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  1. A deep plot concept with a prophesied Dragon Goddess and the Guard who unknowingly protects her.

    He'll learn in the worse way possible that, not only is the woman he's falling for holds the blood of dragons and the means to control them, but she's destined to either end the world or die to save it!

    What will he do when the Prophecy of the Diadem threatens her future? Save her, or save the world?

    I'm looking for someone to manage the Guard and possibly a few NPCs, if needed.

    Preferably, follow Iwaku rules.
    Write legibly and enough to move the story. If you go by levels, this RP would be an Intermediate.
    Time - if you run out, let me know. I'll hang around until your return, but not if I don't hear from you. I'll do the same as well.
    Ideas - if you have them, bring them. I can brainstorm all day long, but I love working with others who can too.

    Let's collaborate and bring this story to life.

    We have the guard. If someone else is interested in playing the antagonist and a few other charries, then I'll set this as a 3P RP.
    But you'll have to be committed to stay and work for it. 3P are awesome to work in, but if you don't have an imagination then it can be difficult to come up with things. But still, you'll have two others to brainstorm with.​

    My Main Charries

    The Royals of the Nine Feathers
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  2. If anyone is remotely interested, but feel there needs to be some changes, let me know! I don't mind one bit working out the concept with someone. It's just an idea that has potential to becoming a really neat story.

    Let me know what you think!
  3. @Phi Chisym

    What time period's this going to be in?
  4. @Calamity

    I'm thinking of modern high fantasy/steampunk, or modern high fantasy/technology - kings and queens of the medieval with modern steam powered machines or knights of the round with laser swords and bio-enhancements...perhaps? IDK - I just don't want it to be the same old thing... I kept getting a updated version of Dune in mind every time I try to build this world.

    Magic is found everywhere, but many societies have shied away from it, finding their new tech more suitable to manage and less study and stress to deal with, especially if one is not adept to magic in the first place. In Gaahalo, magic is abundant - one of the only places on this particular world that has kept to traditions of magic-works, and incorporated a few techo-wonders with it to create a balance of both.

    The whole dragon thing is considered ancient history - they're the reason man built bigger machines, more elaborate tech - in order to defend and defeat the dragons back in the day. So, many don't believe in the Diadem; it's just considered an old magic tall tale to stare children into sticking with their own kind.
  5. @Phi Chisym

    I see. So would a Renaissance -like era be a fitting description? Swords are still prevalent as are crossbows and standard types of bows, but with the invention of guns and discovery of gunpowder--as well as other technological feats? Laser swords seem too far ahead for steampunk. That's more cyberpunk/ Sci-fi.

    Also, is there a set CS? Or can I make one up? This would be my character Picture, what do you think?

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  6. Perfect! That works... and yea, lasers are a bit far.
    Pic is awesome!
    Um, if other charries come to mind, feel free to create. You know how I work. :)

    I've been trying to think up who the Dragon Lord is and possibly a twist with the person who hides the blade in hopes to use it on the Cwen.
    I have a few charrie choices for that, but figured if they come up in the RP, I'll throw something out there for them then.

  7. [​IMG]

    The Guardian/ The Watcher

    Nickname: Shadow Fox, Guardian, Watcher
    Age: 28
    Gender: Male
    Sexuality: Heterosexual
    Eyes: Blue-Grey
    Hair: Long, somewhat curly sandy-blond hair
    Height: 6'4"
    Weight: 180.lbs

    --Has a tattoo across his chest from shoulder to shoulder in latin that reads : "Omnes eodem cogimur; omnium versatur urna serius, ocius, sors exitura, et nos in æternum exsilium impositura cymbæ" Which means "We are all driven to the same ferry; the lot of each is shaken in the urn, destined sooner or later to come forth, and place us in Charon’s boat for the exile." It was said by Quintus Horatius Flaccus, known in the English-speaking world as Horace, was the leading Roman lyric poet during the time of Augustus.

    --Has a tattoo across his shoulder blades that reads: "Præstatur laus virtuti, sed multo ocius verno gelu tabescit." which means "Praise is bestowed on virtue but vanishes more quickly than frost in the Spring." It was said by Lucius Livius Andronicus was a Greco-Roman dramatist and epic poet of the Old Latin period.

    - Has a pendent given to him by his mother that has a black rose, with a snake entwined around its stem.

    --Personal Quote: "Men are only too clever at shifting blame from their own shoulders to those of others."


    Flintlock Pistols 2x-- ornate engraving throughout on inlaid metal fittings, walnut stock with inlaid panel of engraved bone either side, with ramrod. Barrel length 13 1/2 in., overall length 20 in.

    Rapiers 2x



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  8. K, posting my charries here, so they're on the thread.


    Name: Crown Princess Nahra Fahlsing, Fraya Yng of Nine Feathers – Princess of the High Crown of Gaahalo Prophesized within the Diadem (The religious accounts of dragons and their existence) to be known as the reincarnated Goddess Ionna - Dragonsong and mother of all Dragons. She is a Cwen, one who is born of flesh and scale – a Dragonchild.

    (The dragon with her in the image is actually her shifted form. If she becomes a darkened soul, the color of the dragon will turn black and her hair will turn white.)

    Race: Half-Elf (Cwen/Elf)
    Age: About to celebrate her 100th birthday. (Looks to be around 20 in human years)
    Hair/Eyes: Black hair / Sapphire eyes

    Personality: Nahra is happy. Mild euphoria to infectious joy, she ranges through them all on a daily basis. The young princess loves, truly loves, almost anyone – which is her greatest skill and her greatest weakness. She can empathize with a cousin, a brother, a sister, a parent, a mentor, a rival, an enemy, especially an enemy. How can one fight someone, without loving them? Nothing lays beneath... no hidden persona, no alter ego; Nahra wears her soul on her sleeves. And yet... in some circles... she’d be labeled amoral, a borderline sociopath. You see... Nahra has an odd outlook on death. Death is never an ending... only another adventure, another phase of endless, eternal consciousness; so why should she hesitate in pushing anyone through that doorway?

    There is a thirst in her young soul, a violent, kinetic, ever shifting thing, powerful, unstoppable, yet indefinable; a thirst that screams make love AND war. This is the dragon blood talking, of course, but such thoughts are odd in royal circles. Most just brush her cheery twisted behavior off as the absentminded thoughts of a sheltered princess. Others can’t wait to see her command an army. Nevertheless, Nahra unknowingly holds an absurd amount of strength within that delicate frame; couple that with an overwhelming desire to use it, and you've got a dangerous and extremely unpredictable ally…or opponent.

    Bio: Nahra is the youngest of two half sisters. She was always considered a sickly child due to her skin being different than most (she actually has a very faint scale-like pattern down the backs of her thighs and upper arms, her shoulders, spine and neck), but her mother knew that she was a Cwen and managed to protect her daughter from the ridicules of being different.

    Regardless of this, the Queen wondered why Nahra was so different than other Cwen she knew of. When the Sufas (Master Mages) proved that she was the Ionna prophesied from the Dragon Diadem, her worries and wonder only grew more and more.

    Keeping this knowledge from all others, the Queen did all she could to cultivate Nahra’s gifts without stirring attention to her. She knew the time would come for her to do what she’s destined to do, but keeping such a spirited young girl in the dark about her true calling is very difficult when she rather play and romp around in the fields instead of hiding behind the castle walls. Queen Hadaio watched Nahra like a hawk, never allowing her to leave her sight as she grew to become a beautiful young lady. For she knew what was coming – and feared failing.

    Weapon(s) of Choice: bow/arrow, throwing daggers, claw & chain


    Name: Queen Hadaio Fahlsing, Dirixa of Nine Feathers – Ruler of the High Crown on Gaahalo
    Race: Elf
    Age: 320 yrs old (Looks to be around 38 in human years)
    Hair/Eyes: Black Hair / Blue eyes
    Personality: Strict; yet, fair.

    Bio: Wife of the late Elven King Seaiger Fahlsing, she'd given him a daughter before his death. She ruled her kingdom alone for the longest, but with the danger of losing her successor for her daughter might eventually marry into another kingdom rather than remaining in Gaahalo to rule, Queen Hadaio prepared herself to marry once again to another potential suitor. But, before she was wed to another Elven Lord, she was abducted by a Dragon.

    Living with the Dragon King wasn't what she had in mind, but when she realized she was expecting, she knew she could no longer return to her home. Nevertheless, she was rescued; thus, kept her secret about who impregnated her. Instead of announcing the Dragon King, for all consider dragons to be the enemy of humanity, she held her tongue and named an unknown Lord who she stated she killed in order to save herself.

    Although this arrangement with The Dragon King was not a lifelong one, they did bless the world with a blessed Cwens, a daughter.

    The Prophecy is not a blessing to her, for it places her youngest at the mercy of fate. She fears this coming, and attempted to keep her baby girl safe from practically everyone - almost to the point of non-existent. Still, all her hard work just didn't work. Nahra was just too high-sprung to keep indoors. And soon, it was known to all that the Diadem of the Dragons was right once again - the Dragonsong breaths.

    With the aid of her oldest daughter Celesta, The Dragon Lord Sarthath, and heroes of her realm and beyond; Queen Hadaio fights for her child's life and the life of their entire world.

    Weapon(s) of Choice: Dual Blades (Are given to Nahra upon the queen's death, when she takes position as the new queen.)



    ((Celesta and Koven - Soul Lynx))

    Name: Princess Celesta Fahlsing, Fraya Yng of Nine Feathers – Princess of the High Crown of Gaahalo,
    General of the royal Warmages.

    Race: Elf
    Age: 186 (Around 24 in human years)
    Hair/Eyes: Black hair / Blue eyes

    Personality: Basically a bit cold and distant from family and friends. She has a job to do and nothing's going to deter her from it. Koven is honestly the one she cares to talk to, but he's a portion of her very soul. No wonder they get along so well.

    Bio: Celesta was taken by her father, the late King Seaiger Fahlsing, at an early age to learn the ways of running a kingdom. Since he was son-less, he claimed his only daughter as his heir and trained her in combat, politics, and worldly knowledge in order to create the perfect successor before his untimely death. She stands by her mother’s side as the Queens’ Warmage General, and regardless of how jealous she tends to get whenever all attention is on her weak half baby sister, Nahra, Celesta would go through great lengths to keep her safe and sound. The one thing Celesta doesn’t wish to do is break her mother’s heart. She works around the clock to protect her sister, their kingdom, and personally seeks the whereabouts of the Blade of Shade - the weapon stated in the Diadem as the end of the Dragon's song.

    Weapon(s) of Choice: Bow/Arrow & The Mercury Blade; forged mystically by manipulating physical properties of the element mercury. At first, seems too blunt, too coarse, too pretty to be a sword the way it gleamed; but when Celesta grasps its hilt and connects her inner spirit to it, the blade ignites on fire to a shining liquid silver and elongate a few feet. There are side effects for her usage of this weapon. Since it awakens through her spirit - her energy, emotions, and physical strength affect the outcome of its power. Celesta must maintain total concentration in order to properly and successfully wield this weapon.

    Animal Guardian: Koven, the Soul Lynx


    He first came to her in a dream when she was the human equivalent age of 14. In the mist of storms and hellfire, she heard an eerie chorus of harmonizing growls. Before she could block it out of memory, she saw the eyes of this Soul Lynx, and a voice speaking without words expressed for her to call to him whenever needed.

    She never gained a name.

    When she had become a Warmage at the equivalent human age of 18, she suffered heavy wounds during the battle for Argyris Lahti. Celesta called a name, one she felt she's heard before, for she felt her life slipping away. Koven appeared before her eyes, granting her renewed life, strength, and protection. And they’ve been inseparable since.

    Koven is a shifter, one who can alter his animal form to that of a human. In his human form, he acts as the Guardian of the Fahlsings’ household; tutoring, monitoring, and basically maintaining the sibling’s responsibilities, duties and household staff during the day. But regardless of what form he’s in, he still behaves normally like any lynx would, except sometimes he acts calculating and slick, especially when he stalks. He is a great Guardian, a sassy one at that, and is a natural soothsayer. No one knows how or why this Guardian chooses Celesta, but with his aid, she has become a powerhouse of a leader, and with his guidance, has taught Nahra how to harness her strength without knowing it’s even there.
  9. Okay, thought... A kidnapping!

    Well, an attempted kidnapping. There's several groups of people, good and bad, who wish to test Narha to see if she is the true Ionna.

    The Ionnian Council are the high council of priestesses and priest who worship Ionna. This group is the only group she's scheduled to meet soon to go through the trials they have prepared for her. But, there are others who wish to test her their own way, and will go through great lengths to do so.

    There's one group who worships Ionna's brother, Inzonai, the father of Dragons - her twin; the very one who tried to strangle her in the womb out of jealousy, for even in the womb he knew she was special. Inzonai is the one who created dragons by blessing his seed and placing it into the earth. But Ionna is the one who controls them by placing breath and dreams into their bodies through her sweet sounding voice. The dragons knew their mother's voice, but never their father's and this upset Inzonai to no end. He was their father, their god, therefore, they should obey him alone!

    In his attempt to control dragons, he believed in order to do that he must love his sister with all his heart to convince her to tell him her secrets. She tried to explain, but it was foreign to him, for he was never meant to understand her abilities, just as she wasn't able to understand his. In his rage and jealousy, he raped his sister, impregnating her with his seed - and she became the mother of Dragons, birthing the first powerful breed there ever was.

    This only made Inzonai even more jealous. For not only was she able to create dragons, some far more stronger and intelligent than his own; but she also controlled them. She held both skills - and he only held one. Inzonai attempted to kill his sister once again, this time with a special blade created from the bones of her dragons he's poisoned. The Blade of Shades held a deadly black magic, pulling from blood and spirit magics of forbidden lore that their parents had hidden away from the hearts of all earthly creatures. He returned it in order to create the blade and a powerful spell that will transfer Ionna's ability to him when she dies. Unfortunately, Inzonai was unsuccessful, for by the time he had completed the ritual and blade, decades had passed. Ionna had married a mortal who was blessed by their parents. He had learned about Inzonai's plans, so in the attempt to safe his wife, the mortal built a portal into Aoin for her to return to her parents, only sealing it before Inzonai is able to cross over.

    This group believes that if they complete the task Inzonai was unable to do before birth, then they can break the bond between dragons and their goddess; and through a special ritual created by Inzonai along with the Blade of Shades, they can gain her song and hand it to the reincarnated Inzonai - giving him both abilities to create and control his children.

    Okay, I'm missing a lot of thoughts here...there's in my notes somewhere, but this was the deeper background I had for the RP. These groups are just a portion of the problems that Nahra faces as she tries to remain hidden until her trials. I think there should be more, but I'm not quite sure it's even possible... I'm having a hard enough time working out the concept... I should just stick to the layout I had originally and post it up. It's more laid out, but it's for a group RP. I'm so fed up with Group RPs on here, I really rather just do 1x1 or 3P's.
  10. Still need an antagonist?
  11. Ohh, Yes! If you're feeling the concept and would like to add some thoughts, build your charrie and minions, and help us make this story happen, then by all means!

    What ideas do you have in mind for our antagonist? Keep in mind, he'll possibly a follower of Inzonai or the reincarnated spirit of that dragon god. Whatever you want to do with that info, then go for it!

    If you good with all of this, then our 3P is complete!
  12. I can multitask if need be. I don't suppose I'd start as him but the reincarnated Inzonai seems greatly interesting to play and I even have a few ideas for his minions thus far. I have no questions off the top of my head but I'll bring them up as they come.
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  13. Alright, just checking on everyone to see if all is good; don't want to forget this exist before we can really start working on it.
  14. K, Closing this out, cause not only does it look like anything happening here, but I've lost interest in building this to the vision I saw before. Too much going on for me, so I'm storing this in my notes for a later day.
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