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  1. Given one of the key elements of this idea, I felt this was the only appropriate place to post this.

    So years ago there was an online fan fiction story a woman and her friend posted on a website named Lin's Domain. It was taken down years ago, but I still remember much of it and think it would be great for an RP setting of multiple threads(a group, some oneXones that are related to the main plot). I would be GMing this as a tribute to the original, with creative license of course as the original reference material no longer exists, and I don't remember all of it.

    The main background: In a time before time, the universe existed as one of chaos with no borders. Demons were free to hunt humans, Dragons to roam about and serve masters or reign destruction on human and demon alike, and spirits floated about as well.

    A group of Magi who had elevated to the level of Demi-gods, in league with beings of pure light(Videni) won a war to end a race of dark energy beings (Deseni) that wanted this chaos to continue. These Magi gave their lives to erect borders that divide the universe into Demon World, Human World, Spirit World, and Otherworld. One of the Videni took male form and claimed responsibility for Spirit World, while the three remaining Videni made vows to honor the sacrifice of the Magi by protecting the borders. They do this by enthralling Demons, lesser Magi, and other champions into their service as muscle and diplomats as needed.

    Demon World is populated by demons of three overall types:
    Animal (Bat, Dog, Wolf, Lion, etc) that can change between a humanoid and beast form thanks to the Magi who sectioned it off(for reasons yet to be explored). These are very common.

    Elemental: Embodying the destructive parts of an element, these Demons have only a humanoid form and are very rare.

    The Third and rarest are represented only by the handful of Battle Demons that roam around, though one has been in control of a large chunk of Demon World for ages. They are very powerful and live for conflict (like the Saiyans from DBZ) They exist only in humanoid form with the older having elaborate tattoos. Their lack of numbers comes from a curse that renders their abilities dormant in any offspring until several generations later.

    So anyway I'm looking to populate this RP world and would love your participation in doing so. For ease of reading, I'd rather not have EVERYTHING in one thread but that will be covered later if and when people become interested.

    I will be playing a character named Desmond, a god-like entity who was responsible for the original Demons. Since they have been confined to a smaller world than intended, many species have died off and he has awoken from his slumber to repopulate the Demon races, then lead them on to conquest of Human World. He starts in Human World, bringing lost humans to his side and transforming them into Demons. See the thread Return of a Demon God for more info.

    Sorry for any confusion, but here are some additional plot-relevant things to know before the thread starts.

    Otherworld is the space between the Demon, Spirit, and Human Worlds that acts as a buffer zone between them all and where the Videni live. Since SlatersDeath will be the only active Videni character, he can make this world any kind he wants. And while there are three Videni, since we've only got the one, for practical reasons I'm going to say unless their chosen realm is directly threatened the others won't lift a finger.

    The plot will start in the Human World, specifically in Gateway City(your generic city by the sea in America) but eventually move to Otherworld by...shenanigans i.e whatever happens as these characters interact.

    Desmond, Ares, stock characters-Myself
    Adeline the Spider Demon and Sweetie-Rozie Pozie
    At least (2) more demons.


    Guardian of Human World: Seth Delanaye-SlatersDeath
    His/Her Mates(3):
    1. Keira Flamewind-Rozie Pozie

    Dragons (2):
    Phoenix 'Nix'-Jae

    Ally Character(s):
    Beatrix 'Bee' Abentroth-Ms. Ezra.

    All character sexual orientations and whatnot accepted.

    Please submit the following application if interested. You can be a demon, Magi, or an exceptionally gifted human. Dragons can have human forms, but will be about as rare as a Battle Demon and like them are immune to the enthrallment effects of the Guardians, but will work with them as an ally. Pictures not required but appreciated. In fact use a pic of an anime character if you want as that was what Lin did often.

    Age: (what age do they appear to be in some cases)
    Appearance:( much detail as possible if a picture can't be found)


    Ideally I expect good grammar, be able to post at three detailed paragraphs, and can focus more on plot than smut.

    Also: Post any questions here so others can be informed as well.

    Looking forward to anyone interested!
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  2. EDIT: Reduced the roles. Got a bit too ambitious.
  3. Name: Adeline Amare
    Age: appears 17, actually several centuries old.
    Race: Spider demon
    Appearance: (Humanoid) [​IMG]
    (Demon) [​IMG]

    Her humanoid appearance is disarming and deceptive, a defense for survival. Her species has gone all but extinct. Most either inbred to keep the line pure or didn't mate at all. Her race was dwindling.
  4. This is very interesting. May I join?
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  5. Hi person! We're still looking for people c: go ahead and make a profile. Kaltao can answer any questions you have~
  6. I'd just like to know if I can play the guardian of human world and a dragon as partner
  7. Hmm. Since Dragons would only be allies and not mates in the same sense as others, so long as you're comfortable playing multiple characters I don't see why not.

    Sorry for the delay. I'm not getting notified of the new replies to this thread.
  8. I might be interested. Rozie recruited me. Looking to see what you guys still need.
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  9. Is there another spot open?
  10. We have plenty of room :)
  11. I have a slight question, are dragons allowed or no?
  12. Dragons are allowed, but only two or else I think everyone would want to be a Dragon. I mean, who doesn't want to be a dragon? Editing the first post to clarify.
  13. You want CS in here?
  14. What is CS?
  15. Yes, if you please. Sorry I know so many acronyms hard to keep them straight.
  16. You're fine. I'll type it up and post it here. Just found the picture I think I'll use.
  17. Name: Seth Delanaye

    Age: ?? (Appears 27)

    Race: Videni over the Human World, Human

    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Background: Seth chose the Human world because of the potential mankind had. Not willing that they should fall under the wrong type of leadership, he offered to take the mantle as its Demi-god in order to ensure at good men prosper and that the realm never fall to the tyranny of monsters be it humans or others if the barriers were to fall.
  18. Wasn't sure on age. Let me know if anything needs to be edited.

  19. Phoenix 'Nix'


    Dragon form~

    Appears 18 (Is really over centuries old)


    Phoenix uses her humanoid form normally to trick others into thinking she was a demon, or even a human with supernatural abilities.
    Nix enjoys terrorizing demons, either it be attacking them or simply saying witty things around them. Because of being one of very few dragons, Nix is often seen roaming the Demon World alone, in human form or dragon form.

    -Enjoys to trick people
    -Hot-headed, stubborn, and very blunt.
    -Deceptive and dark
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