Guardians of Hope

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  1. Azon stood solemnly on the edge of an Oceanside cliff. Across that ocean, he was sure, mortals waited for the Guardians to return. Not many understood the electromagnetic barrier he had been upholding for the past few weeks that kept humans out. Behind him was a small abandoned castle inhabited by what was left of the Guardians. He waited for the Guardian's of Fire and Ice to awaken, so they could begin training.
  2. The early morning sun filtered through the slats of wood on the makeshift shutters in the room. The air was heavy with motes of dust that flashed as they passed the milky bars of sunlight. In one corner of the room, the light gleamed off of a frosted scythe that leaned against the stone walls. In the distance, the soft rumble of waves crashing upon the shore could be heard. A fine mist of dirt rained down when yet another slight tremor tore through the aging castle; it would not remain tall much longer.

    The light illuminated a young, slender figure sleeping on the bed, his forehead beaded with perspiration. The morning breeze did little to calm his fitful bout of sleep. He tossed and he turned on the rough woolen cot, trying to fight off the horrible memories that beset him.

    By now the sun had climbed higher in the sky and the temperature was rising slowly. The cot began to groan and whine as the man that slept on it became more and more agitated in his slumber. The beads of sweat on his forehead turned to rivulets that streamed down his face to join streaks of tears that flowed down from his eyes. These began to freeze as the temperature in the room dropped and a chill settled over it.

    A pair of dark eyes flew open as the boy on the cot sat bolt upright. A single whisper escaped his lips. "Raion..."
  3. Darkness engulfed the world as the night took hold, creatures of all kinds returning to the safety of their homes to rest. No different for the Guardians, stationed on their ocean side fortress, the moon was full and sky cloudless, the heavenly stars shined brightly in the night while the soft caresses of the sea crashed her waves upon the cliff side, its gentle roar like a sweet melody to those sleeping within the castle. But just as quickly the night take hold of the world, it was soon driven away by the light, the celestial body of light and life began to peek over the horizon. With long, warm arms the sun stretched across the ocean before bathing their home in its wonderful light. In the high tower of the castle a young male slept, a silken sheet covering his half naked body, the suns light creeping up his form before bathing him in its light. His eyes stirred slightly beneath the lids before slowly opening greeting the new day with a soft sigh and yawn, slowly sitting up the male turned his head gazing out the window looking over the vast ocean as the light reflected of the surface making it seem as gems sparkled upon the liquid surface. His crimson hues narrowed slightly as the light reflected off his twin katanas perched upon their small alter on the wall, with a heavy sigh, lifting his hands slowly running his fingers through his messy black hair before tossing the sheet aside rising to his feet revealing his well toned muscular body to the world as the sun warmed his skin. Walking to his window looking out towards the cliffs edge he already saw Azon waiting. How he dreaded training, groaning softly in annoyance he turned walking to his wardrobe, opening its doors as he removed the pants he slept in, trading them for a pair of loose fitting black pants, then retrieving a silky fabric vest shirt that was kept opened, foregoing his gloves since they were simply training he returned to the weapon stand gazing upon the flawless gleaming steel before wrapping his digits around the hilt of one sword lifting it from its resting place slowly running his fingers down the face of the blade before sliding it into its prison, the rasping of the steel was almost like a cry as it returned to the darkness of its sheath. Repeating again with the second sword he held both in his left hand as he approached his window, peering down at the courtyard below he closed his eyes sighing once more before hopping up onto the ledge and with one step he fell from his window.

    Free falling from his chambers, the wind whipping at his hair and clothes, his eyes snapped open at the last second and as his feet made contact with the cobblestone his knees bent, absorbing the impact as he landed with a dull thud. Clearing his throat he made his way to the main gate that led out to the spot where Azon waited, securing both swords to his left hip, his foot steps silent as he approached Azon's side. Greeted by a burst of fresh ocean air as a wave crashed upon the cliff side sending a fine mist of salt water into the sky. Smiling as he welcomed the embrace of the sea his crimson eyes gazed out over the vast horizon waiting silently for the others to join them.
  4. Azon turned his head slightly at the appearance of Hayate. "Awake, finally?". He drew his trident from its place in the boulder beside him with little difficulty. "No matter, we should begin energy training after I awaken Paxcel.." Azon spun around and aimed his Trident above Paxcel's room, hoping to cause some rocks to fall on his bed. "Go!" A flash of lightning struck the end of his Trident, and in a half of a second, the lightning charge shot at his target, causing a small explosion, as he heard a few rocks crumbled over his room. "Get your ass up!" he yelled.
  5. Paxzel had already dressed, grabbed his scythe and was standing in the doorway when he heard a loud crack and a reverberating boom. He flinched and shook his head in annoyance. He felt the castle shake underneath his feet and felt the fine mist of dirt rain down on him from the gaps in the mortar. He winced when he felt the stone groan again and a piece of stone fell and cracked in the middle of his room.

    He drove the butt of his scythe on the stone floor in mild irritation. A small area around the impact point froze. Donning his indifference, Paxzel strode out of the palace and confronted Azon. "Your immature stunts are going to rob us of a place to stay before long. Calm yourself."
  6. "Do you really believe you have any right to order me around? I could destroy you!" he muttered. "You are correct though." he said aloud after he regained his calm. "Anyway. We will be commencing energy training today, before we teach the mortals a lesson, this weekend. Watch me." Azon focused his energy into his palms, causing a yellow aura to appear over his hands. "This color; Yellow, is the heir of lightning. The aura around his hand was a flame. He aimed his palms down, shooting upwards and landing on a sturdy branch of a tree. "Paxcel, focus your energy into your hands... You too, Hayate"
  7. Paxzel caught what Azon had said and looked icily at the other boy. "I was not ordering you around. I was simply stating facts and requesting that you calm yourself before things get out of hand."

    "Your aggression will spell much trouble for us, Azon." thought Paxzel to himself. He set his scythe beside him and quickly felt his hand longing for the cold shaft. He ignored the sensation and focused on the energy that flowed through his veins. He concentrated on drawing it from all around his body and pooling it in his palms.

    The icy-blue aura flared into life and seemed like a flame frozen in time. Paxzel found it strangely mesmerizing. "Now what?"
  8. Hayate simply sighed at the two, closing his eyes for a moment or two with his arms crossed before his chest. "Both of you are idiots....." He said softly in a cold voice but loud enough for the other two to hear. Opening his eyes his crimson optics gazing out over the vast ocean admiring its beauty as Paxzel joined them, doing what Azon instructed. Energy training he called it, for what reason he did not know for Hayate was already a master at controlling his energy and element but he sighed and shrugged before letting his arms fall slowly to his side, palms facing towards the great ocean before green energy began to form and pool in his hand representing the earth element he controlled. "There you happy now?" He waited quietly for whatever Azon had planned next.
  9. Azon glared at Hayate, changing his expression when he instructed Paxcel "Now, point your hands down, imagine the surge of energy coming downwards, though, prepare yourself, the initial thrust is... troublesome." he warned. He looked back at Hayate. "If I am such an idiot..." he glared a bit.. "...Then how come you came here with us to train?" he glared a bit more, waiting for a response. "If your going to downgrade us, then you can leave." he shot. He tapped his foot in annoyance, waiting to see when Paxcel's energy pools would run out.
  10. Paxzel raised an eyebrow at Azon when he said the word troublesome. Not taking his eyes off of the other man for a few seconds more, he turned his hand downwards, the frozen flame's tongues pointing at the ground. He looked at the ground and concentrated upon directing and releasing his energy downwards. The frozen flame shattered and Paxzel was sent flying straight up into the sky.

    For a moment, he was shooting straight up, but the next thing he knew, he was hurtling across the water. Behind him were twin trails of frost that hung in the air, slowly drifting down. "Damn it." he breathed. He cut off the flow of energy and reached out with it instead and froze the water. He landed a bit roughly and a sharp, brief pain radiated up his legs.

    When he recovered, he nonchalantly began walking back to land on the thin sheet of ice he had created. Behind him, the ice was breaking again. "Remind me again why I agreed to this, Azon."
  11. Azon giggled a bit. "It was entirely your decision." he said. "You need to change the output of your flames in order to suit your level of control. The Flames are a complicated thing, this I discovered last year." Azon's voice was sharp and clear. "The flames are sort of like, Gem Classification, in a way." He paused "The flame's strength are based on a purity level. The purer the flame, the larger the output of energy. Perfect flames have almost never existed." He stopped and waited for a response from Paxcel, making sure he understood everything.
  12. "Well, Azon, death or life with you wasn't really much of a choice, was it?" said Paxzel scornfully. "Yeah. I realize that now after being shot off of a cliff. Thank you very much for the warning." Paxzel frowned apathetically at Azon as he clambered back on to the island. He was beginning to get on his nerves.

    "I'd say that flame I just had was pretty pure. How do you define pure anyway?"