Guardians of the Emblem (Fire Emblem RP)

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500 years after the war of Yllistol, and the fall of Validar and the evil dragon, Grima. A man of great hatred has a similar plan to destroy the world. He plans to get the Emblem for himself and raise the satanic dragon, Typhun from the deepest depths of hell. His plot to destroy Macaria will have to come to an end.
The Army of Alacard has been brought together to defeat Mariox on his Ekwan Army and keep him from stealing the sacred Fire Emblem which has been guarded by Naga and Tiki for thousands of years. Our warriors will fight a tough battle. They will fight life and limb to defend their world. They will find love, make friends, and discover their enemies.
But the fight wont be so easily won...

Map of Macaria:


Alacard: The capital country of Macaria. It settles in in the South end of the continent. It is covered in lush forests and rich land.

Niseria: Set in the Northern region of Macaria. It is very cold and thick blankets of show cover the land. The people from there are very hardy and know their resources.

Ekwa: The center, mountain country of the main continent. It is very rocky and has a treacherous terrain. Not very many people would fair living there. But the ones who do call it home.

Rosdend: The island continent to the West across the Great Rift. Its very flat and plain like.

Guredo: The Eastern island with a large bay. It is said that richest water in the word comes from there.

Wyvern Mountain: A small island north of Guredo. The most adept of Wyvern Riders come from there.
-Some IwakuRP rules apply
-Mild swearing is ok
-Stay with the plot pleAS E
-Maximum of 1 character for now
-All units MUST start as a Primary Class
-Primary classes earn skills at levels 1 and 10
-You may promote to a new class when reached level 20
-Secondary class skills are earned at levels 5 and 15
-If you choose a class with either a Horse, Pegasus, and/or Wyvern, you MUST have the corresponding animal
-The animal's name can be put in the Other section of the form
-Some classes or only limited to either Males or Females
-Lord, Great Lord, Conqueror, Lodestar, Dread Fighter, and Bride classes will not be available
-Lets keep the Classes even. I don't want too many of one class
-Please read the links carefully when selecting a class
-Your weapons will break after a certain amount of uses
-You will gain stronger weapons as your weapon proficiancy goes up
-All weapons classes start at an E level. Meaning weapons will be Bronze and Tomes will be basic Thunder, Fire, Wind, and Flux
-Dark Tomes are only limited to Dark Mages and Sorcerers
-Relationships are gained through support and combat. So having a significant other in the very beginning is prohibited.
-I have the right to reject your form if i do not want you in my role play
-Characters like Marth, Ike, Chrom, Robin, and Lucina are deemed dead in this time. They are not playable characters.
-Characters like Naga, Tiki, Mariox, and Typhun are concidered NPC's. Which means nobody has permission to play them.
-Choose a class wisely
-Do not PowerPlay or be Over Powered please
-Use an OC of your OWN CREATION
-Please sign up on this thread
-Most importantly is to enjoy yourselves :)
-Also please not that this is my first RP on here! So please try to support me as best as possible qvq
Promoting to:
Romantic Support:
Friendship Support:
Questions or Concerns:
My Form:
Name: Beau Arberus
Age: 19
Height: 6'2"
Gender: Male
Birthday: April 2nd
Class: Mercenary
Skills: Armsthrift. Receives Patience at lvl 10
Promoting to: Hero
Origin: Nisaria

Wears the normal Mercenary uniform

And eventually the Hero armor

Personality: Very social and nice. He enjoys being around other other people. But sometimes he can be irritated easily. He takes his role as Mercenary very seriously. He will do anything possible to be a good leader and not get anyone seriously hurt or killed. If that happens he blames himself completely for being such a bad leader.
History(optional): No thanks
Romantic Support: Open
Friendship Support: Open
Other: Nah
Questions or Concerns: Nah
Accepted Characters:
Beau Arberus: NyanCat15
None and lets keep it that way c:


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Name: Felicity Walker
Age: 17
Height: 5'6"
Gender: Female
Birthday: Feburary 14th
Class: Dancer
Skills: Luck +4 (Special Dance at Level 15)
Promoting to: None
Origin: Guredo
Appearance: image.jpg
Personality: Mature, and acts older than her actual age. Although she is not legally an adult, people often mistaken her as one due to her height and the way she uses formal speech. Although she appears collected and calm, she has a severe case of stage fright, and she can also be quite childish once one gets to know her (Around Support B or A). She usually doesn't like to reveal her stage fright, as she tries to get her mind off the fact she is dancing in front of people or on a battle field. Her body is skinny and frail, however she can make her way with a sword with the right amount of practice. She is quick on her feet as well, and prides herself in being so lucky as she is.
History(optional): As a child, she was open and cheery, dancing and singing every day, to the point she has asked for lessons. She is an expirianced dancer, however was sheltered and spoiled, thus she has very little fighting expirience.
Romantic Support: Open
Friendship Support: Open
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