Guilty Gear. Now.

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Which is, hands down, the best Guilty Gear game?

  1. Guilty Gear

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  2. Guilty Gear X

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  3. Guilty Gear XXACR+

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  4. Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN-

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  5. Guilty Gear 2: Overture

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  1. Yeah. Guilty Gear discussion, go. Stay civil. Stay Happy.
  2. Sol Badguy is best guy

    I am also a huge fan of Millia Rage

    then I started playing Ky Kiske as my third
  3. I'm mainly a Sol player, as well, though I've been trying to learn Johnny.
  4. >Terrible at it but purchased xrd anyways.
  5. Yeah, you did. I'm getting my new copy on Friday. Gonna have to relearn everything, again....
  6. Dust Loop, so OP
  7. I'm so behind.

    I try to play every character a little because they're all so interesting, but I-no's my main. I want to play Xrd. Leo and Elphelt interest me, stylistically. But I know from A.B.A. and Testament that that doesn't always mean I'll enjoy their playstyle. Watching videos, Leo reminded me a lot of the type of RP characters Paorou used to make.
  8. I WANT THE NEW GAME SO BAD. IT LOOKS SO PRETTY. Also they fixed a bunch of stuff that annoyed me so yay. Removed jam and baiken; NAY

    Also, AXL OR BUST.
  9. can't have a GG thread w/o Bridget!

  10. I'm Bridget for bridget
  11. And here I was hoping we could be the first..... Damn. Well, in that case.....
    POINTLESS MELTY BLOOD CROSSOVER! (or wherever she's from)

  12. graaah

    hated Holy Order Sol

    stupid weird moveset!
  13. What's Guilty Gear?
  14. It's the most anime fighting game ever to be made almost single handedly by a japanese man with really long hair.
  15. ^ and a guitar
  16. this is particularly important because he's almost a bigger Queen fan than i am
  17. And Sol is the man's split personality, or something.
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