Guilty or Innocent

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  1. Well, this game is pretty simple. You guess something about the next poster in which they answer if they are "guilty" or "innocent" of the accusation. It can be ridiculous or serious as long as it's within site rules, of course.


    Poster A: The next person likes to skinny dip.

    Poster B: Guilty. The next person...

    And so on!


    The next person believes in alien life!
    Dun dun dun.
  2. Guilty. I don't believe they have come to earth, but the universe is pretty big, so there's probably something out there :9

    The next person has a foot fetish.
  3. Innocent

    Is afraid of clowns
  4. Innocent

    The next person doesn't like flying.
  5. Guilty, unless we're talking about Peter Pan type flying

    The next person can't hates it when they find someone else's hair stuck to their clothes.
  6. Innocent. My feeling towards it is neutral.

    The next person has fallen in love with someone much older than them before.
  7. Innocent.

    The next person believes in ghosts
  8. Guilty

    The next person doesn't like the movies or books of Twilight.
  9. Guilty. I read the first 50 pages, because a co-worker said I was acting biased against it. I had to stop when it was revealed that the Mary Sue was reading Faulkner in high school. Faulkner is university level stuff, at least.

    The next person has had a near-death experience.
  10. Innocent.

    The next person has cheated on someone before.
  11. Innocent

    The next person likes fifty shades of grey.
  12. Innocent

    The next person likes Disney
  13. INNOCENT. ABSOLUTELY INNOCENT! I don't even know what Disney is o_o... ... Fine, guilty.

    The next person watches or have watched my little pony
  14. Innocent. Colors too bright, afraid to lose my eyesight. Much more entertaining stuff to watch.

    The next person has ridden their shopping cart to their car.
  15. Guilty

    The next person is guilty of modding a game beyond playability.
  16. Innocent, so far. Or I might be guilty and not know it yet. Haven't played CKII for very long after pimping it out with a dozen mods.

    The next person is guilty of making their own mod.
  17. Guilty. For Minecraft and Torchlight II.

    The next person knows what anime my Profile Pic is parodying. (Besides Fate/Zero. Also, I couldn't think of anything. I'll have a better one next time.)
  18. Guilty, It's F/Z Saber parodying Shotaro Kaneda walking to his bike in Akira's poster.

    The next person is guilty of replying one-liners to a 5 paragraph post.
  19. Innocent.

    The next person is guilty of liking music in languages (or a language) they do no understand.
  20. Guilty. Sigur Rós is really good.

    Next person is guilty of enjoying movies for kids.
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