LESSON Guide to Making "World Guide Books" Part 1a: Coming up with an Idea

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  1. Guide to Making "World Guide Books" Part I: Introduction

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    Coming up with an Idea
    Welcome back to the series Guide to Making "World Guide Books". Previously I introduced you to the concept of "World Guide Books" and some of the many ways you can implement them into regular life. Now, we are going to start at Part 1a, "Coming up with an Idea". In this segment of the series I will discuss all various ways of coming up with an idea for making a "World Guide Book", if by chance you already have an idea/theme in mind than I suggest you can skip this part and go to Part 1b: "Developing the Idea". Onward my builders!

    Where to start?
    Genres, The Internet, Real life
    Now in my personal method of making a "World Guide Book", when I'm trying to find an idea to use for the book, I can use at least these three main things: Genres, The Internet, and Real Life. There are plenty of more things that you can think of to use as a "search engine" for an idea, but these are the ones I use the most! Now, let's begin with Genres!

    What's so cool about Genres?
    If you're look for a slightly detailed list of subgenres for Fantasy, Macabre[Horror], and Science Fiction I suggest this.

    Well not only are genres the figurative house that holds your idea/story, it is a way to narrow down your search for your idea/theme. When I think of genres to look at when building a guide book I think of these four main categories, and one smaller broader category: Fantasy, Macabre, Science Fiction, Realistic Fiction, and Miscellaneous for the ideas that don't quite fit into those other categories! Let's begin with Fantasy and work our way down to Miscellaneous

    Fantasy and Sub Genres
    Fantasy is a very commonly used genre in world building, and world guide books. In my mind, Fantasy can hold everything from an elephant's trunk, to a book covered in purple tree sap. Restrictions for this genre are few and far between when creating a world. Now Fantasy is just a broad category/genre, there are many, many other sub genres that fall under Fantasy. I'll name a few; High and Low Fantasy, Dark Fantasy, Heroic Fantasy, and so on so forth. If you'd like some more sub genres than I suggest going here, here, or here. They all basically say most of the same thing, but I wanted to give you a little extra something to work with.

    Macabre and Sub Genres
    "Macabre", what exactly does this mean and how does it apply to a genre, persay? Let's give a definition from Google "disturbing and horrifying because of involvement with or depiction of death and injury." This is a basic definition, yes. But when I think of Macabre as a genre, I think of the horror filled, twisted, dark, ideas that come to the evilest of minds.. Now, I decided to choose Macabre as one of the big four categories because I believe that although most of horror and such is twisted and connected to other genres, Macabre can be considered one big genre. When looking for sub genres of Macabre, the best idea is to look up "horror subgenres" in google. But to give you some help I suggest here.

    Science Fiction and Sub Genres
    Science fiction! Ideas of Aliens, Time Travel, Space, and of course; Science! Any ideas that consider science a main aspect in the technology/lore/etc should go under this genre. For some references of sub genres you can go here or here.

    Realistic Fiction and Sub Genres
    Realistic Fiction, in my mind is basically any type of fictional element that has some realistic qualities to it. Perhaps it's set in our world? It has concepts from Earth, and our universe, or it has some form of real-ness to it. More modern ideas could go here. On the subject of sub genres, Realistic Fiction has only few, if any.

    Well, here we are at the last category of my genres. Basically, Miscellaneous is a "genre" for any of your ideas for the guide book that don't exactly fit into the four main categories. It may never happen, but hey, better be safe than sorry, right?

    Internet Ideas
    When you're coming up with ideas for a world guide book, a helpful resource could be the internet! Type in anything you have an inkling for and it should very well appear in some form or another. I suggest trying search engines like Google or Bing. Also a few good tips for coming up with ideas is generators! Iwaku has some very good ones as well as the plethora of internet generators you can find!

    Real Life, right?
    Now, let's give an example: Artists learn from real life to enhance their drawings, right? Well! We can implement that same technique and use it for getting ideas for world guide books! Maybe even keeping a stow away journal with you wherever you go and writing/sketching down ideas for the world book may help!

    Now, you have some resources, what do you do next?
    You've collected all the beginning ideas and picked out a specific genre(s) for your world book. Now, what do you do with all of this? You develop the idea/theme! Pretty simple, huh? In the next segment we will be going over exactly what my method is of developing an idea! Stay Tuned!
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