Guilty Pleasures!

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  1. You have to admit that some things you just like to watch and read even though you know it's really stupid.

    So tell me, What are your guilty pleasures?

    ... I have to admit... I... I like Twilight... D: it's just.. so dumb..! But funny...!
  2. Name: Damian Kayhill

    Age: 26

    Gender: Male

    Occupation: Law Enforcement

    Skills: Hand to hand combat, Sniper Skills, Knife Fighting.

    Weapon: Sniper Rifle and Combat Dagger.

    Bio: One of the best marksman around, Damien graduated top of his class and has stopped many a crook with his amazing shooting skills. He can hit a target from ranges most don't even bother to try. And he can even pinpoint a target by seeing their shadow even if they're hiding. all he needs is a single glimpse and just like that, it's over. He likes to think that all the crooks he and the other cops have caught or brought down has made the world a much safer place.


  3. Avatar. The cartoon, not the movie.
  4. I may slip into the occasional heretical action *gets drunk and chops of a guys head, before changing a girl from a virgin to not and giving her the clap at the same time*

  5. Dem Touhous, man...

    Dem Touhous...
  6. "We don't babysit very often."
  7. Fucking this.

    I cannot name anything more weeaboo.
  8. Luna stays back, watching them cut people down. She won't move into the line of fire until one or more of them are injured.
  9. Simple romance stories. I'm currently rereading Imadoki (Nowadays) just for the stupid high school girls ideal romance. I'll likely reread Wedding Peach next, I just have to forget they're junior high students. *twitch* Also need to find better feed then youtube for Scarecrow and Mrs. King.
  10. [video=youtube;g3C7DECI0jU][/video]


    Hurr hurr hurr. Oh, the nineties.
  11. Bad movies in general, just to laugh at them.
  12. ^That, especially if they are horror movies!
  13. you ever watch Manos the Hands of Fate ? XP
  14. Mystery Science Theater 3000

    that is all.
  15. anything Humanity Fuck Yeah! related.

    aliens getting curb stomped?

    Avatar (the film) rage threads about how the humans shoulda won

  16. I... I listen to Lady Gaga and love it.

    Now you know my deepest darkest secret.
  17. I have several MST3K DVDs.

    Including the "Manos: Hands of Fate" episode.
  18. Godzilla: Final Wars would be one, but it's too awesome to count for this.

    Instead, I must admit, I did read all the way through the first manga run of rosario+vampire, a cheesy series about girls throwing themselves at some wimpy guy blah blah it was great

    Princess Resurrection is much the same way, because even though it isn't a harem comedy story, any attempts to describe it come off as such. ( "So, there's this guy who's a wimp, and he gets involved with some hot chicks who get into fights...")

    I have a lingering urge to use the Maid RPG rules sometime.
  19. Hooooooooooooly shit, you're here.


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  20. Omg, old horror movies are hilarious o_o.