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      It is the far future, and mankind has spread across the stars. The invention of the hyperspace drive has finally freed humanity to play across the stars, flying through a superluminal ether. Humanity spread, fragmented, and spread further, until several small colonial powers had been established, across a portion of the galaxy.

      It was then that we discovered, we were not alone. Alien monsters struck without warning, devastating the worlds they attacked, be they border colonies or further in. Wiping worlds of Human life, the unknown aggressors drove humanity back, and forced them to join forces to face their common enemy. The United Interplanetary Federation was born, and with it, the Interplanetary Space Defense Forces. The nascent government had trouble maintaining order, and continued to be under pressure from an implacable enemy which destroyed all that it could.

      In the wasteland of Humanity's defeat, Guardians, valkyries of flesh and metal, rose to stem the tide. Their valiant efforts drove the monsters back into the darkness from whence they came, and earned a new peace for mankind.

      That was years ago. The ISDF pushes forward, and so do the Enemy. Borders change, and occasionally planets are taken by either side. For most, life goes on.

      Take on the role of a Guardian stationed aboard the ISDF Cruiser Astrea and enjoy a life of adventure, battle against horrifying alien monsters, tea and cake, and other things.

      The World
      The ISDF

      The Interplanetary Space Defense Forces are humanity's military arm in space. They have several fleets and fly all manner of missions, from policing trade routes and stopping pirates to engaging in combat with the Bydo to protect (or, if the worst has happened, cleanse) colony worlds. The ISDF is structured similar to a Navy in terms of ranks and overall organization, and because humanity loves the romantic notion that space is a sea of stars.

      Valkyries of flesh and steel

      Guardians, also often called Knights, Valkyries, Shinki, and many other names, are the elite of the elite. Extremely capable fighters who have undergone significant cybernetic enhancement, they are capable of fighting the Bydo on their own terms, cleaving through their monstrous ranks. As the new heroes of the war, Guardians are the subject of much popular acclaim, and are often well-regarded.

      Each Valkyrie has undergone strict processes of selection, training and conditioning, both before and after her transformative surgeries. Notably, they all undergo a long period of rehabilitation and physical therapy to adjust to their newly-modified bodies and address any psychological symptoms which might arise from their new cybernetics. They then get the rest of their specialized combat training.

      With the immediate threat of the Bydo quelled for the moment, Guardians are proving to be just as terrifying when fighting conventional military forces as one might expect, and are sometimes deployed in battle against other humans, whether it be pirates, or quelling rebellion.
      Ether Liners

      The next step...

      In what many view as the next step along the evolutionary ladder, some humans exhibit psychic powers. Generally referred to as Ether Liners, ESPers, or psychics, they have somehow been born with powers of the mind beyond those of most people. Each ESPer usually has a single psionic talent, or a few which are closely related at best.

      Psychics are highly sought after in many branches of society, as both the business and military worlds try to study their talents and put them best to use. Those who decide to become Guardians are fitted with special implants designed to amplify their abilities to even greater heights comparable to any other weapon befitting a combat cyborg. Some directions have been taken into designing weapons specifically with psionic talent in mind and as a prerequisite for using them, and they range from the orthodox to the completely bizarre.

      Dreams of electric sheep

      Continued advances in the development of AI and cybernetics have brought about the creation of fully-artificial humans. These androids are in many ways indistinguishable from their biological counterparts. They eat, drink, and sleep, although maybe not as much. Debates on the extent of their rights are ongoing, as they are created beings, fully owned by their creators. An android can, obviously, never be psychic.

      Androids are even created to be Guardians, often more quickly and easily than enhancing a baseline human. Considered by some to be "artificial" Guardians and others to be "pure" Guardians, advanced combat androids are an increasingly common sight within the ISDF ranks. They have the same overall capabilities as any other Knight, and are often even more resilient to harm and mental stresses.
      The Bydo

      Demons without, demons within

      The Bydo are an alien enemy who seemed hell-bent on destroying humanity. A force of strange monsters who are often poorly understood, they travel freely in space, often in gigantic living ships capable of hyperspace through their own, organic means. Their general nature appears to be biomechanical, and they often meld aspects of machinery and living things within their appearances.

      Studies so far indicate that the Bydo may exist in part in another dimension, or be native to one. This may be one explanation for their incredible vitality. Most Guardian weapons are designed specifically with affecting the Bydo in mind, however, and can defeat them regardless of whatever esoteric defenses they may possess. Bydo are known to be able to possess and control human technology, and even human beings themselves, driving them mad or turning them against their comrades, and into...something else entirely.

      They're still out there, lurking past the borders of human space. Like barbarian hordes of old, they occasionally pressure civilization, but there has yet to be a second all-out push into war. For most people, it's welcome enough to know that though they be surrounded by monsters, those monsters shy away from the light of civilization and its protectors.

    • Rules will be pretty much the usual.
      1. Follow Iwaku rules and guidelines.
      2. Don't be a jerk.
      3. Please don't do all those typical bad roleplay behaviors with all manner of funny names.
      And that should over just about anything I can reasonably think of. Below are some general guidelines and things to be aware of.
      • A Valkyrie's cybernetic body is incredibly tough, but you can and will be injured horribly. Loss of a limb is at best a temporary setback, so please bear that in mind.
      • You are not, however, completely indestructible. And if you go into a fight against truly staggering odds without a plan, I will not hesitate to kill you for it.
      • The Bydo can do worse things to you than simply kill you.
      • Much like Batman, you can breathe in space, should you not want to have a full helmet and such for space combat deployments.
      • Dismemberment, death, and insanity are all possible, if not likely. I probably cannot stress this enough. I'm not using dice to leave it all up to chance, but if I were, it would certainly make them all more possible.
      • I will try to limit any abilities I think are too strong, although I'd rather not set absolute or hard limits right now. I also have a certain aesthetic in mind for the "mecha musume" look of Guardians, and will try to keep things consistent with it as much as possible. Sorry to impose my preferences on everyone.
      Character Sheet
      For making of characters, yes.

      Name: Your character's name. You can include any nicknames or callsigns as well. Bear in mind that in general, you never get to pick your callsign, that's up to your buddies.
      Rank: Your military rank.
      Type: I can't really think of a better term for this, because it's not exactly "race." If you're an android or an ether liner, you'd say so here.
      Bydo Coefficient: 0.00 (A measure of your overall power output and ability to do the Bydo harm. Higher is not necessarily better, and I'm not sure if this will stick around and be more than fluff. Usually between 1 and 5.)

      Appearance: An anime image at the very top of your post is preferred. Please do include anything not shown in the image, or otherwise relevant that you wish to add in text.

      Personality: This can be pretty brief, as I'm a firm believer in most of a character's personality coming out through play, so this sort of thing is, at best, a rough guideline and nothing set in stone. However, I also think it's important to think about how your character would behave at least a bit, so writing some basics down is good. It also helps weed out any really undesirable archetypes.

      History: The real meat of figuring out who your character is.
      Where did they come from? What events shaped who they are today? Did they volunteer to become a Guardian, or were they sought out for other reasons? Have they been in the force long? Any notable battles they participated in?

      Fighting Style: Not as important as in a battle shounen martial arts tournament, but still handy. How does your character approach a fight? Do they rush in to melee? Hang back and snipe? And so-on.

      Equipment: You're full of cybernetic augmentations and have additional armor and weapons besides. This is where you list and describe it all.

      Weapons: See above, but I'm singling out weapons for their own section.

      EX Abilities: Use this for any unusual or unique abilities your character has.

      Theme Song: This is important. If you need some suggestions, I'd say look for themes from STGs, or from Super Robot Wars.

      Etc.: Anything else that doesn't fit into the above.

    • Mirana "Mina" Kamaria
      Alice Aegis
      Toro Suzuku
      Pick one and I'll edit in her name.
      Yulia Nazarova
      Rika Kamaria

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  1. Guardian




    Name: Mirana "Mina" Kamaria
    Rank: Chief Petty Officer
    Type: Cybernetically-enhanced Human (Cyborg), Ether Liner
    Bydo Coefficient: 3.75

    Appearance: 168 cm (5'6") tall, long pink hair, golden eyes, fair complexion, slim build

    Personality: Cheerful, diligent, outgoing

    History: Born in Helsinki, Finland, Earth. Mina was the eldest of two siblings. Her family was quite wealthy, owning quite a number of cafes across the country. Mina went into an elite school, scored high in both academics and sports, elected Student Council president, all-in-all being the model student. The cheerful girl never thought she'd end up as one of the Guardians... until that one fateful day.

    Her family was enjoying a trip to Mars, one of the colonized planet, boarding a personal space vessel. What's supposed to be a fun family event was sorely disrupted by a squid-shaped space monster with red skin attacked the vessel during the travel, it appeared out of nowhere and so sudden, the Kamaria family had no time to call for help.

    They quickly went inside a portable escape pod, but just before the door closed, Mina exitted it, leaving her family to escape while she stayed inside, her mother's scream was the last thing she heard before she went back to the cockpit. She tried everything to wrench the shuttle away from the monster's grip, no she was not going to escape, she's buying time for her family. She didn't know why but her instincts told her if she didn't keep the monster distracted, it would go after the escape pod then everything would be over. The monster used its tentacles to rip apart the shuttle piece by piece, until one appendage tore through the windshield, grabbing Mina and pulled her out. The girl stared in fear at the Bydo's blood-red eyes... she knew her time was up, but at least her family would be safe.

    As the girl closed her eyes, a squad of Guardians arrived at the scene, making quick work of the monster. One of them went to her then took her away from the monster's grasp, bridal-carrying her. "Ah..." The last thing she saw before she went unconscious was the beautiful face of her savior, the power they wielded, she wanted it, she wished to protect, and thus... began the tale of Valkyrie Mirana Kamaria.

    Her latent ESP ability are discovered during her selection tests, she's capable of manipulating light waves to a limited degree.

    Fighting Style: Key Target Elimination, Hit-and-run, Dogfights

    • Cyber-enhancements: Mina's body is completely reworked with the latest cybernetic technology, making her physically more machine than human, though she retains her mental faculty and consciousness. Like all Guardians, her cyborg body is very resilient, she's also specifically tailored for agility and finesse, befitting her combat roles.
    • Guardian ARMs ~Roh~: Her personal mechanized combat suit which can be removed or attached at will, she wears this when performing combat missions. Roh is custom-made to suit Mina's fighting style, emphasizing on speed and agility over strength and armor
    • Hyper-Deuterion Engine: A small engine located on her Guardian ARMS back, it's her suit's main source of power. Compact, but powerful, the H-DE is tuned for high-speed acrobatic combat manoeuvres, able to accelerate and decelerate at extreme paces. Mina can even overclock it to increase its performance even more at the risk of damaging herself.
    • Variable Phase-Shift System: Her ARMs are coated with specially made coating dubbed "Colloid Carbon". The material is able to blur light waves and disrupt radars, making her harder to be detected. When activated, she'd visually appear shimmering like a wraith.

    • "Charon" Scythe-Claws: A pair of oversized scythe-shaped claws mounted on her ARMS' back. Its main use is slashing through thick armor-plates on slow-moving large targets such as giant Bydos, space battleships, and buildings
    • "Poseidon" Energy Absorption Harpoons: A pair of wire-connected harpoons fitted on Charon. These harpoons can drain energy from the target once they latched on to them, weakening the target while at the same time recharging Mina's own energy. The harpoons must pierce the target's power source or somewhere else connected to it for the absorption to work. It can also be used as a long-reach weaponry.
    • "Taming Sari" Offensive Shield: Mounted on her right arm, the shield is an expendable piece of equipment to withstand heavy blows, something she should avoid due to her role, but one can't be too careful. It also hides three needle-rockets for surprise attacks, hence the name 'Offensive Shield'.
    • "Gáe Buide and Gáe Derg" EMP Javelins: A pair of throwing spears mounted on her waist. These javelins can transfer electromagnetic pulses after they latched onto a target, disabling machines. It can also be used as a mundane throwing spear.
    • "Wolverine" Vibrating Claw Gauntlets: Equipped on both hands, the gauntlets store a three-fingered claw each. Her main weapon of engagement against human-sized targets, the claw vibrates at extremely high frequency, quickly cutting through armor and flesh with ease.

    EX Abilities:
    • Mirage Colloid/Wings of Light: Using her ESP talent, Mina enhances either her Phase-Shift system or Hyper-Deuterion Engine. The former makes her completely disappear from visual contact and radar, allies and enemies both. The latter boosts the engine, making her form glows with golden particles and creates after-images when she moves, screwing up her foes' targeting attempts.
      • She can't enhance both equipments at the same time. Activating this drains her own energy, she can only keep it up for a few minutes at best.

    Theme Song

    • Mina likes window-shopping in her spare time.
    • Her favorite food is Matcha (Green Tea) Parfait.
    • She has - still fully human - little sister, who's a civilian and not part of the Guardians program. Nope!
    • She's afraid of Death Metal musicians... for some reason.

    CS is up! :D Questions, comments, concerns? Fire away!
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  2. Drank too much again...

    Follow my lead!

    Name: Esfir
    Rank: Ensign
    Type: Cyborg, 86% Mechanized
    Bydo Coefficient: 2.65
    Personality: Esfir is blunt and straightforward, a woman who has no interest in flattery or tact. She’s fine with joking around, but if someone asks her if they look good or not before they go out on a date, Esfir isn’t going to reassure them. She’s going to point out all ugly bits of their face, and will probably get slapped for that. Then she’ll punch them in the face for hitting her, because violence should always be returned. After that, she’ll probably lose a friend over an issue that could have been solved if she didn’t take things so seriously. If it wasn’t for how gallant she was in the battlefield, Esfir would probably be universally reviled by everyone. As it is, she’s just a really thorny rose.

    It wasn’t revenge that drove Esfir to carve her body up. It wasn’t money that tempted her to sell herself to science. It was simply a desire to do something greater with her life.

    On Jupiter, where the majority of migrants lived on small colony ships that primarily generated power through the gas giant’s ceaseless storms, there wasn’t ever a need for one to have a last name. Everyone knew everyone else, and thus, everyone understood that they all had a duty to perform. When Esfir was young, she was taught to read, write, and to do chores. Her purpose in that colony ship was to ensure that her parents, who dealt with crop growth, would come back to a tidy house.

    As she got older, her purpose continued to expand, from chores to farm work, from farm work to farm management, from farm management to crop deliveries. It was then that the girl learned of just how small of a world she lived in. During her first trip out to another colony ship, Esfir saw the vastness of the planet, the depths of space, the sheer volume of things that she never witnessed in her small farming community. A desire to do more drove her away from home, and instead of returning, she piloted that delivery ship off towards the stars, wanting nothing more than to sink in the excess that she never knew existed.

    Naturally, the ISDF stopped that civilian vessel before it could go anywhere near the hellish space battles being waged against the Bydo, but that was perfectly fine with Esfir. The moment she could slip a word to the officer of that ISDF vessel, she offered herself to anything that they needed her for.

    And it was from there that she was inducted into the Guardian Development Program. Her scores were lower than most, and she was far behind when it came to academics. All things considered, it was a horrible situation, but, through a combination of ignoring all social interaction and a single-minded devotion to the cause, Esfir somehow managed to meet the requirements.

    She was reborn as a Guardian, one of many who were capable of active duty as the war with the Bydo reached the final stages. Distinguishing herself through her ability to recklessly break through enemy defenses and lead vanguard attacks, Esfir most likely could have attained a higher rank…but her stubbornness and hilarious lack of respect ensured that she had more than enough enemies in the top brass that she was kept down to merely than of a flag-bearing Ensign.

    It was fine though. By the time the attacks of the Bydo receded, Esfir realized that she preferred field duty, that she could only really live when she’s saving lives and staring down the storm.

    Fighting Style: Esfir is a Guardian who bears the classification of Knight. Her tactical value as a Guardian is not in the fact that she's a powerful fighter or anything else, but in the fact that she can quickly come to the aid of her fellow Guardians, dragging them out of dangerous situations or bringing them to places that they're needed. Esfir being a skilled melee-range fighter is simply a nice bonus.

    Knight ARMs – Esfir’s armor is focused on the limbs, taking the form of heavily armored greaves and gauntlets, with little attention paid to the torso itself. While that design might be due to the fact that her body is protected by her horse, it is really just a form of deception. Most of her body is mechanical, and she has sub-dermal armor, capable of wearing more attacks than what ‘bare skin’ would generally be able to take. The focus of the Knight ARMs is on a consistently high output of strength, capable of beating others through sheer attrition and hardiness, while letting her steed handle the speed.
    Knight ARMs ; Savior – A special function in the Knight ARMs, the armor casings on her arms and legs contain tethers, made of some nigh-indestructible material, which can be fired at targets and stuck onto them. From there, Esfir can either reel them in or drag them around with her. Useful for pulling friendly allies closer after they go in too far, or for dragging enemies into the range of others.

    Knight ARMs ; Heroism – A special function of her headgear, an orange HUD can pop up over Esfir’s face on voice command, giving her an overflow of information in regards to predicted trajectories and enemy movements that only a few humans would be able to understand. Esfir, of course, isn’t one of those gifted humans, and instead ‘borrows’ processing power from the supercomputer in her helm, significantly slowing down her perception of time. This dramatically increases mental fatigue, and she can only hold that state of concentration for three minutes before she loses focus…but usually, that’s not a problem.

    La Flamme – Known more commonly as the mecha-horse, La Flamme was created to supplement Esfir’s strengths. It can carry two people other than Esfir herself, ‘gallops’ faster than most other Guardians, and will return to Esfir after a certain frequency is sent out. Like most combat vehicles, it has its own set of special weapons, but the more important part is its shielding system, which can take quite a beating from energy weapons. For physical attacks, La Flamme is generally fast enough to dodge them.
    La Flamme ; Sleipnir Module – The Knight ARMs has always been designed with La Flamme in mind, and thus, by ejecting her gauntlets and greaves, La Flamme can activate the Sleipnir Module, connecting with the limbs. In this form, it becomes the mythological eight-limbed steed of gods, capable of almost doubling its speed in exchange for Esfir’s combat strengths halving. Great for escaping the clutches of enemies after diving into their main force, but not so great for actual fighting.

    La Flamme ; Charlotte – Known more commonly as ‘Plunderer’, La Flamme can borrow power from those that come into contact with the Liselotte T6, allowing it to output a larger barrier, as well as move faster. With the cores of four Guardians and itself, La Flamme can generate a barrier that covers a 50 meter radius, capable of absorbing most energy weapons and redirecting kinetic weapons. With the maximum load of eight Guardians, a barrier powerful enough to physically repel intruders within its 50 meter radius is erected, creating a bastion of safety even within enemy territory, as well as a literal dark zone on the map.

    G-1L35 Lance, ‘Red Ring’ – The G-1L35 Lance, dubbed Red Ring by Esfir, is basically a short lance that can shoot laser beams from its tip. While it’s generally hooked up to her Knight ARMs power source, she can use a variety of other sources as well, and thus, increase the output of the beam. It can be fired in a constant stream, or blast out concentrated bursts, but generally, Esfir uses the Red Ring more for bashing heads.

    La Flamme ; Liselotte T6– The mecha-horse can become a tentacle-horse, with three appendages blossoming from each side. These tentacles have a maximum range of thirty meters, and can either use electromagnetic force to stick onto people, or simply wrap themselves around them. If there’s no targets to grasp, that’s also fine. The tips of the tentacles are sharp, and can still do a fair amount of damage to the poor, innocent souls that are on the other end. Of course, the Liselotte T6 also has a safety mode, in which the sharp tips are replaced with pink, round tips, an inch and a half wide.

    EX Abilities:
    Eclipse Module ; Starfire – Horse and Knight become one, turning into a true hero, bearing impenetrable armor and god-like speed. Wielding a Japanese mecha-sword wreathed in a dark aura and a throwing star that can mow down swathes of foes, it is known only as the Eclipse Knight, the one-minute hero of the Bydo War.
    Theme Song: I Don’t Need Any Titles For This Song
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  3. Non Battle Mode

    Name: Alice Aegis
    (all-purpose lightweight individual combat equip Alien Exterminating Galactic Interception System)

    Rank: Petty officer 3 Class

    Type: Android

    Bydo Coefficient: 4.50

    Eyes are purple (Turn red in battle mode)

    Being an Android without much human interaction, Alice can come off to be cold or awkward. She has trouble relating with others and telling the difference between social cues. She takes most things at face value overlooking the hidden meaning. She is not good at reading sarcasms nor is she good at using it.

    She also has a bad habit of trying to solve all her problems using force. She is really bad with jokes. Like she either gets it really late, or does not get them at all. This added to the fact that when she tells a joke… they are not funny to normal people.

    She is also terrible at reading expressions and when someone is either mad or sad or annoyed she gets scared because she does not know the difference between the three but she is willing to throw up a guess. I mean she has a 33.3 percent chance of getting right?

    Alice is not one to give up, (it’s not in her programming.) She is willing to go out there and interact with people and get better. She is very caring to her friends and willing to defend people (though sometimes she can hurt the feelings of those she is defending by being too blunt).
    One thing that Alice has trouble with is anger management. She is easily angered because of misunderstandings and being confuse from not understanding something. Also people making fun of her friends will set her off. But at least it is not as bad as it was before when she was first created After all, it only took like 2 years (give or take a year) to be cleared safe to be in the public. (It is not like the test was rigged so she can pass right?) Now when she gets angry and is trying to calm herself down. She pulls out bubble wrap as hearing that little popping noise is soothing like the blaze of 20 tomahawks raining down on an enemy combatant.

    Alice has a hard time getting along with people because others think she is weird, chaotic, or just not human. So she tries really hard to not act like a robot and be friendly, however once she recognizes someone as her friend. You really have a good person beside you through thick and thin.

    Project Alice started, by create by Aegis Inc., to expendable soldiers to enter the front lines and slow down the Alien threat. The project was quickly changed when the prototypes were easily destroyed. All that the company had left was a defective model that had some social issues. Now that the company was too broke to rebuild their army of Androids, they had to invest everything that had into this one android.

    She became Alice Aegis, the hope of Aegis Inc. They pulled out all the big guns, literally. They attached their very best prototype and working model weaponry on to the Android in hopes of making it a one woman army. They ran into an issue (besides the normal defects of the android,) her processor could not handle all of the fancy gizmos and features attached to her. She would either always overheat or just glitch up. They could not think of anything.

    Then the C.E.O. said something that sparked an idea. He mentioned that he could easy do everything she could if not more if all that weaponry was hooked up to him. Everyone knew he was being sarcastic but then it hit them. The human brain could do enormous things if well trained and the human body was a marvel in its self (hence all the cyborgs running around).

    That day the company became very shady. They invested in organ farming, cloning, and other naughty human experiments until they succeeded in creating a body of flesh and goo and machinery. Just kidding, they were not smart enough to do that. One of the female scientist volunteered to be cloned and for the clone body to be used to construct a new android. They combined both the android and the clone’s body parts together and that solved most of their problems (except for the social issues) Thus Alice Aegis was born the first Bio Android. Her AI learned the human body quickly, being able to walk and talk after a few days. She was then told that she was the daughter of the female scientist.

    Alice had some social issues. She would get angry easily whenever people called her a thing. She also was easily stressed by all the human constraints she was forced to abide by like walking and not breaking things with her strength. She would cry, throw tantrum, and activate her weapon systems. Her “mother” and the bubble wrap was the only thing that would calm her down in the beginning but After two years she was slowly making progress. Using the bubble wrap, she managed to control herself for the most part, ignoring some of her social quirks.

    The group loved her and started treating her like a member of the family. They would bring her knickknacks and treats from the outside world. On a few occasions (though she was HEAVILY WATCHED), the company would let her walk around their premise and speak to the lower level personal under the persona of a foreign visitor. She practiced good manners and used the bubble wrap whenever she was bothered. Though those people got in a lot of trouble, everyone was impressed and she was ready to take her final test.

    The day of the test, a bad storm hit the city. The test was being delayed because her mother was late to work. Nobody knew where she was or could get in contact with her. Then some idiot ran into the room saying there was a big accident on the interstate. Hearing that, Alice broke out of the company and flew to save her mother. When she got there she was all out of bubble wrap as she was popping them on her way there while trying to avoid hitting people. When she got there, she saw her mother was caught in an accident and badly injured and a child was hanging by the edge of a car that was slowly tipping over.

    Alice wanted to help her mother and get her to a hospital but the mother knew she was not going to make it. Alice cried saying she was wrong. The mother did not listen only begging Alice to save the kid. Alice did not want to listen and started trying to free her mother. Then her mother slapped her with her remaining energy. She told Alice that her job was to save the innocent and that she could not be a baby no more.

    The rain poured hiding her tears. There was a scream from kid as he started falling. Alice flew and caught the kid before he hit the ground, the kid who prevented Alice from saving her mother. Alice was very angry. As she set the kid down (who fainted from the fall), she entered her battle mode. She pointed her gun at the kids head. She charged up her rifle and but before it went off she stopped and left her battle mode crying on the ground. The kid woke up and saw the android crying.

    He gave her a hug thanking her before his family came and got him. They all thanked her requesting to know which valkyries she was. She did not know what that meant so she just gave them her name. They thanked her and promised, that her deeds would not go unrewarded. When she returned to the Aegis, she was locked down. They said she failed the test because she left the company and went into battle mode in the city. They thought she killed someone and they continued questioning her. She cried saying she did not kill anyone but nobody listened. Finally They decommissioned her.

    Suddenly a navy Admiral walked in requesting the valkyries which saved his grandson. The company was confused as they only had Alice who was not a valkyrie. Then the Admiral called Alice by name, they showed him to her saying she killed an innocent person. He ordered that they released her into Navy custody. He owed the girl his grandson’s life and if they could not see the value in her, then he would see her properly awarded.

    From then on he recommissioned her and enlisted Alice into the navy. They refined her specs and trained her to be a valkyrie. She showed promise and was given orders to a star ship Interplanetary Space Defense Force.

    Fighting Style:
    Alice is very trigger happy. She believes in using her extensive arsenal to wreak havoc and decimation on the Bydo forces. Because of her big arsenal she is slower than most valkyries. Her aim is exceptional and she knows no mercy. Her model, if at first you don’t succeed, user a bigger gun. She also is fancy of the phrase; collateral damage is just extra credit. Though she can handle herself in melee combat, she shies away from it because of her speed. She is build to be the ultimate range fighter and works best as the heavy artillery.


    • Aegis Nanobots: Aegis prototype tiny robots which keeps up the maintenance on her body. They also assist in operating her weaponry and moving them around. They are emp shielded but become inactive for a short period of time after the emp takes effect. (This causes Alice to become cold, tired, and sickly.
    • Aegis Booster: A powerful engine which grants Alice and her weaponry the ability to fly around. It is build for power because of weight of Alice’s weaponry. Through navy enhancements, it can grant Alice great mobility but at a really high power cost. Because of this, Alice is not the most fancy of flyers.
    • Aegis ARMs: Is build for power output being able to produce and store high amounts. Her shoulder arms attachments are adaptable giving her the option to equip a high variety of weaponry.
    • Aegis EDS: Is a pack on Alice back which creates energy barriers as a self defense. Because of Alice’s weak mobility (compared to other valkyries) these shield have a build in feature to push Alice back when every she is hit in an attempt to get her out of harm’s way and build range for her weapon systems. (like a pinball)
    • Automated Energy Particle Beam Cannon (Shoulder attachment): Recoil is base on the amount of build up energy, Medium fire rate at medium range non charged shots, charge shots for far range. A energy cannon which fires energy beams base on target detection/lock-on system. It can auto aim at targets Alice marks as long as Alice knows where the target it. Can be used at close range at a weaker power level or charged up for high damage at a far.
    • Heavy Energy Gauss Rifle (arm attachment): with high recoil, low fire rate, 2 modes.
      • Energy: Propels slugs of plasma at high velocity and makes a small explosion on contact
      • Physical: Propels heavy metal slugs at high velocity
    • Energy Assault rifle with side guards (Arm Attachment): minimal Recoil, High fire rate, can overheat. Weapon can be used as a shield for melee attacks.
    • Guided Rocket Launcher(Shoulder attachment): High recoil 3 modes
      • AMRAAM ( Advanced Medium-Range Air-to-Air Missile): When they explode, they explode and create a ring which expands to cut through enemy. Lowest damage but high accuracy
      • ALRER (Advanced Long-Range Explosive Rocket): Medium damage Low accuracy (not guided) Releases a Huge explosion.
      • OHGT (Over the Horizon Guided Tomahawk): A missile which requires a set of coordinates or a target to fire. It does the most damage but has a small blast radius. If the coordinates are known, the rocket could be gps with a certain route hit and explode at the spot. The missile can also change its trajectory or explode early as long as Alice can keep line of sight. The missile is faster then the other 3 but it is not agile and it takes a lot of energy to make complex turns.
    1. EX Abilities:
      Limit Break
      Most of Alice’s nanobots ignore the maintenance for her body and redirect power to her gear. This overcharges her gear boosting their performance greatly. Her energy weapons charge faster and deal more damage, Physical weaponry fires faster at higher velocity, Missiles/rockets/ect. arm faster and Fly farther, and become more accuracy.

      The down side is that by doing this, Alice’s health slowly deteriorates the longer nanobots are released from her body. She can operate normally for 5 minutes before feeling the side effects. She also has to rest for an hour to recover from the effects. Though having her nanobots return to her body will halt the side effects worsening but does not prevent the side effects all together.

      The other down side is that when the nanobots leave, the Equipment effected by the nanobots becomes worn out and operate less efficiently until they had been repaired.

    Theme Song:
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  4. Specialist Toro Suzuku

    Casual (open)
    5 feet 5 inches tall. Somewhat short blue hair, purple eyes.

    Bydo Coefficient: 1.85
    Type: Ether Liner​

    Cunning | Resourceful | Quick-Witted | Impatient

    A small, beaten ship floats across the vast expanse. Inside, are two men, and a female Android. They had been drifting for days, praying for their next big break. Occupation? Salvager. Destination? A derelict ship they had picked up on their radar a few days ago. They soon spotted it. The crew donned their gear. They didn't know what cause the ship to be left behind.

    The small salvage ship docked, and the three entered the abandoned ship. And so they continued their search. It was strange, there seemed to be no reason for the ship to be empty. There was power, and the engines seemed to still be in tact. However, all passengers were dead. Only untouched bones remained. Whatever sealed the fate of this ship, it was after human lives. The crew kept searching. This place was a gold mine. The equipment was old, but very well kept, though everything was shut down.

    They kept searching. Until one of them found something on their OAS. A life signature. A Human life signature.

    It was a confusing situation. Inside this derelict ship, there was one human alive. She was safely asleep inside a hyperbolic chamber. But the strange thing is what the chamber did. Rather than taking power from the ship, it was generating the power. It was a complex system. None of the crew had ever seen anything like it before. They knew that they had found quite the haul. But before that, the mystery of that girl. She could have been no older than ten. The Android placed her hand on what appeared to be the control panel. A loud hiss, signaled her release of her prison of sleep. The chamber opened, and the weakened girl fell to the floor. The Android ran to the girl's side. She slowly opened her eyes. And the girl smiled

    "Nana...? You did come for me..."

    She snuggled into her arms and, once more, fell asleep.

    Toro, as her name was later recovered from a bout of amnesia brought upon by an extended hyperbolic sleep, was adopted by the salvage crew. The two men, James and Martin, and the Android, "Artemis"(though likely due to her hazy past, Toro calls her Nana). They hadn't been able to recover anything from her past other than the names Toro and Nana. However, for some strange reason, Toro had a strong attachment to 'Nana'. Nana soon began to forge an attachment with Toro as well, acting almost as a mother to her. As the years went by, Toro was taught the trade, what was valuable, what wasn't, how to repair machines, using the OAS(a cybernetic enhancement of James' design) and so on. She took a liking to it, and had quite the nose for valuables. They discovered her ESP on one of their salvage missions, when she powered a small cleaning bot merely by touching it. She could create static energy in the surrounding area. It proved helpful on some salvages.

    Then the Bydo arrived. Most saw these monsters as threats. But to the group of scavengers, they were the main source of income. It continued like this for a while. But once the Guardians were deployed, the salvage opportunities plummeted. But the attacks still occured now and again. And now that it was military units being destroyed, the value of items increased in spite of the drop of attacks. I'm perhaps the luckiest find of them all, they managed to salvage one of the ARMS from a Guardian killed in action. James got to work on it immediately. He had repaired it, save the fact that it had no source of power. Then it hit him. That chamber which they found Toro so long ago. It held the answer. It was a good thing James was so fascinated by the device. He managed to recreate the technology on a much smaller scale and use this to power the ARMS. But that meant only one of them could ever pilot it. Toro was given the ARMS, giving it the code name, Hornet.

    Testing the device took a few months. But after a few rounds of trial and error, they got it running and performing just as well as any of the other ARMS out there. Toro loved to use the new gear. She had practically no weapons for the device, as James was not yet able to reconstruct them. But she still enjoyed jetting across the stars at high speed. For the most part, the Bydo were never a fear of the small group, especially now that they Guardians were taking them down. But they soon learned the terror of the beasts which had given them so much.

    On radar, they spotted a strange shape heading straight for them at high speeds. They tried to get out of it's trajectory, but it followed them still. The poor beaten ship could never out speed it. Only one thing could. Nana, gave Toro a hug before telling her to take the Hornet and run. Toro couldn't leave them she couldn't. At this time, the monster was in sight. It was almost upon them. Toro refused to leave. Frustrated, and afraid for her adopted daughter, Nana forced Toro into her gear out out of the ship, leaving her with these words...

    "I'll come back to you someday..."

    Then it hit. The Bydo took no time mutilating the only family Toro ever knew. Toro could only watch in fear, sadness... And rage. There was nothing more she could do. She jetted off into the expanses of space alone. She would have died out there, had she forgotten the direction of the nearest station. After about a days of flight, she made it back. Now she wanted revenge. The ISDF was now her best means to achieve that goal.

    Fighting Style: In your face, but just out of reach. Toro lives up to her rank, specializing in disabling her enemies, allowing for her partners and sometimes herself to get in close for the kill.

    Optic Analysis System(OAS):
    Cybernetic enhancements, connected to the occipital lobe. This system has a tracker, and several modes of analysis and calculations;
    -Vitals Analysis: checks the vitals of a Living organism
    -Composition Analysis: Analyses chemical makeup of an object
    -Infrared: Senses heat signatures
    -Echolocation: emits sound waves and converts into image

    Valkyrie ARMS /Hornet/:
    Toro's personal ARMS. Agile and light, Toro is able to move quickly, and strike a foe where it hurts most. Inside her suit, she houses several firearms and explosives. This allows her to get into enemy lines, weaken them, plant charges, then detonate them before they even have a chance to fight back.

    Ether-Static Generator:
    Toro's ESP allows her to create static energy in the space around her, and discharge it at a high voltage. This generator was designed by James, using the technology found from the generator where they found Toro. Now it has a battery and can store a large amount of power. However, should it run low, all Toro has to do is activate her ESP to charge it once more.

    JR-Tracker Beacon:
    A beacon that Toro can launch at an enemy. The beacon will establish a link with the Toro's OAS. This keeps her aware of the target's location at all times. This is useful for scouting, tracking, and targeting.

    VL-Shock Phoenix 12cal Gauss SMGs:
    Two SMGs with the speed and power of a modern sniper, while maintaining the fire rate of an SMG. Due to the caliber of its bullets, trying to fire this gun without any sort of brace would rip it clean off. However, Toro's ARMS provide the brace required to use the weapon without any difficulties. The high static energy produced by her suit gives each shot an electrical charge.

    "Ragnarok" Explosive SMG Rounds
    Simple SMG rounds that pack more of a punch. These shots explode on contract. They hurt like hell, and but by themselves they can't harm Bydo too well. However in combination with "Nirriti" and "Nergal" they are provide the majority of Toro's fire arm kills

    "Nirriti" Anti-Armor SMG Rounds:
    Armor piercing rounds. These rounds are APDS, allowing for more effective penetration. due to the electric charge of given to the bullets from her gun, these shots can disable electronics and such.

    "Nergal" Anti-Organism SMG Rounds:
    Each clip, houses enough chemical solution to dissolve all the skin off a group of fifty or so humans. The bullets have been filled with a toxin which eats away at flesh. The toxin weakens the Bydo's biochemical skin, making it softer, and easier to cut apart or tear away. Though Bydo afflicted with the toxin are usually picked off sooner due to their weakened state, given enough time, the toxin could kill one by itself.​

    Electroshock Tether:
    An energy based tether with a powerful robotic hand attached. It can emit a shock from its cord, stunning things wrapped within it. Otherwise it is a tether, able to be used for towing, pulling, wrapping or of the like.

    XN-Thunderspark Pulse Charge:

    Toro carries many pulse charges on her. Detonation results in a sizable explosion. Each charge can be set to direction the blast in a certain way, allowing for massive collateral damage, or an accurate penetrating blast.

    EX Abilities:
    Vanguard Overdrive/Thundergod:
    By exerting her ESP, and rerouting all power to the extremities and maneuvering systems of the ARMS, Toro increases her speed tenfold. The extreme amount of power coursing through her equipment enhances her weaponry and speed, and surrounds her in arcing lightening, which stuns targets nearby.

    However, should she keep it up for too long, circuits may fry, the generator may overheat, or she can exhaust herself.

    Theme Song:
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  5. Mina seems just fine. Not much to say beyond that those head vulcans are tiny at this scale. Bydo popping up so close to Earth would be a terrifying thing that would definitely get a quick response. And anyone in such direct contact with one would probably get some very good medical care, and a LOT of observation for some time afterward.

    Esfir is also good to go. The whole bullet time thing could be trouble, but I don't think it'll be abused. And there are ways to have fun with it anyway. Such as shooting more bullets. Many more bullets.

    Alice's profile has some unusual spelling or grammar at times. It's not a big issue, but it could use some copy-editing. Her backstory is also a little too convenient at times, and if she is notably mentally unstable, it might be quite unusual for her to actually get to full combat deployment.

    So far, everyone really likes the nanomachines. I'm not sure how far I want those to go into space magic territory, since that's mostly what psychics are for. I may have to put in some hard limits for what nanotech can and cannot do before it'd actually be...something else.
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  6. The only reason I had nanomachines in Esfir is because I want to have some paper-thin justification for why she lacks torso protection. If you could offer some other sort of option for non-armory chest protection, I'll gladly switch over.
  7. Will have a CS up by tomorrow. Somehow, I missed the link to the interest check on Friday.
  8. That's a pretty reasonable use. Though if you'd rather, it's just flexible sub-dermal armor. Maybe not as outright strong as big metal plates, but still far more resilient than it has any right to be. Either way, not real skin, just looks like it.
  9. I seriously feel that the effects of the SMGs are out of place on her now.
  10. @R-9 Pilot Hmmm.. just realized that. Alright I will change the vulcans with something else.

    For her history, noted, I think nothing needs to be changed. They all fit imo. The quick response saved her life, the medical care and observation are self-explanatory as she joined the Guardian selection program after the event.

    As for nanomachines, Mina's nanos are for her Phase-shift system only, nothing else. Do I need to change the wording or keep it? :)

    EDIT: I've updated her weapons and alter her Phase-shift system, removing any mention to nanomachines. :)
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  11. Charm-4

    mecha musume8a.png

    Verreh Casual Attire (open)

    mecha musume8ba.png

    Name: Elusive Charm-4
    Rank: Petty Officer First Class
    Variant: Android
    Bydo Coefficient: Previously 3.62, Currently 2.05

    Description: Charm-4 appears to be a young woman standing at 5'4". The bangs of her silvery white hair just reach her sapphire eyes, frequently illuminated by the glowing circle around her pupils, the only real outward sign of her artificial origin.

    Personality: Upbeat and approachable, albeit a bit pensive regarding her past- though she's working on that. Otherwise generally supportive of others and tends to try to find common ground with others, preferring diplomacy and compromise to confrontation and aggression.

    History: Charm-4 was not originally designed to be a Guardian android, but rather started her life as a hospitality model intended to perform entertainment and domestic functions for her owners. They were wealthy tycoons who ran a lucrative processing station that harvested and refined the precious gasses found in the atmosphere of the gas giant it orbited. The only flaw in their operation was the proximity of the border with Bydo held space to the world they had chosen to exploit. The incursion of alien forces was too swift to even label a 'skirmish,' more of a slaughter really- in spite of the ISDF detachment dispatched to safeguard the station as a valuable (and profitable) wartime asset. They overran the station's defenses and strafed it with their weapons until it began plummeting to the surface below, a smoking wreck. Reinforcements arrived after the Bydo had already departed, and a rushed recovery effort on board the plunging space station followed. The only reason Charm-4 made it off the station was her attempt to save one of her owners, carrying the mortally wounded woman through smoke and fire to reach the rescue shuttle.

    On that day, her pleasant, comfortable life ended. Charm-4 discovered that her late owners had no surviving family members they had not written out of their will so she was technically now a free agent. Standard Turing testing showed she had enough cognitive maturity and emotional resilience to manage her own affairs from then on, so she was given a sizable portion of her former owners' estate and set free. She immediately set about calling in every favor her owners had accumulated with the heads of various corporations as well as spending the entirety of her inheritance in order to undergo the extensive modifications required to become a Guardian android.

    Since then she has gone through numerous revisions, refits, and- of course- repairs. Her initial loadout supported hit-and-run melee tactics with her primary weapon being a large chainblade while wearing a light, mobile armor frame. That didn't work well for her in training but she sought to persevere and in her first active engagement with a minor Bydo scouting party she was pretty badly damaged and her fireteam partner injured as a result of her hesitance to engage in close quarters combat with their enemy. In a fit of desperation, Charm-4 recovered her squadmate's assault carbine and- though she was trailing coolant and sparks on her barely-controlled spiralling maneuvers- she managed to eliminate their attackers with frantic yet accurate bursts. After that she abandoned the melee role and moved to mid-range fire support. It took longer still before she realized her penchant for sniping and when she did she went through another round of modifications to help her fill that role as well.

    Over her three years of service, Charm-4 has served in numerous battles and a few campaigns to reclaim lost colonies. The most memorable of these was also the most disastrous, though through no fault of her own. Charitably remembered in textbooks as the Battle of Sigma Phi, it was not so much a fair fight as it was a complete rout. In an act of cruel cunning, the Bydo feigned initial defeat in orbit and fell back to the atmosphere, setting an ambush for the bold crusaders. They infiltrated the human forces by utilizing mind-wiped captured Guardians to maneuver into key positions around the support fleet in space before causing them all to self-detonate simultaneously, crippling the Guardians' logistics in an instant. And in that same moment, Bydo reinforcements arrived. They trapped the Guardian forces in the atmosphere where they were barraged relentlessly, the survivors forced to land on the planet's surface by crippling EMP attacks. Unbeknownst to the Guardians, the Bydo had been hard at work ever since they'd claimed the planet, xeno-forming it to be more tolerable to their alien physiology-and subsequently toxic to the mecha girls who sought shelter on its blasted, caustic surface.

    In a matter of days the Bydo hunted down Guardian fireteams, isolating them and picking them off in the labyrinthine warrens and canyons on the ground. Any who tried to fly above the acidic smog level were cut down by anti-air fire. In the end, no one escaped unharmed. A Guardian counter-strike finally showed up after nearly a week had passed and their harassment caused the Bydo to withdraw from the planet, having accomplished their goals. From the surface only a handful of Guardians returned out of the dozens that had set out, and every survivor had suffered serious injuries in addition to the severe mental trauma they had experienced from being in extended close proximity with the Bydo.

    Charm-4 was perhaps the luckiest due to her android nature. The psychological distress she suffered had overloaded her cerebral safeguards and she experienced an involuntary system wipe because of it. When she awoke on board the hospital ship Solace, she found out she had a near total case of amnesia. After assessing her mental stability during her extended quarantine, the hospital staff gradually began to reintroduce her to elements of her life and chosen career, to ensure she wouldn't experience any sort of catastrophic overload from the any residual neural matrix scarring. Now, although much of her experience and expertise have been lost, she is on the road to recovering the skill she once had- and at least she is able to skip the period of discovery when she struggled to determine what she was good at. Newly cleared for combat once more, she was assigned to the Astrea to serve in the Guardian squad stationed aboard.

    Fighting Style: Mobile long-range attacks to evade counter fire, with a backup option of mid-range covering fire

    • Designated Marksman Armor: Charm-4's armor is optimized for rapid movement above all else, with her greaves being the most heavily reinforced part of her body to allow for the intense thrust emitted from the bottoms of her shoes. Attached to her thighs are a pair of stabilizing thrusters capable of independently or cooperatively thrusting forward, back, or out to the sides to ensure that Charm-4 can manage a steady aim at all times.
    • External Memory Storage: The necklace Charm-4 wears around her neck at all times is more than simply decorative- it is a high capacity memory chip capable of acting as an encrypted backup for her neural matrix in case she should experience amnesia or other undesirable cognitive abnormalities as a result of exposure to the Bydo.
    • Enhanced Communications Antennae: Attached to Charm-4's head are a pair of extended antennae that serve to increase her communications range as far as possible, allowing her to operate in tandem with her team even if located at extreme distances in a sniping position. They are also boosted to allow for the greatest chance of piercing through hostile jamming efforts, and have the capability to carry on multiple conversations simultaneously since- as an android- Charm-4 is not limited to the use of vocal cords to engage in verbal communications.

    • "Astral Messenger" Armalide Labs' Concussive AM Rifle: This weapon is built around the explosive nature of antimatter-matter annihilation. It fires tiny projectiles of anti-matter enclosed in electromagnetic pockets projected toward targets. Even though the rate of fire can be relatively high, the small amount of antiprotons released with each shot allows for extended sustained fire before requiring a reload. The trade-off is in decreased accuracy and impact as the antimatter has a tendency to spread at greater ranges.
    • "Polite Defiance" ION Armaments' Wrist-Mounted Starspray 38 Plasma Projector: Attached to her left arm is a small plasma-thrower, designed to vent reactor waste heat via an electromagnetic tunnel that degrades the further from the projector it gets, causing a 'blooming' effect of roiling blue fire.
    • "Unfriendly Verdict" Novalaunch Deployable Assault Rail Cannon DARC 254: Able to swivel into firing position, Unfriendly Verdict sits behind her left shoulder when not in use. When it is in use it occupies much of her field of view and requires careful aiming. A built in predictive sensor suite measures the position and velocity (simultaneously) of the target once locked on and automatically programs the projectile to track the target until impact. It utilizes powerful electromagnets to launch self-guided rounds at immense speeds.

    EX Abilities: Forthcoming. Will probably be a merge mode with another Guardian à la Vividred Operation, to increase that Guardian's performance.

    Theme Song:
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  12. Did some grammar and spelling correction.

    I dont know what you meant by Convenient at times. I made some edits to it though.

    She is not mentally unstable. She just has social quirks which is not being very good at detecting peoples feelings and getting angry quickly. She used to be very violent but has been working on that for a few years now. At best the worst you will see her do is point a charged weapon in your face but she wont fire it at you, and that is only if you REALLY PISS HER OFF. Also she has the bubble wrap which is like a stress ball.
  13. If it helps, I'd suggest the anti-armor ones be APDS (armor-piercing discarding sabot) rounds. They work as-is, but it might be more effective to just be designed to punch through armor and be done with it.

    Mostly the whole rescuing an admiral's child and getting in that way seems a bit out of place. I won't question it too deeply because I lack a good alternative to suggest, but it's an odd inroad to take.

    And that's about all I wanted reassurance on. If she's managing her issues to a sufficient degree, it's all good. She'd probably have continuing support available should she need it, too.

    And in general, the sheets in progress are looking good, too. I need to sleep now, so I will have to read further another time. It may also be good to move some of the general chatter from the interest check over into the thread here. It is for general OOC chatter and so-on.

    Also, to answer a question fro skype where everyone can see it, when it comes to callsigns, you as a player can choose your character's if you want to. Though I'd bear in mind it's more likely to be making fun of some aspect of a character than related to how just plain awesome they are. Alternatively, suggest callsigns for the other characters and we can all pick the ones we like.
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  14. Show Spoiler

    =Komei Yasunova=

    Rank: Ensign
    Type: Rajudan Human (Ether Liner)
    Bydo Coefficient: 4.2


    Personality: A picturesque avatar of the dutiful, patient, and single-minded society she was born within. Komei is difficult to rouse, seemingly implacable in will, and unnecessarily cryptic. Grace and abstraction pervade her every word, to the point of seeming more like an android built to recite poetry. To most, she is, to her very core, 'weird'. Few take her seriously despite the seriousness she conducts herself with. Though her society holds itself upon fringe, bleeding edge technology, she is surprisingly dim-witted when it comes to normal facets of life. The words she uses, being of such a strange origin, oftentimes confuse fellow comrades as well, and though they often try to correct her, find her incapable of retaining such foreign knowledge.


    "On the skirts of our Galaxy there exists a society of Ether-Liners who have adopted electricity as their rosary, and steel as their holy pages. Networks of minds both living and artificial simulate their realized promised lands as they drift in and out of the etheric rapture they created.

    Temples of metal and light beckon the spiritual inhabitants towards a cult of science, practicing esoteric arts that ensnare minds in the sleek duality of technological ascendancy. Here, the boundaries between magic and the systems of a forged machine are blurred. Few outsiders ever adjust themselves to the pure mysticism placed upon worldly objects.

    In the Revered Hall of Machines there rested a series of units, legendary in their creation, and cherished for their superb design. Each was forged by a corner of the planet, dug up from the depths of its beating heart to become an indestructible shell for a machine spirit. Each spirit itself crafted for the sole purpose of understanding the spiritual connection it would soon possess with its worldly conduit.

    Komei Yasunova was born upon the planet Rajudan, a distant and strange place known for its heavily spiritual populace and reverence for technology and AI. It is said that Rajudan holds the record for most number of individual AI on a single planet. Komei herself is a princess in a certain sense (many from outside the culture would call her as such), though her role in her family's life serves moreso as a 'medium'. Komei, like countless other children of the Ether-Liner-dominated society, was born with the ability to channel the collective psionic energy of her parents and siblings. A 'conduit' if you will. Each individual Rajudan citizen exhibits little in the way of effective psionic power, whereas their eventual conduit child is able to adopt their power, culminating in a far more powerful avatar. Unlike her fellow Conduits, however, Komei displayed a profoundly greater magnitude of control to the point where she was channeling not simply her family, but all those around her.

    The uniqueness of her psionic skill did not go unnoticed. Eventually, as her powers continued to develop, it became increasingly clear that the energy she channeled was too much even for her to handle. It got to the point where psionic energy radiated from her body as an overflow of power. A "Guidance Machine" was created to aid her in this regard, and it was developed from none other than the famed Legion Cutter, one of Thirteen mythic machines created on Rajudan and believed to have mystic importance.

    Seven swords accompanied the Legion Cutter, each feeding upon the radiating psionic energy of Komei. The AI of each sword was developed to hold the entirety of Legion Cutter -with Komei as its heart- in the highest regard; the preservation of each other's life was paramount, and second to no other directive. Six of these swords served as the Legion Cutter's shield, while the seventh, the 'Seventh Stream' served as the unbridled force of the machine.

    When the ISDF came to Rajudan in search of new technologies to combat the Bydo, Komei was introduced as their planetary 'guardian'. Her aptitude with mechanized technology and preponderance of cybernetic enhancement already present presented an easy decision for the ISDF.

    She lifted off from her homeworld to serve the betterment of mankind as a whole.

    Legion Cutter - Bane of Fleets

    Fighting Style: Single-target, CQC, Anti-Tank
    Komei's combat techniques comprise of striking within the heart of a formation, able to avoid most attacks and similarly use the chaos of it all to empower her own attacks. Difficult to hit, but ultimately easy to attack due to her close presence. The strength behind her final blows are quite adept at taking out normally tanky targets, able to slice through incredible amounts of armor like butter. Of course, her defenses can only handle so much, and thus her techniques require assistance in enemy management for larger groups.

    Legion Cutter - Bane of Fleets
    Komei's signature equipment, the Legion Cutter is made up of a number of linked systems, each serving to enhance her combat ability in a number of ways.
    • Corners of the Galaxy - Perseus, Orion, Sagittarius, Norma, Outer, Centaurus
      Present only in Komei's 'Dark Ultimate Fate' stance, these six swords are each a separate AI, though are linked to one another and to Komei's mind as well. Their prime directive involves absolute defense in service of each other and Komei herself. Failure is death itself, and results in their program being rebooted and revised, leading to increasingly more capable abilities. Over many hours of training, they have become exceedingly good at parrying attacks, and maintaining a rotation that covers as many angles as possible.

      Indeed, their ultimate purpose is to defend Komei while in her Dark Ultimate Fate stance, hovering around her like sentinels, watching for oncoming attacks. Their blades can split bullets and absorb energy-based attacks, adding to the potency of her Light Ultimate Fate stance. In addition, they also serve as modes of channeling excess psionic energy, preventing Komei from becoming incapacitated by her own powers. While out of combat, the blades channel this excess energy into various cosmetic glows in her suit or around her. While in combat this energy is always transferred to Mantle (Mantle can only contain so much energy, so energy is only transferred into it during combat rather than 24/7).
    • Embodiment of Finality - Mantle
      Present only in Komei's Light Ultimate Fate stance, Mantle is Komei's "final attack" so to speak. Her coup de grace and her killing blow. Appearing as a massive two-handed blade, Mantle contains all of her psionic energy produced during a battle, including the absorbed energy channeled into it from the Corners of the Galaxy. Requiring a moment to activate and channel, Komei's final stroke is a tremendous slash containing psionic energy, able to cut through increasingly heavier-duty armor the more energy contained within Mantle.

    Neuro-Digital Interface - Commune with Spirits
    Built throughout Komei's central nervous system is a wireless communication device that affords her a way to 'speak' with her equipment (more specifically the AI within them). This can be extended to other digital devices with wireless capabilities, often resulting in Komei relaying what a computer is "saying" even if it lacks intelligence. The nodes in her spine also grant her superb control over humanoid operating machines (such a mecha) though she isn't actually trained to utilize them.

    Psychic Thruster - Astral Projection
    Komei's modem of movement, it is most suited for space battle due to its generally lesser thrusting power. The psionic condenser built within utilizes Komei's wealth of excess psychic energy to generate spacial warping around it, moving Komei in any direction she desires. It can be charged while immobile for a burst of movement, limited only by Komei's own physiological ability.

    EX Abilities:
    Psion of Rajudan - At its core, Komei possesses the ability to generate and channel the pure psionic energy of her people and herself, regardless of distance. Normally useless and unseen, this power can be absorbed by the unique machinery built on her homeworld. Essentially, her EX Ability adds in a self-generated and etheric energy to Komei's weapons. Besides giving her additional potency, the machines also serve to relieve Komei of the otherwise unmanageable amount of psionic energy, easing her mind in the process.

    =Theme Song=


    =Benedicta Centa-Forges=

    Rank: Ensign
    Type: Human
    Bydo Coefficient: 3.2


    Personality: Impermeable, honorable to a fault, and relentless, Benedicta strives to be the very best her society has to offer, and to represent their values with every waking breath she takes. Despite her seemingly 'positive' qualities, they ultimately come as obstacles to her comrades in many cases; the sheer unwillingness and inability to 'lighten up' makes it difficult for jokes to be made at her expense, or for frivolous activities to be had. Benedicta understands her culture's alienness to others, and is able to at least tolerate deviations from her normal expectations in daily life for a time. To her, everything is a regiment that, when ignored, leads to a host of other personal issues. One would be cautious in forcing her to do "something else" too often.


    "Serios-XV was one of the first. Wiped away from the annals of history by its overarching leadership, the defeat upon its surface by the then-unidentified Bydo was so horrendous, so swift, that the Serios colonies deemed it necessary, for the sake of their pride, to consider it an utter mystery. Mentions of the distant system were hushed in the remaining two colony systems, leaving citizens fearful of raising doubts, and even more fearful of what it was that had truly vanquished the colony so thoroughly.

    Upon the planet Serios-III, the government had become restless and terrified. What loomed across the galactic arm, slowly overtaking everything lying in its path? What could be done? There was little time taken in answering the call. The Serios colonies were militaristic to the extreme; little thought was given to whether or not they had to finally mobilize themselves against the unknown threat. They were prepared, but with time, they found themselves only waiting.

    The ISDF had risen to prominence within the galaxy, engulfing those human colonies towards the hope of collective victory. Unfortunately, they wouldn't find it so easy against the Serios colonies. Well-defended, with a history of warrior-like ideals, Serios offered the ISDF only resistance, and their war continued on for several years, with neither side faltering in its fervor.

    With their war unceasing, the Bydo found easy pickings in the distracted Serios-VI colony, steamrolling over the ISDF and Serios forces there. Reduced to a single colony world, Serios-III admitted defeat to the ISDF, acknowledging the necessity of unity against the Bydo.

    Benedicta Centa-Forges, of the Centa-Forges Royal Family, was for all tends and purposes, born the most esteemed princess of an entire nation. From the day she first cried to her current teenage years, she was effectively worshiped by her people as an angel. Their love for her was met with an equally fervent striving for perfection of the Serios way. Benedicta is a military girl without question, acting honorably and strictly. From her youngest years, she trained long and hard, never ceasing in her desire to live up to the views of Seriosian citizenry. As she finally became a warrior, a true, capable warrior, her skills were tested and found them unbelievably satisfactory.

    Perhaps satisfactory was lacking in explaining her abilities; Benedicta soared skywards when it came to the military. Even as a young girl, her exceptional combat and leadership skills easily passed her peers, and even her elders. When the time had come to fully mobilize against the Bydo, Benedicta spearheaded countless men and women, serving as both authority and moral guidance.

    Against the ISDF invaders, she developed a name for herself as the "Iron End", having led the efforts against wave after wave of ISDF armor. She was exceptional in defensive tactics, and on numerous occasions brought victory to an otherwise seemingly hopeless situation on the ground. Despite her boundless love for her country and its people, she was one of the primary spokespersons towards allying with the ISDF when their other colony was destroyed by the Bydo.

    Her opinion was that the Serios could still maintain their identity even under the ISDF, and that for the time being, the Bydo were the more pressing threat, and could not be defeated alone. Her exceptional skills were noted by the ISDF, and when invited to join the Valkyrie program, accepted, believing that limiting herself to combat in units ill-suited towards killing Bydo was tantamount to laziness.

    She entered the Guardian forces as an Ensign.

    "In a new military, my name is unknown and my history blank. To join as an officer would be to profess leadership to people who have no faith in me... yet"

    Iron End - The Titan

    Fighting Style: Tank, CQC, Support
    Benedicta's Valkyrie armor, specially made by Serios engineers for her time with the Guardians, is a representation of her service under her homeworld and the excursions she had against the ISDF. To many, it represents the lingering defiance against the ISDF. The "Iron End" is an armor system built for defense, close-quarter's combat, and supporting nearby allies. Benedicta fights with an unbridled fervor in the heat of battle, soaking fire and decimating targets with slow but powerful strikes. Her close allies recieve additional support in the form of fire redirection, further adding to her identity as a tanky savior.

    Iron Halo - Sentinel
    Built into Benedicta's combat armor is an exceptionally powerful electromagnetic device, capable of extending malleable fields up to a maximum of 50 meters. The field serves to "curve" any sort of enemy fire away from allies and towards Benedicta herself. Whether or not these redirected shots make it to her, the on-board computer system serves to ensure that all nearby allies are safe from the fire, wherever it is moved to. The further away from Benedicta the enemy fire is, the less it is able to be redirected. Up close to her, it is practically like a magnet, sapping up fire and absorbing it with scary efficiency. If surrounded, the redirection can be used to cause enemy friendly fire, flinging caught projectiles into enemies around herself.

    War's End - Death of the Sword Spirit
    Benedicta's offensive weapon, a massive greatsword containing a miniaturized fusion reactor. Though it requires refueling after awhile, the sword displays the fearsome ability to generate immeasurable levels of heat. It is, understandably, meant to destroy enemy armor, capable of melting through some of the densest materials known to man. The weapon can be overcharged to grant her increased penetrating ability at the cost of defense (the heat is so intense it begins to impact her own shields!).

    Saint's Wings - Savior of the Sky
    Benedicta's form of mobility; a pair of multi-engine microwave jets. Saint's Wings have an incredibly high top speed, but very low acceleration, suiting her to CQC fighting but affording her the ability to aid distant allies if need be.

    Mercy Shield - Angel's Embrace
    The Valkyrie armor Benedicta wears sports a persistent invisible shielding system that hugs the unit. Built for sustained fire rather than potency, she enjoys relative safety throughout an engagement, though ultimately cannot simply take extremely powerful hits multiple times. Still, besides the energy shielding, her armor is built with a special metal forged on Serios that itself can take further damage before breaking.

    EX Abilities:
    Empire's Love - Through some collective means of hidden psionic potential, Benedicta finds herself feeling the opinions of her citizens, and through it, feels a sort of empowerment in the form of protection. By tapping into this subtle sense, Benedicta can temporarily bring it into a physical phenomenon for a mere three seconds; essentially, she becomes invulnerable for this short time before the sense fades from her mind, and is unable to be utilized again for several days.

    =Theme Song=
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