Guardians of the Iron Wall

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~The Gods have been gone for a very, very long time.~
Some people doubt if they ever existed in the first place,
but then, some people doubt everything these days.
The world is dark, now. Dark, and small.
At least, for the remaining members of humanity,
cramped inside one medium-sized city.


The Iron Wall is the only thing that seems to keep the darkness at bay.
It's the only thing that seems to keep them out.
The Iron Wall, and its Guardians.
But things have been getting worse, these days.
The attacks are more violent, more successful.
More people are taken each time.
The darkness grows, but some how, so does the strength of Humanity.

"We've made it this far, why stop now?"

About 300 hundred years ago, the world fell to darkness. Some say the Gods got sick of the sins of man and left, others are more optimistic and think it was nothing but a bout of miserably bad luck and the Gods are still on our side. It's impossible to know, but there are some things that we know for certain.

All that's left of humanity lives in hiding. The largest settlement is the last great stronghold of man: Faernhath.
We're about 700,000 strong and the city was well built, vast farmlands, fresh water, all the necessities of life were made sure to be a part of the inside. Inside of what? Well, the last defense humanity has against the Fallen Ones: The Iron Wall.

Every settlement is surrounded by a massive wall, built to keep us safe and keep all the darkness out. Many believe the Gods gave us those walls, for none can say how it was possible for them to be built so tall, and so thick, in so short a time. But the gods left us with something else, too: Guardians.

Throughout the generations, there are children that have been born with attributes of the Gods. Some can see in the dark, some can lift inhuman masses or run at inhuman speeds. These people are special, about 1/50,000. And they have jobs, duties, brought on by this bloodrite. They are bound by honor and tradition to be defenders of the wall, scouts to travel beyond and reclaim our kind from the foul beasts that lie beyond, in the darkness.

The Fallen Ones are what we face, our greatest threat.

They feed off of us. Use us as breeding stock, or even things of pleasure

Some say they were once human themselves, but then, that would make them cannibals. None would look at one and find a piece of their own humanity within them, but they share our appearances, to a degree, and they speak in our tongue... They've been growing stronger, the last few decades and when they attack, they don't take one or two... they take dozens.

The Academy was formed to prepare the new generations of Guardians for their roles. With the newest batch of recruits rolling in, their timing couldn't be more perfect.

Things are getting bad... if the Gods are still with us, we'll pray they help these young men and women defend us and fight back against the monsters that threaten our future.
By: @Soulserenity20

Guardians of the Iron Wall is dark, libertine fantasy roleplay made by the user @Soulserenity20. We’re looking to recruit more players for our story. In this setting, player characters play the part of newbie guardians who are sent to an academy to train; the story will follow this new group of guardians as they mature and grow into the heroes they’re supposed to be. All the characters are adults, our youngest being 18 and our oldest student in their upper twenties. In the academy, dorm rooms are assigned and students will be assigned to either Class A or Class B. Students come from all walks of life, with no real rhyme or reason with how they are chosen by the gods. Every guardian is blessed with a gift of power from the god who chose them. On the original OOC thread, there will be a list of gods and their abilities to choose from. However with each gift there is also a price (also listed on the OOC thread)

Story wise, we aren’t too far along yet. We are on page 14 in the IC thread and it is the second day of classes at the academy. The OOC thread is a bit daunting with its page number, but we’re all friendly people for the most part (ignore persona), so don’t feel too shy to stop by and leave a message or shoot Soul or me a PM if you have any questions or would like to join the RP. This RP is long and plot driven, our GM Soul has another roleplay running that has been in action for over a year and she hopes to get a good group of dedicated players so she can do the same with this one.

So thank you for clicking on our ad, and we hope to hear from some of you soon.

OOC Thread

IC Thread

Users to PM: @Soulserenity20 & @Silver (Gm & coGM)



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We're still open and looking for new students! Come and take a gander!

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I am very interested in this, I am commenting so I can find this again.
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