situation

    GM Intervention
    +Limits bickering and OPness.
    -Human Controlled, Fairness not ensured, Little Control over situation

    Player to Player(Turn Based)
    +All control over situations, orderly
    -Bickering more likely to happen, Fairness not ensured, Human Controlled

    Another thing to address is the Gun Guilds themselves. It will be a first come first serve ordeal. There will be only two so that we can get off the ground fast, but a maximum of three will be allowed. An additional fourth will be reserved in case others come along, but this one must be PMed to me (should we even come to that).

    [BCOLOR=#008000]Writing and Posting Expectations:[/BCOLOR]
    Intermediate - One well written paragraph per post. Try to post at least every two weeks. Please wait for two others to post before you post again.

    • No MetaGaming. Things not mentioned beforehand or in your CS you cannot use/have because you fear your character is going to lose/die. So if you want that smoke bomb make sure you haven't used it yet and/or that it's in your CS.
    • No Godmodding. Our characters are human. Even if you are an acrobatic ninja I could shoot you in the stomach and stop you in your tracks. Dodging bullets is impossible in the open. Health is minimal certain shots are fatal and cause death. Remember this as a go to; "Two for the stomach. One for the head."
    • You cannot pass through the barrier. You can shoot, throw stuff through, and send birds through the barrier.
    • All Iwaku Rules Apply. Type Iwaku in your CS and your choice of mechanics; Dice, GM, or Player.
    • If you're absent for three days in the middle of a match I'll take control of your character in my posts.
    • For now the character limit is one.

    [BCOLOR=#008000]GG Game Modes:[/BCOLOR]

    }Skirmish: Your basic team deathmatch. First team to down all of the other team wins.

    }Com Tower: Attacking team: One unit goes to place a radio on a tower and call the rest of the team into battle.
    Defending Team: Capture the Unit before he places the radio or kill the reinforcements and unit.

    }Heavy Artillery: Your team's Mech is on the other teams base. Only the mech user has acess to operate the Mech. First one to take down enemy mech using their own wins.{/slide}

    }Area Control: One area in the middle of the arena. Teams fight to control this for 15 minutes.

    }Home Defense: Defending team: You are trapped in a building. EMP wires are set around it so you can't leave and attackers can enter but not leave. Survive and eliminate attackers.
    Attacking team: Jump out of drop plane onto ground zero. And eliminate defenders.

    }David And Goliath: Defending team: Use one mech to destroy attackers. The rest of the team sits out.
    Attacking team: Destroy or disable mech.

    }Two-Team Games: Games where two-teams join together to fight another two in any game mode/challenge.
    [BCOLOR=#008000]GG Rules:[/BCOLOR]
    • Game Modes are decided by random.
    • Matches are assigned at random.
    • The Guild Leader assigns roles in role featured game modes.
    • A Mech can be activated as long as you're in its cell. No contact is needed.
    • Maps are 3.5 x 3.5 miles large. You spawn 800 meters from the edge of these maps.
    • When you die, the wrist watches assigned to you halt your Life Chip for eight seconds and then start the revitalization process afterwards. You revive where you stand.

    Allowed Weapons (open)

    Hand Guns
    Mini Gun
    Nano Flyers(A copy of a guardian bird that just blows up when near their target. It is thrown or activated by trip wire.)
    Mobile Turret
    This is just to help should you get stuck. Think of anything and just explain it to me and I'll narrow it down, chop it up, get rid of it, etc, etc.

    [BCOLOR=#008000]Character Sheet:[/BCOLOR]
    Field of Expertise:(Firearm. RPG class weapons count.)
    Secondary Firearm:
    Bird Defensive Skill: (Cannot intentionally affect others. So a burst of flame that only takes effect around you, but happens to singe a player is acceptable. You could not predict that the player would be hit, but if the flame is continuous and follows you that would not be allowed.)
    Etc Weapon:(Three of these. They are things like flashbangs and medkits.)
    Stat Pts = 5 {None can exceed three or equal zero}

    • Wisdom (The amount of times you can use a bird)
    • Strength (The amount of hits you can take)
    • Dexterity (The amount of weapon classes you can wield. Melee, Etc, and/or Secondary. You will always be able to carry a firearm)

    Combat Suit Appearance:
    Combat Suit Stats:
    Armor - Armor is how many times you can get hit before it affects your health. It is the equivalent of the amount of points put into strength.

    Skill - Combat Suit Skills are things the Combat Suit can help you do. It is the equivalent of your dexterity. You can choose from these skills:
    • Camouflage - Not invisibility. You are more visible like this out in the open. It is better used in dense cover or against solid color/pattern walls.
    • Grappling Hook
    • Infrared
    • Precision Laser Cutter - Not A Weapon. Used to cut down obstacles and the like.
    • Smoke Screen
    • Cold Signature - Kills your heat signature so that you can only be measured by gunshots.
    Jammer Efficiency - Jammer Efficiency determines how many people you can keep from seeing you on their display at one time. Equivalent to wisdom.

    HUD - HUD is the amount of people that you can monitor on your map through sound and heat. HUD is equivalent to WIS + DEX.

    Hacking License or Mecha License?
    Hacking allows you to be a Com Tower runner and exit the base in Home Defense.
    Mecha allows you to pilot mechas.

    [BCOLOR=#008000]Guild Sheet:[/BCOLOR]
    Name: [The initials must equal to three letters.]
    Personal Truck:
    Guild Hall Location:

    (North America)Kilamari City - A large city with low crime rates and tall high rise buildings. The city's bustling businesses make up most of all the sounds in the state. The people are rude and always busy, it is nigh over-populated.

    (South America)O'Harrie State - Crime rates are high, but from the crimes actually seen and caught they are the lowest in New Eden as a whole. Liberation members are rumored to live here and steal Life Chips ultimately maiming and killing a person in the process. It is clean just like any other part of New Eden, but looks like an evolved Brazil villa fused with the Asian temples. Lots of roofing and back alleyways.

    (Antarctica)Pearson State - The most "normal" of the three major locations of New Eden. Pearson State's crime rate is "eh", and the streets are always quiet. No one comes outside. Its a ghost town with not much to do. The buildings are set up like a suburbia and businesses all have the same appeal no matter the owner or how it looks else where. Most places have what we know as a home owner's association. The exception being they are much larger and now have high tech to watch everything. A real uncomfortable, but safe place.

    Characters: 4/6 (9)
    [John Lagg, Louie Lee, Jill Wholes]{Band Of Rogues - @ShiroKiyoshi
    Rone - @DragonFist1988
    Matthew - @Silverdawn
    Fenrir - @West - Leader of V.M.W.
    Guilds:1/2 (3)

    Valhalla's Mightiest Warriors - @West

    Any questions ask me.
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  2. Band of Rogues (open)

    Band of Rogues

    Personal Truck:

    Guild Hall Location:
    Miami, FL (Kilamari City)

    John Lagg (open)

    Name: John Lagg
    Age: 22
    Field of Expertise: Hand Gun
    Melee: Electric Bat
    Guild: N/A
    Bird: Red Cardinal
    Bird Defensive Skill: Sets a beacon point when entering the map. When John is hit he is teleported to this point.
    Etc Weapon: Nano Flyer x 3
    Stat Pts = 5

    • Wisdom 2
    • Strength 1
    • Dexterity 2
    Other: Dice
    Combat Suit:

    Combat Suit Stats:
    Armor = Strength:
    1 hit

    Combat Suit Skill = Dexterity:
    Grappling Hook

    Combat Suit Jammer Efficiency = Wisdom:
    2 People

    HUD = WIS + DEX:
    4 People

    Hacking License

    Louie Lee (open)

    Name: Louie "Double L" Lee
    Age: 15
    Field of Expertise: Assault Rifle with sniper under barrel.
    Melee: - -
    Secondary Firearm: SMG utilizing plasma rounds
    Guild: B.O.R.
    Bird: Blue Jay
    Bird Defensive Skill: When Louie commands it his bird will scan the are using echo location creating a small mapping for a brief moment around him.

    • Wisdom 1
    • Strength 1
    • Dexterity 3
    Etc Weapon: Bulkhead Shields x 3

    Combat Suit Appearance:
    Combat Suit Stats:
    Armor - 1

    Skill - Cold Signature

    Jammer Efficiency - Avoid 1 people on their HUD

    HUD - View 4 people on HUD

    Mecha License

    Jill Wholes (open)

    Name: Jill Wholes
    Age: 19
    Field of Expertise: Sniper
    Melee: - -
    Secondary Firearm: - -
    Guild: B.O.R.
    Bird: Mockingjay
    Bird Defensive Skill: When Jill commands it her Mockingjay will Scan and Steal a random enemy bird skill then enact it.
    Stat Pts = 5 {None can exceed three or equal zero}

    • Wisdom - 3
    • Strength - 1
    • Dexterity - 1
    Other: Iwaku

    Combat Suit Appearance:
    Combat Suit Stats:
    Armor - 1 hit.

    Skill - Precision Laser Cutter

    Jammer Efficiency - Avoid 3 people on their HUD

    HUD - See 4 people on HUD

    Hacking License
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  3. This seems fun to do.
  4. Making character sheet, but first I will actually read what this is about
  5. Pic:
    Name: Matthew
    Age: 22
    Field of Expertise: Lever Rifle
    Secondary Firearm: Revolver
    Bird: Eagle
    Bird Defensive Skill: Spotter: Can spot one enemy hiding behind cover.
    Etc Weapon: Molotov Cocktails X 3
    Stat Pts = 5 {None can exceed three or equal zero}
    • Wisdom = 2
    • Strength = 1
    • Dexterity = 2
    Other: Iwaku and Dice

    Combat Suit Appearance:
    Combat Suit Stats:
    Armor = Strength
    1 hit

    Skill = Dexterity
    • Camouflage.
    • Grappling Hook.
    Jammer Efficiency = Wisdom = 2

    HUD = WIS + DEX = 4

    Mecha License
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  6. Spoiler

    Name: Rone
    Age: 25
    Field of Expertise: Sniper rifle
    Melee: combat knive
    Guild: N/A
    Bird: Snow bird
    Bird Defensive: Throw a smoke grade that help Rone run when the enemy is near him.
    Etc Weapon: Medkite x2
    Stat Pts=5
    Other: Dice

    Combat Suit Appearance:

    Combat Suit Stats:
    Armor = Strength
    1 hit

    Skill = Dexterity
    • Camouflage.
    • Cold Signature
    Jammer Efficiency = Wisdom = 2

    HUD = WIS + DEX = 4

    Mecha License

    (Need me to change anything?)
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  7. @DragonFist1988 read over the rules once more. Your cs is missing the same thing as Silver's
  8. edited. Is that better?
  9. What is it missing? since I have only a dex of 2 I can only have 2 weapons
  10. Put Iwaku in your CS.
  11. Okay fixed it @ShiroKiyoshi I must have just read the start of the Iwaku rule and just thought it was the iwaku rules apply rule that everyone uses in rules
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  12. Fenrir (open)


    Name: 'Fenrir'
    Age: 16
    Field of Expertise: Throwables- allows Fenrir to throw equipment further than most, increases Boomerang's throwing range to medium range.
    Melee: Boomerang, that extends plasma blades outwards around the boomerang that isn't being directly held by a hand as a safeguard. Can also be thrown, and activates safety measures to safely return to the owner once it starts to slow down.
    Secondary Firearm: A One-Shot handcannon, with three extra bullets to go with it.
    Guild: N/A
    Bird: Crow
    Bird Defensive Skill: Restores lost armor.
    3-2= 1, 3-1 = 2 Armor Missing, 2 Armor restored.

    ETC Weapons : 1x HeatRay Grenade, 1x Noise Grenade, 1x Panzerknacker 2.0
    HeatRay Grenades causes false alarms on the radar, activates after impacting the ground, and can be used to counter Nano-Flyers. Lasts 8 seconds after impact.

    Noise Grenades, produces realistic gunshot noises that sounds like an fully-automatic rifle firing aimlessly in it's surrounding area. Used to provide distractions and or 'suppressive fire'. Lasts for 5 seconds after detonation.

    Incase he really wants to see someone gibbed or destroy a Mecha, Fenrir can attach a sticky mine to the person or Mecha, and quickly run away as the primer is set to five seconds before detonation. Survival is as good as none if it's attached to a person.

    Stat Pts = 5 {None can exceed three or equal zero}
    • Wisdom : 1
    • Strength : 3
    • Dexterity : 1
    Other: Dice, with the stats taken within it.

    Combat Suit Appearance:

    Combat Suit Stats:

    Armor - 3

    Skill - Camouflage

    Jammer Efficiency - 1

    HUD - 2

    Hacking License


    PS: Basically, the character would evolve around stealth and hit and run tactics, whilst still being able to endure duels. Would fall off severely against long-range battles, but thrives in close-quarter combat or close combat.

    And on the note of either Dice based combat, Player-Based combat or GM Based combat= I think Dice combat WITH your stats taken into consideration would be best, considering if you're for example in a medium-range gunfight, the person with the higher amount of dexterity should have the greater advantage, whilst hand-to-hand the person with the most amount of strength should have the upper hand, but since it's Dice anything can happen.

    For example, if I have 3 points in strength, and I'm engaged against someone with 2 strength, we both roll, and then multiply our rolls based on how many points in strength we got, so since I have 3 points in strength, the multiplier is increased to 30%, so it's 1.30 we multiply it with, whilst the enemy multiplies his roll with 20%, 1.20.

    So, in working conditions: He rolls 55, I roll 52, we multiply: So in the end, he has 66, but I have 67,6 meaning that I win the roll based on my experience: and not entirely on luck.
  13. @West accepted. I will highly consider your note.
  14. This a revamp of the gun guild rp I was in that died? Either way, count me in. ^.^
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