Guide The Doom Marine

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  1. I Do Not Own Doom.


    The Name of today's game is similar to that of a text based adventure, only set within a version of the doom universe. Think ZORK in terms of typing in commands. You will be guiding the doom marine, in his struggle to stop the demons of hell from taking over mars. If this does well, we can go to the gates of hell and send these bastards packing personally.




    You- > Go into that corner

    Me- The Marine goes into a corner, and finds a machine gun at the end of a hallway.




    Our Story begins with the Marine waking up from a sudden explosion nearby that had shaken the entire facility. He currently only has his JUMPSUIT on. however, he is very adept at PUNCHING THINGS.

    Ahead there is a DOOR. To the LEFT there is a LOOKOUT POINT that is likely stocked with GUNS AND ARMOR.

    What is your first course of action?

  2. >Go Left to lookout point.
  3. The Marine enters the left lookout point. On the way through, he collects about a dozen HELMETS, and combines them into one even better made helmet, seeing as the rest of them are pretty cheap-o, and grabs a green colored CHEST ARMOR, and lastly, a measly PISTOL with fifty rounds.

    Those other bastards took all the guns before having you watch over this spot.

    The marine stares out the windows of the lookout. He see's the red, barren wasteland he knows as MARS, but much closer, the outside fields of the walled in facility the UAC had in order to study the ANCIENT MARTIAN SOCIETY that lived thousands of years ago. Unfortunately you assholes didn't count on something fucking you all over.

    But enough of that. The marine decides there's really not much else to look at here. He heads towards the DOOR, and cautiously opens it, before ducking back behind a wall, before peeking out. He spots a HUMANOID FIGURE nearby. It appears to be a male MARINE with GREEN HAIR, armed with an assault rifle that fires PISTOL ROUNDS. He did not notice you open the door, but he's a bit more wary...

  4. > Examine the surrounding area closer.</SPAN>
  5. Are you fucking nuts?

    That guy will see you.

    But whatever. The marine moves into view of the OTHER MARINE DUDE, getting closer until both parties realize it was an enemy: The other marine dude was actually in fact a ZOMBIE that could at least still use its firearm, and now it has opened fire. The Marine leaps away from the zombie's gunfire back behind the wall to consult you on what to do.
  6. > shoot it (before I meant from behind cover still e.g. was there a piece of rubble to throw to distract it)</SPAN>
  7. (The more specific a command, the better. XD)

    Like a boss, the marine poked his arm out and fired randomly, unloading an entire clip into the area as gunfire whizzed past his hand. He poked his head out when the gunfire stopped, to see the zombie had died. Near it were a couple of HELMETS that could be used to modify overall ARMOR and improve DEFENSE. He probably also has AMMO.

    But what if he gets up? You'd much rather sprint past, right?…You need to get the hell out of here, and fast.
  8. > reload and walk up to zombie when close shoot a round into it's head then loot it
  9. The marine walks up and shoots it in the face, effectively wasting a round because it was already dead, thus resulting in a waste of time. However, you at least manage to take its ammunition, and the helmets which you adapt into extra armor parts. You figure if you run into any more of these assholes, this'll come in handy.

    ahead lies a CORRIDOR. You hear more zombies nearby.
  10. > Channel the essence of Leon S. Kennedy
    (If that fails, > Run down corridor)
  11. …What The Fuck?...

    The Marine attempts this and fails. Maybe you should have picked someone else, like Bruce Campbell.

    Regardless, He runs down the corridor and spots a couple of ZOMBIE MARINES on a WALKWAY that sits above a POOL OF RADIOACTIVE WASTE. Up on a much higher point you can't possibly hope to reach, ever, is a brown creature known as an IMP. It is throwing fireballs your way.

    You could try and run across the shallow pool of Acid and take some damage, or take a moment to shoot all the oppressors who stand in your way of conquest.

  12. >Avoiding enemies is for women and pussies. Take aim and ventilate that fire spitting son of a bitch's brain.
  13. Now We're talking. The Marine proceeds to rip apart the zombie marines in the most violent way possible, using his bare fists to blast off their limbs. Sure, seeing as he doesn't have any special powers at the moment, it takes him some time. But, he has invulnerable knuckles, so...

    …After that was done, The Marine performed several acrobatic fucking backflips Kamen Rider Power Rangers DFGW%#@SD213ds Style.

    And then he pulled out his pistol, twirling it so well it put Revolver Ocelot to shame...

    …And simply plugged a bullet in the IMP's brain with absolutely no effort at all. All he really did was raise his arm and shoot at him.

    There's a door up ahead. From behind, the sounds of freedom were present: And by that, I mean there was an ESCAPE POD to the next part of the facility that would lock down this area. Also, there was one of those IMP things up close. You open the door a pinch to see the ugly bastard, and you recoil a moment to consider how dangerous a fireball that close would be compared to the sniper from before.

    Fucking satanic demons. Making you think so hard.
  14. > kick the door open do a forwards roll towards it, then jump up and plant your pistol into its mouth firing till you are sure it's dead.</SPAN></SPAN>
  15. What? Dude, The Marine just woke up. He gives you a stern glare as he begins to do some stretches to at least attempt this feat which you demand. The man's not a circus performer, y'know. The futuristic door rises above, and when it goes high enough, the Marine attempts to roll into the IMP and shoot it in the mouth, only to narrowly evade a slash of the claw which still leaves a nasty wound on the marine's chest.

    He now hides behind a pillar as the IMP advances ever so closer...
  16. > Poke head out quickly to check where exactly it is, then fire some accurate rounds into it from behind cover still.
  17. He Fires the rounds, though not accurately, and manages to kill it. the ESCAPE POD is near.
  18. > Move Cautiously to the escape pod.</SPAN>
  19. The Marine stops to stare back at the room for any more attackers, only to find additional PISTOL BULLETS and medkits.

    He happened to waste some serious ammo on the way here, but you're not certain how much. There are shadows near the supplies, very dark ones indeed, and you're low on ammo and health. The escape pod door glows in a heavenly fashion as it tempts you to run off to the next level station.
  20. >Tear off pants, run around in circles whooping at the top of your lungs