Gun Gale Online 2 (The sequel to GGO)

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  1. I don't require that you've watched / read the GGO arc of SAO in order to play in this RP since I'll be explaining everything in this post anyway.


    Gun Gale Online. The most successful video game ever released, shadowing the profits made by minor companies like Nintendo and dwarfing even fellow FPS games, making triple the value of Call of Duty in just 4 weeks. 2 days ago, a mass server update occurred, upgrading Gun Gale Online into Gun Gale Online Two, AKA Bulletstorm Online. The upgrade was free for all players, however an amount of money equal to $40 was an optional payment to buy access to the new features added in the update - new classes, new weapon types, and new gamemodes.

    Now, onto the game itself. Gun Gale Online is a VRMMOFPS - Virtual Reality Massively Multiplayer Online First Person Shooter, created by an American game company in an attempt to completely re-imagine the FPS genre. The game is played on a new console called an "Amusphere" - an oculus-rift type thing that intercepts the brain's signals so that you feel like you're directly part of the game world, instead of sitting behind a screen. While using the Amusphere, your physical body sleeps and all input and output the brain has is channeled to and from the game server instead of the body's organs. This allows for full immersive-ness, since you are literally inside the game world. Movements are 100% fluid and variable, and while in game, you even speak out loud as you might speak to someone in Real Life.

    The game is set in the near future, an apocalyptic desert landscape with only a few living cities such as the one above dotting the countries. Laser weapons and lightsabers have recently been developed, however they are still crude and most players choose to use physical bullet weapons instead. Only one person has been able to successfully use a lightsaber, during a famous Battle of the Bullets event, last year. Previous to Bulletstorm Chapter, only one city was available, named SBC Glocken, however paying Bulletstorm users now have access to a new higher level city named SBC Panzer. The game is in a typical RPG style, with stats, however it does not have levels, and the stats have minimal effect. The game is still dependent mainly on personal skill. Most importantly, there is a Real-money <-> Credits system in place. 100 ingame Credits can be converted into 1 Real life Yen, and vice versa. Starting credits for new characters is set at 1000, and for ease, this RP will take place only on the Japanese server. The game is entirely player driven - other than PVE monsters, no NPCs exist. Thus, SPC Panzer is almost entirely infested with hostiles, and will remain so until it is populated by players.

    As a player of GGO who recently bought the Bulletstorm Expansion, you are part of one of the first squadrons (ie, parties) to explore SBC Panzer. The following information in Spoilers is relevant to the setting but to save space, has been collapsed.

    Weapon Types (open)

    There are multiple different kinds of weapons. Weapons introduced in Bulletstorm will have << >> around their names.
    Optical Weaponry: Essentially laser weapons. They are lighter, more accurate and have a longer effective range than physical weapons. On the other hand, there are force-field items that players can buy that dramatically reduce the damage dealt by optical weaponry against them, meaning that optical weaponry is used mainly in the hunting of monsters. Optical weapons have abstract designs, and are aimed at being futuristic.

    Live-Ammunition Weaponry: Live-Ammunition rounds can penetrate optical shields, making them the weapon of choice for PVP situations. They are heavier than optical weapons, but can deal more damage per hit. If carrying a live ammunition weapon, the player cannot carry as many other items since they must allow some of their inventory weight limit for carrying extra ammunition, which are heavier than optical rounds. Most live-ammo weapons are designed based on weapons that already exist in 2027 (the current year), occasionally with updated designs to be slightly more futuristic. (think human weapons from Halo)

    Photon Swords: Essentially lightsabers. They are very light, but they are also melee range weapons. Few people use them, and those that do are usually limited to PVE only and only in low level dungeons, where enemies are melee-based. As mentioned earlier, only one person has ever used one successfully in PVP.

    <<Plasma Weaponry>>: Heat-based incendiary weapons that fire charges of superheated plasma. They follow similar design patterns to Optical Weaponry, however instead of needing to be reloaded, they have a charge-up time. They can pierce anti-optical shields, but anti-plasma shields have been developed too. No one can wear both types of shield at the same time, making both optical and plasma weaponry viable in PVP once more.

    <<Hardlight Weaponry>>: Projectiles resemble razor sharp fragments of glass. Like optical weapons, they are completely silent, and their projectiles move much faster than live ammunition. Unlike live ammunition, projectiles are not affected by wind or humidity, since the crystal only solidifies when in very close range of the target. It has a slow reloading speed and magazines contain few shots, making hardlight weapons most effective as stealth instruments such as sniper rifles.

    There are also a selection of superheavy weapons such as Minguns and Rocket Launchers, though those who use them will have invested their stats almost entirely in strength and cannot carry much else at the same time either.

    Stats (open)

    While the game is heavily dependent on skill, there are also stats. A stat point can be gained through an item known as a stat crystal. Most crystals grant you 1 point in any area you choose, though some rarer ones can grant up to 3 points. New players start with 4 points in each category as well as 10 additional points to assign at will. Veteran players can often be found with up to 300 points in any given skill. Minor stat crystals are dropped mainly by lower level bosses, while Majors are dropped by high level bosses. Stat crystals can also be part of the rewards for PVP tournaments, though official tournaments tend to have monetary prizes, since people can make a living from solely playing GGO.

    (I couldn't think of a better place to put this bit): When aiming, a circle will appear on the target. The bullet you fire could land anywhere within that target when shot, thus smaller circles mean better accuracy. The circle will vary in size over time until stabilising at a set diameter.

    The Stats are as follows.

    • AGI (Agility) - affects the player's fire speed (decreases Bullet Circle appearance and stabilisation time) and evasion.
    • VIT (Vitality) - determines the health of a character
    • DEX (Dexterity) - narrows the area of the Bullet Circle (increases accuracy)
    • STR (Strength) - determines the carrying capacity and ability to wield certain guns
    • LUC (Luck) - determines drop rate of items

    Game Modes (open)

    Various Game modes exist in GGO - all of which can be accessed through various locations. Those added in Bulletstorm expansion will be indicated with <<>>. Note that other than the safe zone, the very central district of each city, PVP is enabled in all locations.

    PVP Duel: One person challenges another person to a duel. Since PVP in the overworld doesn't give the killer any loot, a duel is the only way of directly harvesting other people's items. Upon acceptance of the duel, the two players are teleported into an arena of random terrain, usually some kind of desert or broken suburb of city. It is an oval arena, with the two players spawning 1km away from each other. Every 10 minutes, a map appears in front of each player that shows them which direction they need to head to encounter the other player. Max 2 people.

    PVP Arena: Like Duel, except for multiple people. The arena is expanded by 0.5km for each extra player on the largest team.

    PVE Dungeon: Hundreds of dungeons are scattered throughout both cities. They contain high power monsters that are very hard to defeat without being in a squadron. PVP is enabled here, just like in the overworld. These dungeons are the only way of obtaining the best weapons. Weaker weapons can be found from mini-bosses on the Worldspace.

    PVE Worldspace: A huge desert area surrounding the city. Here, players may hunt monsters and harvest ore without having to enter a dungeon. Used mostly for stat harvesting and for finding materials to craft items - one of the most common ways of gaining money. There are no huge bosses here, so only low and mid level items can be found.

    <<PVP War>>: Similar to PVP Arena, however on a much larger scale. PVP Arena allows for up to 5 people against 5 people. PVP War allows for up to 500 vs 500. Anyone can declare a War on anyone else. Those people each then have 3 days to recruit up to 499 other people. The arena is a whopping 50 x 50km. Unlike Arena, only the two original people lose anything from a loss. The items and money lost there goes to only the other person. Any other participant on the winning team gains rewards from an automated server, to motivate people to join Wars.

    <<PVP Siege>>: Essentially a PVP War, except individual people cannot be recruited, and it is between squadrons and guilds rather than individuals.

    All players will be members of a newly formed squadron of mid-range players. None of us will be strong enough to have a reputation outside of the guild our squadron belongs to, and similarly, it is unlikely that weak players would be accepted into the squad. It is up to you whether or not your Real Life characters know each other. Ingame avatars are randomised initially, but bear a lot of resemblance to the Real Life person. Hair colour etc can be changed in the game for a small amount of credits.


    GGO Username: (No RL information is shared in the game, so Username is what people will address each other as)
    Appearance: (Anything that isn't a Real Life human photo. I'd appreciate if you didn't put in like 4 animated gifs either since my internet can take a while for them to load.) (Include either an out of game image or an in game image, and use words to describe how the appearance changes in the opposite world.)

    Role in Squad: (EG Healer, Heavy, Command...)
    Currently carried items:
    (Weapons, extra ammo, grenades... stuff like that. Weapons are very heavy so only a few can be carried at once.)
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