Guitar tutorials, anyone?

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  1. Hey guys! I was just wondering how many of you play or want to learn how to play guitar out there in the wide world of Iwaku. I was contemplating putting up a series of video guitar tutorials on YouTube and post up the links to the lessons here on the forums! If I get enough people wanting to learn them some knowledge, I will be putting up video lessons on pretty much all styles from acoustic ballads to mind-blowing heavy metal. I may even take a few requests from people wanting to learn specific techniques like pinch harmonics or tapping ;)

    So, what do you think?
  2. *raises hand*

    Been doing it a couple years but still on a very basic level due to time and laziness issues.
  3. Excellent! I will be starting with some pretty basic stuff like scales and chords and possibly a Greenday song that has been done to death but still makes you look pretty pro when you play it in front of people. Some of the stuff will sound familiar and pretty basic but at least it's a bit of a refresh :)
  4. i have no luck with guitars
    now violins pianos and (for some strange reason) harps i can do but guitars is a big downer
  5. If need be, I could direct you to some diagrams or do a video on Guitar Anatomy or something like that if you still want to learn. :)
  6. Not going to make us do homework and make up upload it to youtube are you?

    Because that would be kinds cool, you could see what we do wrong and correct us.
  7. This IS a cool idea. I will definitely be following, Viper.
  8. *looks at octo.. looks at viper's sig.. looks at his music collection..... rates thread 5 stars for high metal content*
  9. I plan to record the first lesson pretty soon, and I need to know where-abouts people are up to so that I know what to teach.
  10. I know a fer cords, a few strumming patterns, can pick pretty well...
  11. nahhh i would love to learn but i dont think i need another thing to practice i have three things already and adding that would probably confuse me XD
  12. I used to have a guitar. I vaguely remember being able to read music notes and playing a couple songs... >:[ I had to leave it in Georgia.

    ....I don't think I could ever learn now, I am too preoccupied with other things. O___O But I would LOVE to see the progress of Iwaku members learning along, especially my CRUSHIES I write dirty iwakufics about in my head. 8D *Makes kissyfaces at October and Vay*
  13. Righto, well, that has given me a somewhat rough, yet solid idea of where to start. The first lesson will now most likely cover the E minor Pentatonic and a tiny bit of stuff about alternate picking :) I'll have it up within a few days, probably. Just remember that half of learning guitar is teaching yourself.;)
  14. Nice one :) I'll keep that in mind. Very clever, man.

    [edit] In fact, if anyone has questions about the lessons, grab my skype details at the bottom of my thingo
    in this direction:
  15. I had a idea, guys :). I'm going to create a separate thread for the guitar tutorials. I have decided also that I will be uploading them every fortnight. Another thing that I want to try out is teaching songs every few lessons that utilize the techniques of the previous lessons so that the techniques can actually be applied to songs. And you'll build up a playlist of sorts that you can then show your mates, and they will probably go "Wow!". :)
  16. Maybe make a group for this?
  17. Yes... I shall :) I'll get on that. I'll link it up when the group is made :)