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  • Hi, I’m Michelle, and I am hunting for new stories. This time I came up with some specific ideas I’d like to RP, though if you have something original that fits my preferences I’m game. I'd consider my ability Intermediate as kind of a rough average; I put more effort into my work if I have the inspiration and a good connection with my partner. Write as much or as little as you like, just give me something to respond to. I can play either gender, and while I don't require the same from a partner I do like to have more than two people in a story, so if you can handle some NPCs that would be great. I post roughly every day, barring unexpected events, but the speed of responses can vary depending on how busy I am and how quickly inspiration comes.

  • Want
    • FxM pairings, if pairings even happen—I like character relationships to work out organically. I can play either gender.
    • I usually RP in third person.
    • I have a melodramatic streak a mile wide, and I like putting my characters through hell. Sometimes literally. Feel free to torment them.
    • Fantasy, high, low and anything in-between.
    • Supernatural. Vampires are always welcome.
    • Superheroes! I'm a big fan of toku/armored heroes in particular.
    • I don't enjoy sci-fi as much, I feel like it usually works better in a visual medium, but I do like retrofuturism and post-apocalyptic settings.

    Do Not Want
    • Fandom or canon character RP’s.
    • Instant, uneventful romances. Give me buildup.
    • Slice of life. I don’t mind some downtime, but I really care about having a strong plot.
    • “Star” content. I’m not comfortable RP’ing sex scenes.
    • Fetishized rape, incest, self-harm, suicide or abuse victims falling in love with their abuser. Note that this doesn’t include stories about enemies falling for each other because that usually involves two equals and a redemption arc.
    • Dead children or babies unless there’s a really good reason.
    • This is more of a superficial thing, but I'm not a fan of tiny fonts. Readability over aesthetic every time.

  • General

    Witch (real or just accused) x Witch Hunter

    Angel x Demon

    Outlaw x Noble

    Runaway Noble x Bounty Hunter

    Vampire x Human

    Specific Plots

    Based on a game that didn't work out
    Golden Blood

    Setting: Urban fantasy
    Being the tale of a human boy whose blood is practically a drug for vampires, currently in the care of a vampire lady who treats him like a sulky, rebellious teen. Unfortunately other, less patient vampires have their eye on him.
    Fallen God

    Setting: Fantasy
    There is a war between gods and demons that has been raging since the beginning of time. One of the younger gods became disillusioned with the fighting and is now living incognito in the mortal realm, until they find something to fight for. I know it sounds like an automatic romance setup but it honestly could be anything from friendship to adopting a family.
    Welcome to Monster Island

    Setting: Survival horror/modern fantasy
    Welcome to a hidden island full of creatures from myth and legend, all of which are very hungry for human flesh. The only ally any hapless human will find here is previous shipwreck victim Joel Harrison, and he's already half-mad from the isolation. This is gonna go great.
    Rival Knights

    Setting: Fantasy/medieval
    About a pair of knights who are rivals. One day the more competitive one finds out that the naturally talented one is actually a woman in disguise—something definitely illegal. Now he has to decide just how badly he wants to win this rivalry.

    Untested ideas
    Lost Heir & Warrior

    Setting: Fantasy
    Character A is the child of an overthrown ruler is living in hiding, biding their time until they can retake their rightful place. They have a chance encounter with Character B, one of the usurper's new but fairly powerful wariors. They develop an odd respect for each other which comes to a head when A makes their move, or they are tracked down.

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