Guilty Pleasures

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  1. [size=+2] '"Guilty Pleasure' implies that a person feels guilty for enjoying a show or product that is actually not worthy of their appreciation—they believe that it is low-quality, but for some reason like it anyway."[/size][size=+1]

    What's your guilty pleasure?
  2. Uhm...marriage?
  3. [​IMG]

    ... Let the public shaming begin. >.>
  4. Apple jax is not purple. they're green
  5. Tosh.0. I feel like I'm going to hell just for watching it.
  6. Coffee.
    Gas masks.
    Organizational tools like planners, filing cabinets, etc...

    I don't really see these things as 'low quality' [unless like, it's a shitty/cheap brand] but these things do get me funny looks and the label of 'weirdo'. v__v; And I feel damn guilty for liking these things as much as I do...
  7. Useful is is useful does

    i also love being romantic, fawning over you know..
  8. ....

    E! News... MLP....

    And Animes were the main male character always ends up in awkward situations, like Techi Muyo and that stuff.
  9. Here Comes Honey Boo Boo. Oh god, watching that shit makes me so glad that I'm not in Georgia. I only watched a couple episodes one night, and I felt so ashamed of the family in that...

    If you want to live a happy life, don't watch it.
  10. Muse and Linkin Park, two bands I really like, have had their songs used in Twilight, and I know this because when I look them up on youtube, I find that there's Twilight clips and stuff - not that I look.

    I feel terrible.
  11. I don't usually feel guilty about that.
  12. I did, when I had a boyfriend.
  13. When I had a girlfriend, they turned into her.
  14. Uhm...
    drawing furries
  15. My Litte Pony (Cuase Pinkie is awesome)
    Trolling (because the sound of people bitching is amusing)
    the sound of puppies when you kick them (i like thier little whimper whine thing!)
    math (i like it when it makes sense)
    Quotes from 'stupid' people (I find the expression of'idiot' entertaining)
    Skype calls (I hate too much quite)
    Adding to my post count (it makes me feel important and useful)
    Chocolate and Comfort Food (okay I don't NEED to be 230 pounds...)
    The things on my mature Resume (read it and you'll get it yeah)
  16. Discovered a new guilty pleasure. Probably my worst one. :|


  17. Hrm...I find pleasure in many things, varying very much in type. I'll be the first to admit I love sweets to an extreme. It's likely why I'm obese, but I can't stop it. I'm also a bit of a mayo hound...Ironically, my doctor said that's okay for me despite my high cholesterol. Which is funny, since my dad used to yell at me for always eating mayo on my sandwiches and such. But for my high cholesterol it isn't as bad, according to my dietitian. I feel awesome knowing that. Because mayo and me are like best friends. Same with chocolate...But I need to cut back on the sweets :/

    Other things I feel guilty pleasureful:
    -Today, I watched SNL and Justin Bieber was on it, and I actually thought the music was pretty good. Most people joke about it (heck, half his skits were making fun of himself) but...Some of his stuff is pretty good to me.
    -This is a bit inappropriate (in the aspect that we may have underage people reading this), but I'll admit to liking porn. I know it's actually a bit on the normal side, but I'm picky with mine and also get very timid about the subject. I'm only recently admitting I'm perverted in my head.
    -Uhm...probably other stuff, but I'll post it later. When I think of it~
  18. Acting like a psychopath.
    The smell of car exhaust.
    Pins and needles.
    (Lightly) punching walls.
    Shoujo anime.
    Being a domineering, possessive, restrictive, censoring, miserable, anarchistic pox on humanity.