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  1. I've been thinking of creating a roleplay from an idea I've had for a while. Thing is, it's heavily influenced by establishments, guilds, all that fancy stuff. I've noticed a few Character Sheets here and there, but nothing for describing the ins and outs of something like a guild or group of thieves, or defining an assassin organization. Is there anyone who could help with this? Or would this be the wrong area for a character sheet of sorts?
  2. I'm honestly not sure what you're asking.

    Are you just asking if it's even possible to make a "character sheet" for guilds/organizations/etc? In that case -- yes, it's possible. As for the fields that you would put into a CS like that, well... it's up to you to decide what kind of information you want in it, I guess.

    If you're asking for ideas on what fields to include, then, sorry, but I'm honestly not really sure, myself. To be honest, I'm not really sure why you need a 'CS' for that sort of thing. A paragraph-style info dump seems like it would work just fine if you can't think of any way to present the information in CS-esque fields.

    Are you just asking if this is the right forum to post a 'CS' like this, or what forum you can post it in? Eh... I'm honestly not sure, since I've never really been the type to post CS's and info dumps in non-RP sections that weren't made for a specific roleplay. I guess you could use the Showcasing forum, but I'm really not sure. Failing that, blog posts are definitely an option.
  3. It's hard to make CSs for multi-person entities like guilds because each one is so unique! I've put below some things I think are universal, but this is generally the kind of thing that works best if the creator makes their own.

    Guild Name: (the guild's formal title)
    Street Name: (What regular folk call it; nicknames or slang titles)
    Founded: (when was the guild first established?)
    Membership: (how many members)
    Mission Statement: (What is this guild all about? What does it strive to be? to achieve?)
    Leader(s): (the head(s) of its leadership structure)
    Officers: (Any positions of leadership which are not the Head Honcho, but not regular members either)
    Activities: (what do they literally do? Trade? build things? fight? are they political?)
    Affiliations: (Does this guild have any important backers or friends? Are they allied with other guilds or groups? Do they have allegiance to any nation?)
    Headquarters: (Does this guild have a place where they generally meet or which could be considered Headquarters? Where is it? How big is it? What does it house?)
    Locations: (does this guild have outposts, offices, or any other physical locations in various places? Where are they and what purposes do they serve?)
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