Guess the boobies!

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So, I saw this article.


And I decided to donate My cleavage to the good of men and post boobies.

But that doesn't mean we can't have fun! Can you guess who's boobs these are?


Post your guesses Below!

See, Diana doesn't have boobies like that. o____o

...Why do you girls have such fancy bras?!

.....I bet it was for moments like this.

I'm guessing Patty #2 and Corra as #1!'s the reverse...

I agree with Diana...
Patty 1 and Corvus 2. :3
I know I'm right, too, which is funny. xD
I think each picture has one breast from Corvus and one from Patty.

It's a trick of photography.
I have no idea who's who but I'll be damned if I don't like this game.

There's gonna be a next round, right?
1. Patty

2. Corvus

Just a wild guess.

@Darkness - I sure as hell hope there is a round 2!
I remember there being a "post your chest area here" thread on the old Iwaku...before the TOS storm hit...T_T

Personal preference is still 32C on a skinny Asian.

Firmness > Mass

*Surpresses /b/tard instincts to scream MOAR*


Patty is 1. Corvus is 2.
One is Corvus.

Two is Patti.

That's my guess.
Patty's a white chick you douchenozzles, she's number 1.

Fuck, you guys, I didn't even need to look at pictures of her on the pictures thread.

There also needs to be more tits, like, I don't know, Diana's, maybe that way I'll like talking to her.
You miss the point, man this is about boobs, not right or wrong. You just don't get the fundamentals of the game, the boobs hold it all together, not the guessing!

And I don't view that topic but you just spoiled it. Oh well, maybe next round will be different.
*Gets knocked out by the cleavage springing from the pictures*
HOLY Shit all the men fell for the trap

Even me ;_;
Hmm yeah, where is Mandy? It'd be awesome if she'd come back....