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  1. Hey! I've decided I need a couple more liberteen RP's so, here I am!

    For terms and conditions, check my partner request thread here.
    For my general partner request thread, check here.


    General smut info:
    I play both dominant and submissive.

    I prefer MxM greatly. I also enjoy MxF, and I don't mind FxF.
    I enjoy writing both[BCOLOR=#ffffff] dark [/BCOLOR]and[BCOLOR=#000000] light[/BCOLOR] topics. If you have triggers [Rape, Abuse etc] Please tell me! [See tags for ideas as what I mean by dark topics!]
    I need plot. Like, neeeed plot. I love it when the smut drives the plot, but without the plot, it gets boring.
    Give me between 1 and 5 paragraphs and I'll be happy!


    Here are my pairings!
    [Bolded = My preferred role * = Plot.]

    Blackmailing student x Teacher * [MxF/MxM]
    Serial Killer x Stockholm Syndrome victim [MxM/FxF]
    'weird' Girl x 'weird' Guy * [MxF]
    Serial killer x serial killer [Folie a Duex.] * [MxM/MxF/FxF]
    Prostitute x obsessed client * [MxF]
    mentally ill composer x musician [Historical] [MxM]

    Submissive evil male x Dominant good guy [MxM]
    Dominant Geeky guy x Submissive Jock * [MxM]

    Nerd x Jock [MxM]
    Priest x Demon [MxM]


    Characters for RP:
    Colt Winters. *[Involves dark subject matter] [Submissive - Gay - Male.]
    Shara Caraway. *[Possible dark subject matter] [Submissive - Bisexual - Female.]
    Leon Pierre. * [Versatile - Gay - Male.]
    Alojz Irwin. [Dominant - Gay - Male.]
    Austin Le Roux. * [Dominant - Bisexual {Male preferred} - Male.]

    Dominic Darcy. [Submissive - Gay - Male.]
    Ethan Harley. *[Possible dark subject matter] [Submissive - Gay - Male.]

    Andy Morgan. [Versatile - Bisexual - Female.]


    Doctor Who
    Kingsman: The Movie
    Harry Potter

    [PM me for pairings!]

    Alright! Ask me if you have any questions!

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  2. I'll do the prostitute x obsessed client if you want. PM me?
  3. I'll hit you up soon! Thanks for showing interest! c:
  4. Quick boop to say - added characters & pairings.
  5. I'd be willing to do the black mailing student x teacher or a Harry Potter generic Hufflepuff x slytherin or something ^-^
  6. Sure! PM me sometime soon, when you decide. c:
  7. Agh! Choosing! T-T
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  8. I have an idea for the Nerd x Jock if you're still searching for partners? If you're ok with fluffy and awkward stuff, of course ; v ;
  9. Suuure, hit me up over PM and give me the details!
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