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  1. Hello, world. While I seem new to the site, I've been role playing for years, and there are too many ideas swirling about my brain. I prefer one on one plot pairings, but I will occasionally run or join a group RP. Can't really say much more, so I'll just fade back into the shadows and wait for my moment to strike.
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  2. Howdy Reaper, welcome to the community!
  3. Welcome to the Madness then xD. Please enjoy your stay and be part of many .. Evil, twisted and interesting - Niiiiice!! Stories ~

    Whispers in the dark corner of the room while petting her overSized Tiger..~
  4. Hey there welcome to Iwaku. tumblr_mfrf99r8ch1ra4x9po1_500.gif
  5. Welcome traveler! Always looking for new faces around here (:
    If you need a 1x1 partner, I'm the person you're looking for!
  6. *bows* Hello and welcome!~
    I'm Krin, I would love to hear your idea's some time.^^ Don't be afraid to send me a message<3
    And enjoy your stay~
  7. *smiles and waves* Hello and welcome to the site. If you want to rp just pm me anytime
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  8. Hey there! I saw your post and I thought I responded to it days ago. I'm new to the site for about a week but it's the best forum I've been too.
    Just be explicit on what you would like to role-play and ask away and enjoy the experience! ^_^
  9. Hello there and I welcome you to iwaku! Hope you have fun and make lots of friends.

    *hugs* if you ever want to RP just send me a PM :3
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.