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  1. Anyone else play? I've played for three years, but am just recently getting back into it.
  2. I used to play quite religiously, but since the expansion I've basically lost all interest in the game. I leveled a Revenant to 80, but that was it. I love the class, but I'm a bit salty I paid $70 for one class, you know what I mean? (I know, I know, that's what I get for preordering. I waited to preorder until the last minute because I wanted bonuses, but turns out that ANet did a shit job at telling us anything about the expansion.) I'm sure at some point I'll get back into it. My interest has always waxed and waned... it's just never waned quite this much before.
  3. Ah, I get that. I haven't bought HoT yet, mostly because I don't want to pay for a class and smallish area, tbh. My interest also tends to wax and wane, but I'm back into it atm. I'm a little sad that ANet is wanting to get rid of dungeons, but I'm really very attached to my main.
  4. That expansion came with the entire Mastery System + Several new Maps too (which are far more challenging than anything Vanilla).
  5. Oh, I know what it came with, I just meant that all I have personally enjoyed was the Revenant, so it seems like I spent that much on just a class. Sorry, that was a bit confusing!
  6. You didn't enjoy the extra loot from Fractals? ;A;
  7. Considering I find it super hard to get into MMOs or find my way into online gaming communities, my enjoyment from Guild Wars 2 was largely restricted to just exploring the world, finding Skill points, turning in quests, and once in a while playing with a friend.

    As soon as I hit a point where I was forced to do dungeons with rando groups to continue the story and none of my friends played, I just stopped and uninstalled the game to free up space on my hard drive. Something like Planetside 2 with its ability to scratch my solo short session urges is more my pace. I simply don't have the countless hours MMOs demand.
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  8. Iwaku has the TS room, where a lot of us used to play GW2 together.
    If you really wanted we could try to get something going again, I know Myrnodyn was pushing towards getting Iwaku a Guild Hall.

    +GW2 honestly doesn't require too many hours. It's very flexible like that.
    You can play it casually with friends no problem, just need some basic tactics and teamwork for dungeons.
    But if you're the more hour intensive type that's what the Daily Quests as well as Ascended & Legendary Gear is for.

    Add's a nice boost, but not by any means requires to play the game.

  9. It's a nice thought, but I only have 100 gigs of data a month. I can't afford to spend over 60 of that on one game again.
  10. Yea, that makes sense. :/
  11. I never got to Fractals! My interested waned too fast. :C
  12. This is why Guilds are nice. ;A;
  13. I have it, but it never really hooked me. I think highest level I got to was like 20 something.
  14. I totally have a guild that I love, though! Well, it grew exponentially while I was on a health-related break, so I found it a bit hard to get back into it, but I definitely don't play alone. I guess it didn't help that a lot of close friends from said guild either left or stopped playing, too. D: I mean, I have a lot of level 80s (like 12 or something? 16 characters), two legendaries, more than half of the armor skins unlocked, etc. etc., so I've spent a lot of time on the game. Probably about 3000 hours since headstart in 2012. I guess I'm just a bit burned out, and there wasn't enough in the expansion to really capture my interest.
  15. How did you get 3000 hours but never do a Fractal?
  16. Oh, sorry. Again, miscommunication. I've done tons of Fractals, just not since the expansion came out.
  17. Oh. XD

    Well the fractals didn't really change too much.
    You now do them in single instances rather than doing 3-4 straight.

    And with the expansion mastery there's some cool boosts you can get for them.
    One being at certain checkpoints you can grab a free revive, so if you die in the middle of a fight you'll come back up again.
    And another that makes the item boxes (in your inventory, not the ones on the map) you get from Fractals contain more loot in it.
  18. I'm part of a lovely Guild and I just started running Fractals again with the new chests and whatnot, but I'm still not sold on the expansion because I don't know that I'll keep spending the time on the game itself. If I really get back into it, I may buy it. That said, I really do like that Fractals are single sessions now-- it has made them so much more playable. I'm also finally, finally getting around to crafting an ascended weapon. .__.

    Personally, I like the dungeons, and I'm irked that ANet would rather replace them with Fractals.

    Do people have a favourite race?
  19. I try to balance out my races. No real preference with Guild Wars.
    It's nice that their differences are more flavour based and not actually stuff that would influence race/class combos like in WoW.

    Though I do love the Masteries in the Expansion.
    I run a Warrior and it's Mastery is a Beserker tree line, so finally I could replace the filer defence tree with something that just stacks on the damage and attack speed.
  20. I agree so much about the dungeons! It's the reason some of my buddies left the game. :( We used to do speed runs/duo/trio paths, which was some of the most fun I had. I have no idea why they'd just desert a core feature like that. Huge bummer.

    My favourite race is definitely sylvari, because I have 8 of them. :-D Then either Asura or Norn.
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