Guild of Fortune: A Monster Hunter RP

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  1. Welcome to the guild!

    Or at least that's what I would be saying if we had a guild and we were actually welcoming you!

    What? Still not funny? Okay, okay. I get it. Regular old boring welcome it is.

    Welcome to the Guild of Fortune, a guild where all your dreams come true, and there's only a ninety percent chance you'll be eaten by ravenous monsters! You're probably wondering who this dashing lady standing at the counter is, aren't you? Well, you can call me-

    What? You're wondering about the whole monster thing? Oh, it's no biggie, really. I mean, it's only a ninety percent chance, right? What, you think that's a big deal? Well then, what are you doing here?! This is a monster hunting guild after all! If there wasn't even a teensy chance of being eaten, Where would all the fun be?!

    AHEM! Anyways- you are a hunter right? Sign ups are right over here- I just need you to fill out a few measly forms, saying that you agree to absolve the guild of any and all fault in the cases of loss of possessions, potential Melynx mugging, mild maiming, dismemberment, or death!

    Oh, you might also want to fill this out as well, it's your license application. You know, assuming you're a newbie. Don't worry, unless you have a recommendation letter, the chance of brutal death really is quite small. We'll start you off on the baby quests.

    And if you really still don't know what's going on, the mentor applications are all up on the wall over there! Pick one up, and see if they'll give you the time of day.

    Have a good day, and good luck Monster Hunting.


    Hello there fellow Iwaku-ers! My name is Kit (or that's at least what you can call me) and I'm here to check and see if there is any interest in the RP I'm proposing. The RP of course taking place in the setting of the monster hunter franchise!

    Yes, with Monster Hunter 4 just around the corner here in NA. my craving for such a roleplay has skyrocketed! I'd be looking at a guild-like setting, where hunters (established, experienced or not) can gather, commiserate, educate a new and fresh generation of hunters, and generally have a good time!

    I'm thinking of (hopefully) having enough people to organize different rooms in a group like setting, so that the different maps can all be separate (volcano, mountains etc.) from the regular guild setting. Focusing more on the companionship between the hunters who go on these quests, then the actual numbers and logistics behind the monster hunting itself.

    For example, while Jaggi and Querupeco armor may be fundamentally different, one wouldn't really offer much more protection then the other in the long run. I'd like to focus more on the realism aspect of things.

    Well, tell me what you think anyways, I'm not really going to make any rules, or guidelines. I want this to be a collaborative between a group! Of course, if you don't think a group setting will work, feel free to PM me with a 1x1 MH rp as well! (Be warned, I am actually picky about who I 1x1 with.)​
  2. I'm really interested. I once tried a Monster Hunter RP, but it never got off of the ground.
  3. Yay! ^_^ first person!

    So tell me, what were you looking to see in a monster hunter RP?
  4. Um, I don't know. the one I was going to join, We had one person who used each weapon type (I was the Sword and shield.) And we would have just seen where it went.
  5. I'm curious about this, but unfortunately I've never played any of the games in the franchise. Would that be a total deal breaker?
  6. Hello! I am quite interested in this RP! I've been looking forward to something like this for a while! On a different site, I was also in an RP just the one that @The Silver Paladin listed. I enjoy these types of RPs and I'm really happy that I found this one!
  7. Ditto. Read the manga though.
  8. Ah! Yay!

    So that makes four- more then enough to have even just one hunting group. I can't believe so many people are interested.

    And no need to worry, That's what I have the 'mentor' sign ups for. When I do the actual roleplay thread, I'll put up all the information you need to know about the areas, weapons and so on
  9. Was that four counting me? With you it's five... right?
  10. lol Yea, XD sorry, didn't see your reply before I posted.

    I'm hoping that we get enough people for two, or maybe even three hunting groups. That way we can match people up based on compatibility, writing preferences/style etc.

    Groups don't necessarily have to have four people as well, we can have groups of two, three- or even solo players, and I can take on a role of a 'DM' or something similar
  11. Eh sorry if it's stupid to ask, been a while with the slang/initials but DM means what?
  12. Great to know!

    Now as for the RP. Since it's based off of an existing franchise, will you only be using the world or some of the canon characters?

    DM = Dungeon Master
  13. Yeah, I'm the sword and shield fighter type.
    I could make a crossbow guy if need be.
  14. And I.... will wait and see for the moment.
  15. Haha, well, since Monster hunter doesn't really have any 'canon' characters per say- save for in the story line as characters like village elders, I figure we could just keep it fairly simple. All original characters although I would like to stick with the 'canon' Monsters and armor. The information is pretty easy to find, though I would like people to stick with the kinds of armor it would be feasible for their hunter to have.

    So if your character is like, a teen, they probably aren't going to have advanced armor. I'd say late 20's, early 30's would be the really advanced stuff (I can't see Monster Hunters living long lives XD)

    So, mainly OC's, but based around what is available in the games.
  16. This sounds like it could be some fun. My experience is limited to the MH3U and the 3DS demo of MH4 though.
  17. That's perfectly fine! Experienced or not, everyone is welcome ^_^

    I'm thinking of creating 'mentor' applications, so the people who are familiar with the series and it's mechanics can act as guides for people who have less experience
  18. "Alright kids, to efficiently fight monsters, you are going to need to be good cooks as well. Get those fire pits out! Get into the rhythm, like there's a song playing!"

    "Yes, catching bugs is important in the fight against monsters."
  19. lmao. Finding things in the most unlikely places- because everything has a purpose ;)

    Live off of the land, and use the surroundings to your advantage!

    I think this had garnered enough interest for me to start up the signups/ooc thread. I'll have a bunch of information up hopefully sometime tonight! I'll keep everyone posted here, but don't hesitate to ask if you have more questions!

    I'll answer to the best of my ability ^_^
  20. Right then... so we wait?
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