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"Time is the coin of your life, and only you may choose how it is spent."
Doctor Sledge, 3143 A.D.

Time travel. A thought that has been in the minds and dreams of men for centuries. The capability to move from one point to another on an ever changing timeline, the opportunity to witness monumental events and change the course of history.

This dream was achieved by Dr. Sledge, a brilliant geneticist, but unnoticed by the world. His life was devoted to the process of proving his unorthodox theory: that there is somehow a link binding time and the genes of a human together. He believed that, through much work, this "link" can be manipulated, allowing certain individuals to pass through time itself. Years he spent in his lair, torturing countless human test subjects, desperately trying to prove his theory right. Many experiments failed; many subjects were put to death.

And, at last, the Seekers were born.

Dr. Sledge gazed proudly at his creations: the first time travelers. They were perfect creatures, void of any emotion or memory, meek slaves ready to bide to their master's command. Dr. Sledge was bursting with pride over his accomplishment, ready to show the world these new inventions of brilliance...

But the Seekers had yet to finish their mutations. Their genes were in a constant state of change, and they didn't change in a good way. Slowly, they morphed into creatures much more beastly in appearance than human. Dark and twisted by the dark hearts of their former human form, these new monsters harbored malice and fury, rebelling against their creator. They saw themselves as a superior race, unfitting for their roles as slaves.

Dr. Sledge quickly lost control. The Seekers, who renamed themselves "Primes," bound together in one unstoppable force and broke free from the Doctor's authority. They are now leaping through time with ease, causing a myriad of troubles throughout history and the future.

It is because of this that Sledge created the Guardians. With the same time-traveling capabilities as the Primes, the Guardians are sworn to protect the humans from the dangers of both the past... and the future. Their mission? Destroy the Primes at all cost. The fate of man rests in their hands

Character Template
Sections marked with "*" are required. Erase words not in bold upon posting. Age is not included, for they are all only a few days old, but appear to be in their mid-twenties. Primes are NPCs; you cannot be one.

Name*: All Guardians' names are written in Latin dialect. Use Google translate ( to help you in choosing a name. The name reflects a character's personality. Example: Misericordia is Latin for Mercy, so this character would likely be kind and compassionate.​

Name Translation*: The English translation of your Latin name.

Nickname: If your name is a mouthful, you may shorten it.

Gender*: Male/Female.

Appearance*: Picture, words, or both. Any clothes they have could be subject to change as they pass through various eras. At the story start, all characters have futuristic looking clothes (jumpsuits, spandex, ect.)

Personality: All Guardians are truly pure at heart, but that does not prohibit a development of unique qualities.

Mutations: These can be whatever you like, as long as they aren't gruesome or demonic.

Powers: Besides that of time-travel. No limit on these, as long as you include one weakness for each in the "weaknesses" section below. Nothing dark, like demonic or blood-magic. Remember, the Guardians are pure.

Weaknesses*: Only required if character possesses powers.

Weapons: Please be realistic as to how many they have, and specify where each is stored (on the back, at the hip, ect.). Pictures of each weapon are allowed.

Other: Fighting styles, likes, dislikes, ect. No pets or relationships at the moment: the Guardians were born a few days ago for Pete's sake.

Approved Characters
Account Name::Character Name (Translation)::Link to bio
  1. Sebby-Chan::Acutulus(Clever)::Bio
  2. Mio Ichigo::Glacialis(Icy)::Bio
  3. Loveless::Arden(Thrilled)::Bio
  4. Raiu::Fractus Animus(Broken Soul)::Bio
  5. Nightstalker::Iudica(Judge)::Bio
  6. Cyaninde::Gemma(Trinket)::Bio
  7. Bellsong::Silius Guadium(Silent Joy)::Bio
  8. Lawkheart::Angeli Daemones(Devil's Angel)::Bio
  9. Crona::Curiositas(Curiosity)::Bio
  10. OPEN​

My Character(s)

Name: Malacia

Name Translation: Calm

Nickname: None at the moment; she will allow her companions to decide this.

Gender: Female

(Height is 5'8. A slit is inserted into the back of the suit for wings)

Personality: Malacia's soothing words will turn a man full of rage into a placid, rational individual. Kind, compassionate, and meek, her words of wisdom are a gift to any who listens. She acts like a mother to the group, calming the frightened and scolding the fools.

(Tattoo spreads over back, tips curl around shoulders and waist. See "powers" for use)

Flight ~ Malacia's seemingly normal tattoo springs to life. Colors swirl into the drawing, and the picture leaps from her back, morphing from flat ink to a pair of robotic, razor sharp wings:
Light of Serenity ~ A bright, explosive orb of energy that is cast from her hands. Burns a Prime, but heals a Guardian. When fully charged, it can disperse up to three enemies in a silent, white explosion.
Serenity's Protection ~ A form of the Serenity power. Malacia envelopes herself and/or allies in a sphere of white energy, forming a shield from the attacks of an enemy. The force field seems to pulse, with rings of a light blue rippling through the surface.
Rage ~ A very dangerous power, one that only appears when Malacia is in deep distress. A tornado of white energy encompasses a target, whether enemy or ally, swirling in an uncontrolled fury.

Weaknesses: All of Malacia's powers consume her energy, and she is usually weak and vulnerable after a strong attack.
Flight ~ Malacia's wings aren't organic, but completely mechanical, and, like other devices, are susceptible to certain dangers. Water will cause the wings to short circuit, and threaten electrocution. The wings are not as flexible as organic wings, and are prone to shatter if hit with enough force.
Serenity's Light ~ A bright, white orb of energy cast from her hands. Blinds and burns a Prime, but heals a Guardian. Its burns against a prime are minor to moderate, depending on how long she charges it. The same is considered when the light is used for healing: the longer she charges the orb, the more she will be able to heal.
Serenity's Protection ~ Can only withstand a certain amount of damage. If the shield breaks, the entire force is felt only by her, keeping any allies inside the sphere safe. This puts her life in tremendous risk, however.
Rage ~ This power is completely dependant on one emotion: anger; This is rarely seen in Malacia, but is still possible. Once activated, it is extremely hard to control, and endangers not only herself but also her allies. After using it, she is completely drained, and runs the risk of slipping into a coma if not dieing altogether.

Chakrams of Light ~ channels Serenity's Light, stored at each hip, used during ground attack. Photo:
Other: Malacia doesn't enjoy fighting, but will do so to protect her companions. If a battle ensues, her fighting style is usually slow and calculated, and she prefers a surprise aerial assault rather than head-on collisions on foot.
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I'll claim this spot~
EDIT: I'm using Curiosity so please don't use it.
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Awesome! ^^
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Seems supremely interesting, so I save this spot.
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Sweet! :D
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Might go prime, so save a spot for me!
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You can't be a Prime though
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Damn, that sucks. Shows how skimmiong can skip important details
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Yeah, I put Primes as NPCs, just because they don't appear until far into the storyline, and the focus is mainly on the Guardians. Maybe, eventually, I'll allow Primes, but for now it's only Guardians. ^^
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I can.

Can I be a near "failure" of a Guardian? Like his body isn't stable and seems sickly though his power can be uncontrolable.

In short, quick healing, damaging power.

TENTICAL out of nowhere cuts spinal cord!

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Of course, that sounds awesome!
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Morning! Anyone on?
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I'm not joining cuz I dun wanna join and not have time to post.. o.o
But I want to say, this is a wonderful plot idea. And I congratulate you, Rinoa-san, for being awesome. >:3
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No, you are awesome. Thank you!
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Someone brought up a good question to me via PM: What kind of weapons can a charrie have? Answer: any you can imagine!

Dr. Sledge had, for a while, the Primes under his control, and I'm sure they picked up a myriad of trinkets for him throughout time, including weapons. Weapons can range from prehistoric clubs to futuristic ray guns; the sky's the limit!

Feel free to PM me with any other questions you have, as well as plot suggestions/requests. ^^
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Oohh, OK, I'm a kid, and I donno if I'm to young for this or not, but whatevs! I wanna join!! So try and save a spot for me!!! (Cat like girl! I always play one!) And if ya'll don't want me to join, thats fine with me., LOLz.
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Of course you can join! ^^
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Rinoa, I think my joining will but us in like...what 3 rps together? x D We have the same tastes evidently ^ ^ Definitly joining.
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Name: Acutulus

Name Translation: Clever

Nickname: Perhaps something to do with his fox-like intelligence? Vulpe perhaps?

Gender: Male


Personality: Quick thinking and sharp tongued, Acutulus has little patience for idiocy or nonsense in 90% of situations. He often comes off as snappy or rude, though he can be spotted profusely apologizing after the situation of stress has passed. When he feels at ease with his fellow Guardians, his beautiful mind is used from more mischievous pursuits including pranks and silliness. He adores learning about anything of any variety, so time travel seems a perfect destiny for him. Finally, his ingenuity in pressed situation proves to be his greatest attribute.

Mutations: Acutulus' body is lined with veins like any humanoid creature, but his, when in stress or battle, glow a bright, vivid violet as a mixture of chemicals pump through him. The concoction consists mostly of adrenaline but also contains several experimental stimulants that seem to slow time for Acutulus, putting his mind into overdrive. His eyes are a strange pink/red shade that allows for night and limited thermal vision.

Chemical Rush- As mentioned above when the going gets tough Acutulus' body goes into an overdrive mode that lights up his veins with chemicals most humans couldn't handle. Time slows in Acutulus' mind, giving him time to assess the situation and make the best tactical decisions.
Speed- Acutulus' speed is immense in all aspects, running, thinking, attacking, everything he does is swift and calculated
Night Vision/Thermal Vision- Self explanatory
Agility/Flexibility/Stealth- His thin body and combined extreme speed allow for free-running, jumping and silent steps
Accuracy- His mind moves so quickly that Acutulus has fantastic accuracy

Chemical Rush- When the chemical cocktail wears off, the Guardian's mind is sluggish and his body exhausted much like one would be after a marathon.
Speed/Agility?Stealth- Acutulus' body sacrifices strength and endurance for speed, meaning that should he be caught his body has very little defense and he can very easily hurt.
Night Vision/Thermal Vision- His eyes can be burned if these are used for too long.
Accuracy- Mental exhaustion can ensue to any warrior after a long time

Weapons: Set of explosive throwing knives, a great bow his height that can be broken into two halves stored on each hip or shortened to serve as a short bow. A quiver of various types of arrows including explosive arrows and even some that carry an electric charge.

Other: Acutulus is all about tactical, calculated fighting finished as quickly as possible. He aims for weak points and puts plans into action.
Re: Guardians of Time (Plot, App, OOC)

Name*: Glacialis​

Name Translation*: Icy, Frozen

Nickname: N/A

Gender*: Female

Appearance*: She has a black chain that has a black dragon spiraling around a water drop shaped sapphire pendant that glows when she uses her powers.
T131180932740ea70490132c13594cc9cb9056d459bd.jpgCode%u00252BGeass%2BCC%2BAnime.jpg(the 2nd picture is of R2 from Code Geass, and it's there because her outfit is what Clacialis wears)

Personality: She gives off an icy aura normally, but she's actually kind and caring if she wishes to be. Glacialis can normally keep her calm, but when she does get angry it's best to avoid her at all costs. Sometimes her personality won't be the same, but sometimes it is, it varies with mood. Also, she has a problem with following orders, but she will follow them, just hate them with a dire passion.

Mutations: Glacialis has cat ears and a cat tail that appear whenever she uses her abilities. She also has a tattoo of a black cat and a white crescent moon on her lower back.

Element Manipulation/Control: Her ears and tail appear and her pendant glows. She can use the elements around her (i.e. water, ice, fire, earth) and shape it as she pleases.

Cat Form: Glacialis takes the form of an ordinary black house cat with ice blue eyes. This form gives her more stealth when it is needed.

Fury of the Ice: In this state her ears and tail appear and her tattoo and pendant glow. Her skin will turn white as snow and her ice cold ice blue. She can summon up ice from thin air and use it in any shape.

Elemental Manipulation/Control: She can only use what is around her, nothing more than that. Also, she can only use natural elements and natural combinations (i.e. no brick, glass, concrete, or other unnatural sources).

Cat Form: In her cat form she has the same power as any other household cat that you would see, so she's not very strong. Also, she can't use any of her other powers while in this form.

Fury of the Ice: This can only be used as a last resort, as it takes a lot of energy to use this state. In this state she cannot hear nor speak to anyone and usually has no comprehension whatsoever.

Katana: She carries two Japanese katana (about 73 cm or 28.7 in) on her back in an 'X' cross on her back. The handles are ice blue and white, while the sheaths are also ice blue with a white cherry blossom pattern. The blades are pure white and look as if they're made from snow.

Wakizashi: A short sword that she keeps on her left hip (about 30 cm or 12 in). The handle is black with blue and the sheath is blue with a black dragon spiraling up it. And the blade is black with a red flame shaped guard.

Tantō: A small knife sized sword that she keeps on her right thigh (about 15 cm or 6 in). The handle and sheath are black with a light blue cherry blossom pattern on them. The blade is a light blue, or somewhat ice color.

Other: She usually sneaks up on her enemies and prefers stealth over all else, but she doesn't mind a one on one combat or any other type of fight.
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