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  1. PREFIXES, goldenrod ICON PREFIX: Icons are famous people, characters, and faces that commonly appear in Mythos roleplays. (For example: Gabriel Zero, The Goddess, Asmodeus.) These articles are not character sheets, but guides explaining WHY these people are Iconic to the Mythos and why the reoccur through many incarnations of the universe.

    FACTION PREFIX: Factions are groups, cults, armies, etc that reappear in Mythos settings. (For example: The Bread Cult, Shapeshifters, and Moonwings.) These are articles that explain what these groups are and how they are relevant to Iwaku histories.

    LOCATION PREFIX: Locations are places that reappear in Mythos settings. (For example: History Ilse, The Capital, Spacek Space Station) These places are usually directly tied to a Faction or Iconic Character.

    RESOURCE PREFIX: Useful resources for helping with Mythos material.

    GUIDE PREFIX: Guides and information for miscellaneous Mythos content.

    WORKSHOP PREFIX: Help on how to build a Mythos setting.
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