Guidelines for Workshops, Exercises, and Guides: Read this if you plan to contribute!

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  1. For all of you out there looking to contribute new content to the Academy, here's a brief explanation of each prefix and what to do with them!


    A WORKSHOP is an informative lecture on a certain topic to do with roleplaying and writing. These may be opinion pieces to a degree, but are intended to take an in-depth look at certain aspects in order to help other roleplayers improve in that area. These can be posted in either the Wiki or the Academy, and may or may not include an exercise. (Workshops posted to the Wiki should NOT include exercises.)

    A Workshop SHOULD include:

    - A main focus point
    - Steps to illustrate this point OR examination of "what to do" versus "what not to do"
    - In the case of an Academy Workshop, continued feedback and discussion in the thread. Questions or an exercise at the end of the Workshop are encouraged.


    An EXERCISE is a short writing exercise intended to provide practice for aspects of writing or roleplaying that might give players issues. They may also challenge writers to step outside of their comfort zone and try something new. These can be posted in the Academy.

    Exercises should include:

    - A short explanation of the purpose/topic
    - A set of instructions
    - A goal


    A GUIDE is a set of educational instructions or overview of a certain writing/roleplaying aspect. Examples may include a look at types of punctuation, or a list of common character archetypes. These should not be opinion pieces. Guides may be posted to the Wiki or the Academy.

    A Guide SHOULD include:

    - A clear topic
    - An objective list of examples
    - Instructive or informative details


    A RESOURCE is a platform for people to rely on for help, rather than something that explicitly details advice. Examples may include an Ask column or a posting of helpful links.

    A Resource SHOULD include:

    - Materials or tools that can be relied on long-term
    - Links and credit to all relevant sources
    - Regular maintenance and updates by the thread owner


    A DISCUSSION is a topic of conversation relevant to the improvement of writing or roleplaying. Unlike a Workshop, it should not be a lecture and is open entirely to opinion posting. Responses are encouraged.

    A discussion SHOULD include:

    - A clear topic
    - Opinions or questions relevant to the topic
    - Participation


    A HELP REQUEST is an appeal for advice or aid from others in accomplishing a task or having questions answered.

    A Help Request SHOULD include:

    - The question(s) to be answered or the task requiring assistance
    - Any relevant information
    - HELPFUL AND CONSTRUCTIVE replies from those who respond
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  2. How is a workshop different from a guide? besides being a list in a guide they seem to match
  3. Read the descriptions again carefully and I'm sure you'll get it. ;] There are at least three ways in which they differ. Also, don't take "list" too literally!
  4. So a resource sites a workshop which seems to be a guide and exorcise combined? Ya?
  5. No, those are all four very different things. A Workshop MAY (but will not always) include an Exercise though, yes.
  6. I don't think they're the same things, just parts of each othere.
    a resource is a thread that has links on how to roleplay, more or less a list of guides, workshops etc
    a workshop looks like a guide to expain mechanic being demonstrated followed by the exorcise
    a guide is an explanation of a concept/mechanic
    and an exorcise is just practicing something demonstrated.

    am i close?
  7. Close, yes!

    Resources do not have to be links, or lists. For example, as stated in this guide, an Ask column would count as a resource.

    As stated in this guide, Workshops are in-depth looks at one aspect of writing/roleplaying, and can be just the author's opinion. Not every Workshop includes an Exercise.

    As stated in this guide, Guides are broad overviews of an aspect of writing/roleplaying, and must not be opinions, but objective fact.

    On the topic of Exercises, you were correct! :]
  8. :) Cools but do you confirm something as fact?
  9. If you are asking whether Guides are checked by me to see if they meet the standard... the answer is yes! I read every topic that is posted in the Academy.