Guarding the Prince

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  1. The gravel of the path crunched beneath Azaleah's feet. She was currently trekking her way up the mountain path toward Kardanthia. It was the capitol city of La Mirsh. A vast country, it was one of the world's most prosperous and most innovative places. They had open borders and the people of the country thrived. However, no country is perfect. La Mirsh was wealthy, but it had a large divide between the rich and the poor. Things had gotten better in recent years, but those of humble backgrounds had to struggle to survive. The government, controlled by the Royal Family, was doing all they could to improve the lives of their people, but with high crime rates, and a recent rise in assassination attempts, their hands were full.

    Azaleah was sent to the city of Kardanthia to aid the Royal Family through means of offering protection. Looking at her thin figure, it would be impossible to tell that she was a highly trained bodyguard. She had spent her life training in an academy far away from the glamorous city, called Fameer. That was where the world's best body guards were conditioned to protect anyone from any threat. Azaleah had completed her training at the top of her class and was therefore, sent to protect a member of royalty, the Crown Prince.

    Not much was known to the people of La Mirsh about their Crown Prince. Just that he existed and that he was next in line to the throne. He wasn't one to attend gatherings, and he didn't appear in parades or on television. Some even doubted he was real. Still, this was her assignment and Kardanthia is where she was heading.

    Azaleah soon reached the city's gate and walked through. The security was so lax, she wasn't even searched for weapons upon entering. Not that it would have mattered, she had a Royal Permit to carry anything she wanted. That was one of the perks about being assigned to the palace. Her body was reflected in the shop windows as she walked down the crowded street. She stood at 5'8" and had long red hair with green eyes. She didn't look imposing or dangerous at all. That was something she often used to her advantage.

    Many people would see her and think she was an easy target. Some wouldn't even use full force against her. That's where they would go wrong. Most people who trained in Fameer arrived around the age of seventeen and graduated in their mid twenties. Azaleah was sent there when she was four. Her parents both died and left her to live with her uncle who ran the academy. She was given private lessons upon her arrival and she was permitted to graduate this year at the age of nineteen. She was young, but she was highly trained.

    The palace was at the center of the city. It was enormous and decorated so ornately, she wondered if she was dreaming. She showed her orders at the gate and was let in. A uniformed guard showed her to a sitting room where she was to await the arrival of the Crown Prince. She knew nothing about him and didn't even know what he looked like. The only thing she knew about him was that he was close in age to her. Nothing more.

    She was a bit nervous, and began tugging on the hem of her tank top. Azaleah was wearing black, form fitting leather pants, black leather boots, and a snug fitting tank top that showed her C-cups nicely. She didn't really care about her chest size like most women. In fact, she was glad they weren't larger, otherwise they would get in her way. However, she had to admit that they helped her whenever she was in a tough spot. They had helped her out of several sticky situations at the academy, which had an 80% male population. Azaleah was a bit of a flirt, but if a man ever seriously wanted her, she wouldn't have the first clue on what to do.

    Azaleah giggled thinking it was strange that she could kill a hundred men without blinking, but if a guy confessed to her, she went pale as a ghost. Emotions were never really something she had learned at the academy. She wondered if she would need to have them in this job. Employers often required different things from their guards. Some dressed them differently, some had them speak in a certain way, and some even made them into more of a friend than a guard. Azaleah was fairly certain that this assignment of hers would be according to the books, though. After all, this was a Crown Prince. He couldn't be that strange, surely.

    The doors to the room swung open at once and Azaleah jumped to her feet, waiting to see who would walk in.
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