Guess the City: A Picture Game

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OMG is it really that bad

  1. Yeah...

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  2. No!

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  3. It isn't I just can't guess cities!

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  1. (v Detroit, U.S.A v)
    Do you know your cities?
    Do you know every single sole skyscraper by heart just by looking at a picture of it?
    Are you an architectural genius? Or perhaps just a really good city-scaper, or perhaps good with maps? Taken a history class? Or just pure lucky?


    Now, here are some rules on how the game goes:
    • There are two types of players in this game, the City Maker and the City Guessers, the roles are simplicity itself: The City Maker grabs a picture and posts it here, and the City Guessers guess BOTH the city and the country that it is in!​
    • The City Maker will tell them if a guess is right or wrong, after 5 guesses, The City Maker gives a hint about the city (its status, population, historic landmarks, etc...)​
    • After 10 GUESSES (or 5 after the 5th guess with the hint), The City Maker tells everyone the REAL city name and country, and gets a point, he/she can also take the role again and choose another city picture for others to guess!​
    • The game ends whenever 1. a player reaches 10 points, or 2. whenever this thread dies (most likely #2)​
    • (I might add some bonus questions out there from time to time, if you can answer them correctly, BONUS POINT FOR YOU!!!)​

    1. Your city MUST be real, no made up crap (not that it is crap!)
    2. Your city must contain at least 2 HIGH-RISES (if you don't know what a high-rise is and you are unsure about your city, PM your pic to me and i will confirm it.)
    3. You MUST give a hint after 5 guesses, NO EXCEPTIONS (But the hint can be as subtle as you want >:D)
    4. You MUST confirm or deny each players guess!
    5. YOU MUST BE ACTIVE!!! If not, who will ever find out your city? ;-; (after two weeks of inactivity as TCM, you will revoke your privileges back to me and I will be TCM!)

    1. You can guess as many times as you want, BUT you have to wait for your previous guess to be confirmed or denied before you can try again
    2. USE YOUR KNOWLEDGE! We don't want to see how good you can search things up on the internet!!! so please refrain the urge to search images up to look for on the internet or any other method of cheating, in fact, JUST STAY ON IWAKU when relating to the game! Pwease??? *.*
    3. You can only be TCM if you are the FIRST to CORRECTLY guess the city!​


    Now without any further ado...

    (If you get this wrong, I will probably throw stuff at you)
    (this one is just for practice and to see if you are alive, I WILL try my REAL one next!)

  2. I hope you know I am playing this too!

    @Lady Bernkastel = 1/10
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  3. New York City, U.S.A. So do I become TCM now or do you keep that role?
  4. no that was just to see if SOMEONE was alive out there, that's just too easy you know ;)
    but YES!!! That IS the correct Answer!!!

    Now for the REAL DEAL...

    (this one's for realsies)
  5. That one's tricky... There aren't many particularly discernible buildings, from what I can tell, but I wanna say something in the western hemisphere... Perhaps Salvador? Panama City? Difficult, really...
  6. It looks vaguely familiar....
    Is it Houston? Or Sydney?
    Those are my two guesses.
  7. those are both wrong, sowwy ;-;.

    Also please state the city name and countryfor your guesses to count (but i'll let these slide ;)

    Are you putting those as guesses? Or confirmations? If so, put the country next to the guess. Like what you did with NYC!

    8 guesses left!!!
  8. Heh, forgot about that. My guess is Salvador, Brazil, or Panama City, Panama

    Alrighty, for guessing it right you revoke my rights to get points, and you get to be The City Maker now!
    Good Luck!
  10. Alright! Well, here I go then!


    It might not be the prettiest pictures, but it does contain several discernible features which should make guessing easier.
  11. Malmö, Sweden ....?
  12. Correct. If you got some kind of motivation that would be nice, but it's entirely correct, so that means the role of TCM is given to you.
  13. [​IMG]

    I think there's a big giveaway to which city this is
  14. Oh that's an easy one, that city would be Singapore, Singapore.
  15. Yeah OuO You're right~ your turn~~~
  16. Okay, here we go
  17. Okay, SOMEONES GOTTA know what this city is!!! it's so buttsbuttshard EASY!!!
  18. IT´S JUST TOO HARD, DAMNIT Well it is pretty difficult... I don't recognize it. I think it can at least be deducted that it's located somewhere in the nortwestern hemisphere, like North America or northern Europe. Maybe Reykyavik, Iceland? Calgary, Canada?
  19. Sorry, those are both incorrect answers ;-;. feel free to try again!
    8 guesses left!
  20. You couldn't even confirm I was on the right track? ;_; I'll just blindly keep on going then... My next guesses are Toronto, Canada, Fairbanks, USA, and Anchorage, USA