Guess the boobies!

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  1. It does look pretty good, even if Andrew Garfield's Southern accent is a little embarrassing to listen to

    I'll probably wait until it gets a home release to watch it though; if there's any movie I'll watch next weekend, it'll probably be Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them since that's coming out
  2. Dorm 1 is full so please make Kyy move to dorm 2 ,3 ,or 4
  3. It already says 3.
  4.'s the reverse...

    I agree with Diana...
  5. Just click the clan discussions dude...
  6. Right I rolled for the swordsman of the mist and *drumroll* mist it. *badum tsss*

    The one after the six was my bad :3
  7. Flops in*
  8. And FireDrake I hope you're okay with crowded trains if/when you come over here. Not too bad though....

  9. lmao a political cartoon

    protests are fine, seriously
  10. Yeah terrible. What a bunch of retards who can't stand to have a racist/bigoted/regressive cabinet in charge of their lives and just want to protest that.
  11. I never said Trump supporters are angels either. In fact, nearly all of the Trump supporters I have met are absolutely disgusting with their bigotry and racist views.

    What I am saying is that behaving like Trump supporters is not going to get you anywhere. It just shows to other bystanders that you don't know any better.
  12. I know, I'm just referring to the guilty protesters.

    I should've made it clearer sorry about that ^^'
  13. I think it has become known as "SJW nonsense" simply because of how subjective racism has become.

    And also I always thought Trump was racist...but then I saw this exposed video...

    Now I really wonder what journalism is like...
  14. It's really the people surrounding Trump that I would be worried about.
  15. Well, Pence is basically Trump's anti-assassination barrier at this point >.> I'd rather not see Trump down for the sole reason that Pence is likely to let shit fly in tenfold.

    Personally, I'd just like to wait and see what Trump actually will DO on his first day in office before anything is done in return.
  16. *Gets knocked out by the cleavage springing from the pictures*
  17. As soon as the Headmistress left the area and was out of the view of Mirana, she gave an exhale of both relief and worry. She clutched a thin journal to her chest, and had a little tawny colored satchel slung over her shoulder and resting over her back, hair pulled up into a messy bun with a pencil stricken through it. Pushing her glasses up onto her nose, she wove her way between people and made her way to a desk in search of her name.
    Remaining fairly silent, she jumped a bit when one of the professors spoke to her.
    "Miss, are you having trouble?"
    Her voice was soft, and she hardly uttered a sound, but the professor was able to make out what she said anyway.
    "Ah, yes'sir."
    "Surname please?"
    "Winters. Sir."
    The professor searched across a few tables muttering that surname to himself until he quickly returned with a little envelope with her name written across it. It also had a letter attached to it, must have been from her parents.
    "Here you are. Now hurry along before you get trampled you're such a small little thing."
    She wasn't that small, but yes it was plenty possible for her to get lost and trampled in a crowd, she was only a meager 5'6". Weaving her way through the crowd once again, she found her way to the front courtyard where a few groups of people chatted and mingled about with one another, something she refrained from doing for the time being. She might be a second-year student, but she never really had a friend group. Her friends from last year had all been Seniors and were gone now, so she was on her own this year, for now at least... hopefully.
    Along the way, she noticed several demons and angels, lots of mages and warlocks, a few other mythical creatures and beings. But as far as she knew, she was only shapeshifter in the area right now, she hadn't noticed any others or picked up on the personally well-known and memorized scent of one.
    Being a shapeshifter, she had an exceptionally delicate sense of smell, and she could identify what most people were by their scent, and all scents were overpowering right now, too much so for her to sort any of them out or even attempt to weed through them all.
    Finding a somewhat isolated tree, she sat down and leaned against its trunk, opening up the small envelope and glancing over her schedule, relieved that she didn't have Magic class. She had been given it last year and she found that she was more of a test subject in that class than a student. Very uncomfortable for her. She did have astrology, and that really made her smile. But she put both the schedule and the attached letter into her bag, pulling out a good book and indulging in its pages of fiction and fantasy, sitting alone under the tree with only her own company and the endless trail of voices that filled the air and mixed smells that infiltrated her nose, which she had to try and ignore...​
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  19. [​IMG]

    It's gonna get a little weird! Gonna get a little wild! I ain't from round here! I'm from another dimension!
  20. Oh my goodness gracious I'm done