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  1. It started out much like every other day. The duo held hands as they began to walk around their connected rooms. Onyx could tell that something was the matter with her lover. "What's the matter Carny?" She said wishing she could place a hand on her face to calm her down beloved. Carnelian huffed slightly rustling her messy bangs that hung over where her eyes would have been. I was her way of avoid the question really. "Bad feeling...." She mumbled in her rugged prehistoric tone. Onyx smiled. "Come. We should hurry along. I'm sure Tiger's needed." Carnelian wrapped her arms around the gem dancing with her. Even without arms, Onyx was quite gifted. The fusion was stunning as usual and soon Tiger's Eye was formed.

    Quickly the beast-like woman made her way to the door and opening it with the power her gems held. She looked around slightly. It was quiet. That was very rare. "No fun! Did everyone like... Leave without me or something!?" She said with a huff before leaping and landing herself down on the sofa in the small home among the temple. She sniffed the air slightly catching that scent again. No doubt it was donuts. No gem really had to eat but she did it mostly because it was fun.

    She quickly scuttled her way to the counter and looked around. They smelled too fresh. Almost as if someone had just placed them there. She gave an evil laughter before quickly snatching them and swallowing them whole like a wild animal. Unfortunately, she seemed to have created a mess of the place. She would surely be scolded for that... Later. No rush.

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  2. [​IMG]

    Topaz was settled in her personal room of the temple, meditating as the norm, under one of the many trees that rested overhead. Her room was littered with large trees of all kinds, each decorated in many autumn shades as they remained in an eternal state of the autumn season, fiery colours decorating as far as the eye could see. Down the center, separating into many parts, was a deep grey stone path that at some point, would lead to the main clearing of the room. For now though, the gem was just perched between a random tree, legs folded and arms loose on her lap as eyes remained closed. Though, moments later, the branches swayed as if wind caught their forms, despite the lack of it, causing her eyes to flutter open to study the area.

    Imperial topaz had gotten to her feet, only now showing the true extent of her form. She was quite tall for a single gem but was no where near the height of a fusion. She had quite the curvy figure with hair that fell to her waist with elegant curls here and there. Her skin was a peachy orange with dark orange orbs to match her hair, that was pulled into a high ponytail. For a moment, she scanned the area before she decided on her next course of action,a small grin coming to her lips. She turned on her heels, the chiffon over skirt fluttering with the movement as the light orange material danced, Topaz headed over towards the door of the temple, intending to start the day. Adorning her usual attire of course.

    Once she reached the exit of her domain,she reached up a bare hand, letting fingers rest against the deep orange gem settled upon her torso before she watched a similar light engulf the door. It shimmered momentarily before the surface parted in almost spiral like design. On the other side, the stone representing her shone briefly. As it opened, Topaz was quick to step out, ignoring the door as it closed behind her, she turned to see Tiger's eye upon the couch.

    Walking over to the kitchen counter, Imperial Topaz sat herself down in one of the stools, though turned to see the other as she smiled softly. "Good morning, Tiger." She greeted, her tone quiet as usual as she turned to look, briefly, at the fridge. Human food was odd she admitted, though she did find some of it to suit her tastes. "Has Nadia or Aquamarine shown their faces yet?"
  3. Just as Topaz had asked about her, Aquamarine flashed like lightning onto the portal bed, having come back from one of the many solo missions she did. Her cape like top fluttered down to rest on her hips and by her long legs, she looked at Topaz, her eyes just as sparkling as her gem. "I was checking out one of the abandoned homeworld bases, there are so many on Earth it's ridiculous." she said sighing, though as if she were in the room when she was mentioned, knowing that she had been with her Futurevision. She knew Tiger had eaten the doughnuts as well because of that power but she choose not to lecture on account that she had half a strawberry shortcake saved for herself in the fridge. She went over to pull it out and, it was gone. "Tiger!" she glared at the fusion sitting on the couch, "Did you eat my precious cake?"
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  4. The day was bright, the morning was beautiful, and Nadia was ready to go on a new adventure. The young teen smiled as she ran toward the hill near her home. She had promised to meet with her friend Leroy there, so it would do well to be early rather than late. So, the young half-gem had gotten up before dawn to get ready. The young girl had a whole plan set out. She tried to be like Aquamarine who always seemed to have a plan and thought of everything they could do on a bright day like this. Nadia giggled as she found a nice place to sit at the top of the hill, flopping down on her back to stare up at the sky. Today would be a good day.

    Nadia had left a note on her bed to tell the gems where she was, just in case they forgot about her plans with Leroy. Nadia closed her eyes as she remembered their first meeting. Oh, it had been a ride. She was surprised the boy had even agreed to hang out with her again. With that thought in mind, Nadia was going to make sure that they would have an awesome day and more afterwards. Opening her eyes, Nadia sat up and bounced slightly in place. All she had to do was wait for Leroy to come. Then they could have lots of fun together! She just had to wait. Just wait. Leroy would be there any second. Any second now... Nadia huffed as she flopped back on the ground. Who knew being early was so boring? Nadia pointed and flexed her feet, staring at the sky in hopes that it would make the time pass faster and Leroy arrive sooner.
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  5. [​IMG]

    The gem glanced around the room as Aquamarine questioned Tiger, a small smile playing on her lips at the interaction between the other two as she got up. All three gems were assembled, so Topaz went over to the steps to look for Nadia. She climbed slowly up, mostly not wanting to wake the girl she she believed was there, asleep. So once she was up, the orange haired gem blinked owlishly at the made bed as she picked up the pristine white sheet, covered in handwriting she knew belonged to Nadia. Cocking her head for a moment, Topaz turned around to the steps and hopped down them, the paper still in hand as she looked between the paper and her fellow gems.

    "Nadia went out with her human friend, Leroy."

    Walking over towards the table by the sofas, she dropped the note down before perching herself at the end, leaning back into the cushions as her lips pursed. Topaz was curious about Nadia's human friend...but she had to learn some human things, right? She was only half gem. She folded her arms across her torso before settling a hand against her chin, humming. Eventually, Topaz turned to look over at Aquamarine. "Do we have a mission today? Anything to do?" The gem asked, tilting her head slightly before looking to the door of the house. "If not...I think we should go get ice cream..." It was one of the few human foods Topaz accepted. Her tastes were quite picky.
  6. "Alright, young man, we expect great things from you, so don't get yourself in to trouble," Leroy's mom told him as he strolled out the door. He was trying to hide his smile from his mom, or else she probably would think he was doing something wrong. He carried a bag of things he wanted to show Nadia, most of them stuff relating to his favorite series of books, "The Spirit Morph Saga," which he had got her interested in a while back.

    "Of course, mother," He said, looking up at her for a moment to show her the face of an, "honest child." His mom nodded him off and he ran out the door, towards the hill. He wanted to get there about fifteen minutes early, and he timed everything perfectly. However when he got to the hill, Nadia was already there.

    He looked at her with a big smile and sat down next to her, putting his bag down on the other side. He took out a book from his bag, hoping to lend it to Nadia, so she could finish the latest book, so he wouldn't have to spoil anything. Leroy actually wanted to tell her everything. Complain to her about the few things that were awful; Celebrate the things that were absolutely awesome; Awe the plot twists and unexpected turns. Oh! He was so lucky to finally have a friend like her, to talk about stuff with.

    "Good morning, Nadia," He said, his green eyes gleaming, as he flipped the pages with his thumb, his pointer finger resting on the back of the book, "You were here awfully early. More than by 15 minutes, actually. That's actually pretty amazing. So what's new for you?"

    He enjoyed hearing about Nadia's interesting days. It was something he always looked forward to. Nadia's life was reality, but it was a lot like a few books he had enjoyed reading. Leroy never would have guessed that something so otherworldly could be true, but she had seen some things with her own eyes.
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  7. Tiger smiled as someone finally decided to join her in the house. "Oh heya Topaz. Your as.... Shiny as ever?" Tiger still had trouble with proper interactions. She jolted hearing her name being yelled. She quickly hid under the sofa like a frightened cat. "Whatever it was I didn't do it!" She said while cringing slightly. She then slowly peaked her head out hearing that Nadia was out with her friend. "I got a good feeling about that human. I appreciate the friendship between him and Nadia." She then smirked. "Did someone say ice cream!?" She then paused slightly hearing the rattlings of the fridge. "Huh? Whats up with that?"
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  8. Nadia had nearly succumbed to her boredom before Leroy appeared. She smiled widely and quickly sat up, twisting to look at her friend. "Morning Leroy! I wanted to try to be early like you are all the time! Turns out waiting is boring though." She grabbed the book that she had taken with her up the hill, turning to hand it to Leroy. "I finished the book you gave me last time! It took me a little while, but I couldn't pull myself away." The young girl grinned as she gave the book back before thinking about the boy's question. "Nothing much is new for me, though I think the gems might let me go on a few missions, but lately it's just been Aqua going on solo missions. I did learn a new recipe though!"

    Leaning forward a bit, Nadia's eyes sparkled as she smiled at Leroy. "What about you? Have you done anything new or exciting lately?" Even if Leroy didn't go on adventures defeating monsters like Nadia did, she still enjoyed listening to the boy talk about his life. It was strange, almost mundane in a way that Nadia enjoyed.
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  9. Leroy laughed at Nadia's opinion on waiting.
    "Yeah, that book was pretty awesome!" He replied accepting the book with excitement in his eyes, "The next one is pretty great too! That is.. If you're interested."

    Leroy didn't want to force the series on her. He kept an interested smile on his face as she told him what was going on. Even if nothing really was going on, she loved hearing what she and the gems were up to. "It'd be so cool to hear about you going on a mission! What kind of recipe? I'd love to try it some time, because you're a pretty good cook and such."

    "Nothing really all that new," Leroy said, running and hand through his messy hair and scartching the back of his head, "There's a new Dogcopter movie coming out this weekend! 'Dogcopter three: A Dog's Job is Ruff!' My mom said I could go as long as I'm not going alone. I was wondering if maybe you'd like to go with me? I can buy the tickets and get popcorn and drinks from the movie theater. My parents don't have super good food in the house, because they both work and they mostly by low calorie stuff and things that aren't very high in sodium."

    Leroy shook his head, "Ah, why am I worrying about snacks? I know where the best to seats in the house. I just hope they aren't taken. I'll get there early to save seats, okay? Unless you want to go together, which might work well too. Waiting alone is rather boring, I admit it, but waiting alone together wouldn't be so bad! Er.. I mean waiting together. But don't feel obligated to go, you don't have to, and you can ask Topaz, Tiger, and Aquamarine before you decide; That way, you don't have to worry about missing out on a mission or anything!"

    Leroy was known for his consistency to ramble on about silly things that didn't really matter. He was down to details, making sure everything was calculated exactly to a certain point. Times, distances, locations, everything mattered, because he had to report everything to his mother, who was also very specific.
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  10. [​IMG]

    Topaz watched as Tigers Eye acted like the human feline in response to the appearance of Aquamarine and her accusations. A grin split, a rare sight, upon her lips as she reached up to brush a hand through the bangs framing her face. Deep orange orbs peered over to Tigers when she mentioned her opinion on the human, making her head tilt. "I guess...As long as Nadia is happy then the human is fine." Topaz muttered, closing her eyes for a moment before she got to her feet. Boredom had settled and she had already meditated...so...Ice-cream time.

    Now stood, the peachy-orange skinned gem stretched her limbs before calming her posture, turning around to look at Tigers. "Do you want to come get Ice-cream...Or should I bring you some back?" She asked, then glancing over towards the door of the small home. "Should I see if the children want to come?" She questioned seconds after, bringing up a hand to rest on her chin. "I wonder if I should get strawberry or Vanilla this time..." Topaz had gone off into her own world for a moment with a mixture of questions, only pause when she had headed over towards the door. Forgetting she asked the others, she paused and turned back.

    "Sorry...rambling. Are you guys going to come?"
  11. Tiger mumbled slightly before sniffing at the ground. "Wait... Something doesn't feel right..." She said before moving towards the shaky fridge and slowly lifting it discovering a small gem worm. "Ew!" She said before swiftly grabbing the big worm and quickly dashing to the door. She kicked it open and wind up her arm before launching the worm into town.

    "There." She said not even noticing the gem hidden in its mouth. "Man Earth sure is infested with.... Things." She said before running her neck. She then smirked. "I'm sure those kids are more occupied with their own lives than ours."

    The worm flew across he sky landing on the roof of the theater. It soon motioned it's way down the gutter and into the building searching for food.
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  12. Nadia gasped slightly as Leroy asked her if she was still interested. "Of course I'm interested!" She gave a large smile as she took the book from him. "The last book ended on a cliffhanger! I need to know what happens to Carina and Grus!" The young girl set the book gently down beside her before starting to tell her friend about the recipe she had learned. "I learned how to make this thing called chicken stroganoff! It's basically chicken, noodles, and mushrooms. I'll have to make it next time you come over!" The girl blushed as Leroy praised her cooking, giving a bright thank you in return.

    The young girl listened carefully to Leroy's rambling, quite enjoying how the boy seemed to go off on tangents at the drop of the hat. She would call it quite adorable, but she didn't dare say it out loud. That would be too embarrassing for the both of them. Nadia giggled a bit as Leroy told her she would choose not to go with him if she wanted. "I'd love to go see Dogcopter with you! We can go ask the gems right now if you want!" The girl stood up, getting ready to go ask her guardians if she could go to the movie with Leroy that weekend. However, that might not be fun for Leroy. So quickly, the girl turned back around. "Or we could go walk on the beach, or maybe go look around Beach City. We could go to the Big Donut or the Arcade if you'd like!" The girl spoke quickly, making sure that the boy had plenty of options to choose from.

    Despite how cheery and confident Nadia tended to be, she always felt a bit awkward around Leroy. She wanted to impress the boy, enjoy her time with him, and even just let go around him. However, she had never had a friend her age who seemed to just accept her life. She didn't want to mess this up. The girl scooped up the new book, holding it close to her chest as she rocked on her heels, waiting for Leroy to make a decision.
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  13. Leroy smiled glad that she had taken both of his offers. He loved spending time with the girl. Being with Nadia and her cheerful attitude was uplifting and fun. When she listed things to do he tried to decide, but because of his indecisiveness, he tried to think of a way to do all of those things. Perhaps there was some way to do all of them.

    "Maybe we could ask the gems now, and then we could go to the big donut, and then walk around the beach while we eat our donuts, and then hang out at the arcade!" Leroy devised a plan that he felt pretty proud about. He looked at her with a big grin as she held the book close. Leroy was certainly happy to have such a nice friend like Nadia, and wouldn't trade her for the world. He didn't quite understand much about her, but he didn't care, for she was certainly a sweet girl, and hearing about what she did everyday was music to his ears.

    Leroy stepped away a bit and held out his hand.

    "Shall we go?" He said with a smile. He attempted be all cool like the people in the books, but he was completely awkward. He had to try and just roll with it now.
  14. [​IMG]

    Topaz had stepped out of the way with a raised brow and slightly before she shook her head. Tiger had kicked a small creature out, quite violently, might she add. "This world is strange, even after all these years here." The gem mumbled, her expression darkening for a moment before blinked. "I guess Ill leave the kids for now...I hope nothing happens today though..." She added, reaching up to press a fist against her lips, only to shrug seconds later as she stepped around and back to the door, opening with a huff. "Be back soon." She called out as the gem decided now would be best to go and get the ice cream she honestly wanted right now.

    Once she had stepped out, Topaz closed the door gently behind her, mostly out of the courtesy and mannerisms she had adopted since appearing on this planet as she turned to look at the beach for a moment. Then with a brief glance, she peered up at their home with a small sigh. Reaching up, her limbs stretching, Topaz headed down the small hill so she could reach the beach and then head to the shops, all the while she was stretching her arms, ready. Just in case, right? Plus, meditation left her quite lax.

    Stepping onto the beach, she peered down as her boots fell slightly into the surface before she rolled her eyes. "...Such a pain." She mumbled before slowly making her way towards the board walk, her arms folding over her torso as she tried to decide which flavor she wanted today...

  15. Nadia grinned as Leroy laid out there plan. "Let's go!" She grabbed the boy's hand and started running back toward the house, giggling the whole while. The young girl enjoyed variety when spending time with her friends. She was about to head into the house before bumping into Topaz. The girl blinked before smiling at the older gem. "Topaz! Can I go with Leroy to the new Dogcopter movie this weekend? Please?" She batted her eyes as she wondered just what the gem was doing out.

    Bouncing on her feet, Nadia adjusted the book in her arms. She'd have to drop it off before she and Leroy went off to go get donuts. The curly haired girl would hate to lose the book or damage it after getting it so soon from her friend. "Why are you out here, Topaz? Are you and the rest of the gems going on a mission or something?" The girl questioned, blinking her big green eyes up at the older gem. It was nothing unusual for the gems to leave her alone for long periods of time to go on missions. However, Nadia quite liked having a heads up before the gems just disappeared on her.
  16. [​IMG]

    Topaz was slowly making her way across the sand, attentive to her own footfalls out of sheer boredom, Topaz had not seen Nadia approach until the girl had called out her name. The familiarity of the tone caused the deep orange orbs to blink owlishly as she straightened up, turning to watch as the girl got closer until she was in front of her. There was a silence as the quiet gem studied her, just because she needed to make sure the child was not harmed, before she nodded. "Good Morning, Nadia. " She greeted, slowly folding her arms over her torso.

    Mentioning the movie, the gem's gaze seemed to succumb to worry as brows knitted together. Topaz was mostly a silent character but her protectiveness of the girl was easily riled. "DogCopter movie?" She mumbled, her thoughts running before she calmed. "I guess so, Nadia,as long as you remain safe.." She trailed off, letting her arms fall straight to her side as she shifted her weight to the opposing foot, a small grin coming to her lips as she reached out, ruffling the girls hair. "I'll tell Aquamarine and Tiger that you will be out this weekend for the movie."

    It was then that Topaz turned to momentarily glance at Leroy who the half gem was dragging behind her. Topaz had not yet made an opinion about the human boy, she rarely met him due to missions or staying in her room at the temple. Topaz hummed for a moment before smiling. "Good morning also, Leroy." She greeted. If Nadia was happy, then it was alright. Looking back to Nadia, she tilted her head in confusion to the question of why she was out before she blinked. "Oh! Right. I'm going to get some ice-cream from the boardwalk. No mission today, Aquamarine returned a short while ago from a Solo." She paused. "Do you two wish to come?"
  17. Tiger puffed her cheeks slightly watching Topaz run off "Waiiit!!! Get me a strawberry!" She said calling out the door. She huffed and slouched into the chair. "Somethings still the matter isn't it?" Carnelian said through Tiger. "I've been getting these... Strange brain waves.... But it's not like any other. It's not from a human or anything.. It's from another gem..." Onyx said with worry. "What?! On the planet or?" "No... That's what I'm worried about.. Perhaps we should confront Aquamarine in hopes of some enlightenment." Tiger quickly jumped out of her seat and quickly dashed off to find Aqua. "Yo Aqua, can I talk to you a minute?"
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    The gem worm had found it's way into the concessions and nibbled away at the popcorn. It began to grow and soon ate the popcorn machine itself. It continued to grow and grow until it was as large as the concession stand. People began to scream and run away as the gem worm began to cause havoc among the movie theater.
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  18. "Good morning to you as well, Miss Topaz," Leroy replied politely, "It's a pleasure to see you again."

    At the mention of ice cream Leroy looked to Nadia, and then back at Topaz with a big grin.

    "Actually we were about to head off to the big donut," He said, "But now that you mention it, ice cream might be just as good. I've never had ice cream during the morning, but then again, I don't get to eat donuts very often either. I guess the only time I ever eat sweets at all is when I'm with all of you."

    From what he had heard, all the gems were pretty cool, and Topaz was probably the one he looked up to the most. Not only because she was really tall, but because she had many qualities that Leroy wished to have. She was cool, but she also seemed responsible and like some one who followed rules. Leroy enjoyed hearing about all the gems, and found each of them amazingly awesome, but if he had to spend a day with only one of them he'd probably pick Topaz.

    Of course, since Nadia was half gem, he supposed he'd more than likely choose her. Afterall, she was his best friend already, so how could he not? He enjoyed hanging out with her more than anyone in the entire universe.
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  19. Nadia's smile nearly broke her face as she hugged Topaz. "Thank you!" She squealed as the gem ruffled her hair. She let go and turned to Leroy, giggling. "I get to go see Dogcopter with you!" She could visit her friend again! That alone excited the girl majorly. The girl was about ready to drag Leroy off to get donuts when Topaz mentioned ice cream. The girl listened as Leroy stated how he didn't have sweets that often. Nadia couldn't imagine not having sweets as the gems often liked eating sweets with her.

    Nodding, the curly haired girl smiled up at Topaz. "Let's go get ice cream!" She exclaimed before remembering the book in her arms. "Oh, but I don't want to ruin the book Leroy gave me... Give me a minute! I'll be right back then we can go get ice cream!" She ran off, jumping up the steps to the temple before bursting in and running up to the little nook where her bed and tv laid. She gently set the book on her bed before running out, paying no mind to anyone else in the house.

    Nearly skipping back to Topaz and Leroy, Nadia smiled at both of them before taking each of their hands. "Come on! Let's go get ice cream!" She started walking away with them to the ice cream shop, smiling widely the whole time. Now she got to spend time with both Leroy and Topaz! The only way it could have gotten better was if Tiger and Aqua joined them.
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  20. [​IMG]

    Topaz watched Leroy carefully, only to hum gently in thought as she let a smile appeared across her features as her gaze softened. "You...are very polite." The gem complimented as she crossed her arms over her chest. Topaz liked humans to some degree, she had not been to much of a fan during her original arrival on the planet, but they often surprised her. Turning her gaze to Nadia, she watched briefly as the girl rushed off to put her new book away, Topaz just turned her attention back to Leroy. "Eating sweets is wonderful...It is some of the few foods I can eat.." She added quietly before smiling. "You should come over more then, the other gems do like sweets also."

    The quiet gem blinked when her hand was grabbed, a soft expression appearing on her features as she nodded to Nadia. "Tiger can be quite loud...She wants Strawberry, I think." She informed her, following after the half human and the human with her expression slowly becoming blank once more. They came to the steps leading up to the boardwalk and off the beach, causing Topaz to take her time as she glanced around. There was not many people there...

    For a moment, Topaz released Nadia's hand as she glanced around curiously wondering why it was so quiet but seconds later forgot all about it when she noticed the ice-cream stand a short distance away. "...Hungry." Within seconds, the orange gem had found herself facing the small vendor that was selling the treat she so desperately wanted. A light seemed to burn in her eyes as she looked through the glass panels at the many flavors. "I would like one cone with three scoops of strawberry...And one with two scoops of strawberry and one vanilla." The man simply looked at the gem oddly before nodding, slowly. "Got it ma'am..." Topaz looked back to them both, her eyes glittering with unspoken excitement. "What do you guys want?" She asked, pausing then. "Which flavor would Aquamarine want?"