Guilty Pleasure Songs

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  1. As the title says! What's your guilty pleasure song?

    Post only one please!!!

    Most of Taylor Swift's songs for me ^_^ . But especially this one below.

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  3. Say it loud! I'm a Swiftie and I'm proud! @Greenie

    This is probably the main one for me though:

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  4. I'm a Taytay fan through and through :p

    And... I do like Never say Never ^_^''
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  6. ... >_>"
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    T______________T Why do I non-ironically love this song so much.

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  9. Just because there is so much hate for Nickelback, but I like them.
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  10. @Chello I love that song!

    Aaaand quite a bit of Nickelback as well to be honest. Songs from a fun time.
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  11. I hate that I love this song, because Selena Gomez makes me want to smack my head into a wall repeatedly....

    But damn if it's not a catchy song!
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  12. @Chello I like Nickelback too :D Don't really get where the hate comes from -_-
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  13. Is it corny?
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  14. If you feel guilty about the songs you love, you're doin' it wrong.
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  15. This. I tried to think of something I felt was a guilty pleasure and came up with nothing.

  16. You secretly dream to seduce a hunky milkboy?
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  17. *Looks at most of the songs here*

    I don't actually have any "Guilty Pleasures" myself with Music, so I'm going to default to "Songs people raise their eyebrows at when they find I like it".

    (Seriously, this one somehow hit's a tune/note/pitch/whatever that makes me like it more than the original work)

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  18. It's more a perception thing, I guess. You know people are gonna be all O_O or D: if they find out you like certain songs.

    Like how listening to Skrillex is cool, but add in the Biebz name and it's like... oh damn... if I say I like this... *hides*
  19. I don't really have any I am guilty about, but people give me a weird look when I say I like listening to Prince Poppycock.

    Still not guilty because it is a good song, but there is also this one. Only suppose to post one, but yeah.
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  20. I could have put something less damning here, but I wanted to be honest. I don't know why I enjoy this, even without the headdress (oh god why) it's still outrageous. Like old Ke$ha but with more drugs involved.


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