Guardians' Heaven: Symphony of Valkyries

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    It is the far future, and mankind has spread across the stars. The invention of the hyperspace drive has finally freed humanity to play across the stars, flying through a superluminal ether. Humanity spread, fragmented, and spread further, until several small colonial powers had been established, across a portion of the galaxy.

    It was then that we discovered, we were not alone. Alien monsters struck without warning, devastating the worlds they attacked, be they border colonies or further in. Wiping worlds of Human life, the unknown aggressors drove humanity back, and forced them to join forces to face their common enemy. The United Interplanetary Federation was born, and with it, the Interplanetary Space Defense Forces. The nascent government had trouble maintaining order, and continued to be under pressure from an implacable enemy which destroyed all that it could.

    In the wasteland of Humanity's defeat, Guardians, valkyries of flesh and metal, rose to stem the tide. Their valiant efforts drove the monsters back into the darkness from whence they came, and earned a new peace for mankind.

    That was years ago. The ISDF pushes forward, and so do the Enemy. Borders change, and occasionally planets are taken by either side. For most, life goes on.

    What's this about?
    Guardians' Heaven is a space scifi RP about mecha musume-like Guardians. You'll all take the roles of these larger-than-life heroines, stationed on the same ship. Adventures and battles await. Also plenty of cute girls doing cute things. If you like cute girls, fancy battle armor, and fighting space monsters, you might like this game.

    Guardians (also called Valkyries and Knights, among other things) are cybernetically enhanced young women, or sometimes androids, equipped to fight an alien menace. They tend to take on a mecha musume sort of aesthetic when in full armor and combat gear, but look fairly human without it. Some even have psychic abilities which are augmented to new heights by their technological enhancements, but they are the exception, rather than the rule.

    The RP draws inspiration from R-Type, Knight Run, Strike Witches, Busou Shinki, Kantai Collection, and some other sources. So, uh, yeah, just bear in mind that such a weird mix is probably the style I'll be going to follow, somehow. I prefer to wear my inspirations on my sleeve, and then try to have fun with mixing them into a new whole.

    I don't have many expectations for players, although I will probably ask for a regular posting schedule of once every few days, to keep things nicely rolling along. I'll at least be holding myself to such a thing, and will try to advance whatever events are under my control every time I do. No need to feel like you can't just post a whole bunch in the meantime, for a conversation or other reasons. I do have something of a specific aesthetic style in mind for what "kind" of mecha musume is appropriate to the setting, so if you're not sure what works, ask first.

    If you're interested, feel free to ask any questions you might have. I'd be happy to answer them.
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  2. Knight Run is besto! Looks neato!
  3. Did you say...

    ... Mecha Musume?

    I'm up.
  4. Ohohoho~ Moe Mecha Musumes doing moe things while looking adorably badass fighting against (tentacle?) monsters? You also used the magic word, Valkyries, I :heart: Valkyries! Sign me up!
  5. Cool. I just added a few additional comments and ramblings in the first post, though it's mostly just some basics like "there's some expectations for posting" and such.

    Also yes, there will be tentacles. Somehow, I'll keep it family-friendly anyway. At least, I don't think putting this in the Libertine section would be quite right. Sure, there's violence and things that can go at least to dirty jokes, but I wouldn't want to focus to end up on such things.
  6. Ah alright, I have some questions about one thing, I'll get right to it below.

    Oh, my personal experience is I have a lot of libertine RPs which focuses more on the plot and story rather than the 'sexy bits', buuut I understand your points. :D You are the GM, your call! I don't mind either, I'm flexible. :P

    Judging from the RP's image (and your avatar), you prefer Gundam Girls and/or Busou Shinki type of mecha-musumes, am I correct? :)
  7. Yep, pretty much that exactly. Kantai Collection gets some mention in the OP, but it's probably a little too abstract with its approach to met my ideal aesthetic.

    And yeah, I'm sure most people would be in it for the plot wherever I put things. My bigger concern is honestly just that I don't exactly have an interest in writing the antagonists as if they're from an ero doujin.
  8. Hmm, I see! A'ight then! Just tell us when it's time to create a CS. :D

    @Skyswimsky : My musume will be besto musume, you'll see!

    @Crow : Hopefully we can RP together in this one. :D
  9. CS and such will probably be a while, so I can wait a bit for more interest to build in here. But, I'll try not to wait too long before getting things started.
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  10. Naturally, I'm in, but a question.

    Is this posting going to be round-based? Or deadline-based?
  11. I'd probably just put it on a deadline. No need to hold everyone to a specific posting order or any "no posting again until everyone else has had a turn." I'm pretty informal when it comes to such things, and again, there are a lot of circumstances (like conversations or fights between characters) which would naturally involve a number of short posts back and forth. You guys could work together to make a few longer posts instead of a lot of shorter ones, but I won't advocate or force one over the other.
  12. So, we have you, Sky, Crow, me, and ERode, that makes 5 people. :) How many participants are you planning for this RP? Just curious.
  13. Mechamusume/Mahou Shoujo has squads of 3 to 5 in general. 7 if generous.
  14. I'm also interested! But if there are too many people already that's fine. I'll be watching this thread either way. :D
  15. Oh right, depending on variety, Mecha Musume doesn't have a squad limit. Strike Witches' world never stops expanding.
  16. Speaking of ever expanding
  17. I don't really plan on having a cap to participants for arbitrary reasons. I'd say this is probably a good starting pool of participants, though. I usually GM for 4-5 or so, but a few more won't hurt. Sometimes people disappear, and so-on. Less so here than in, say, the scheduling hell that is getting 5+ people all online at the same time for a chat-based game once a week, but it could happen.

    I'll get to work on the OOC later. It'll involve nice pretty art, where I can manage it, so it might take a while. Well, also because I made a plan to finish the gundam model I was working on today.

    And I didn't finish the model, but I made some progress, so that counts. I do have some questions for you guys, before I get everything going too far. Your answers will help me tailor my GMing.

    What are you expecting from this RP? Or, well, what do you want to get out of it?
    Do you want to start on a planet, or on a starship?
    Would you rather be trainees or full-fledged Guardians?
    Do you want more slice of life shenanigans, or more combat?
    Are you ok with horrible injuries don to your characters if you know they can get better?
    Do you like digging through conspiracy, investigation, and plots like an onion, or do you prefer a more straightforward plot?
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  18. Oh oh let me join

    What are you expecting from this RP? Or, well, what do you want to get out of it?
    Interesting story, The feeling of being able to lose. (If i know im going to win, its not as fun) Interesting cast of characters who are not all Cookie cut outs. (Im pretty new to RPs but i seen far to many people play the same thing over and over)

    Do you want to start on a planet, or on a starship?
    Starship, I dont want to get use to a planet and not be their for most of the action.

    Would you rather be trainees or full-fledged Guardians?
    Trainees, I think growth and improvement makes roleplaying all the worth while. Besides, anyone can make a Perfect character. It is the flaws which bring stories to life.

    Do you want more slice of life shenanigans, or more combat?
    A healthy mix, Combat is good in moderation but rarely do they build character themselves.

    Are you ok with horrible injuries don to your characters if you know they can get better?
    YES. Again it is no fun if you always know you are going to win.

    Do you like digging through conspiracy, investigation, and plots like an onion, or do you prefer a more straightforward plot?
    Give me a shovel because im a digger.
  19. Combat, adorableness, camaraderie, getting through tough times and overwhelming odds through the power of friendship in space!

    Definitely a starship, and... a mix of the two! Let some people play the veterans, some can be relatively new but still seasoned, and some can be the straight-from-basic trainees.

    I like a mix of both, having exciting combat with the slice of life stuff in between. And horrible injuries (and even death if need be) are fine. They certainly serve to reinforce a sense of danger for the setting.

    Those can be fun though perhaps not as a constant, running theme. A mission involving intrigue and requiring sleuthing to solve can be cool but I'm not sure it'd fit to have full-blown constant paranoia and treachery going... though those can be pretty exciting too.
  20. Cute mecha girls doing cute things while also being badasses during serious moments. Balanced power level (No OP protagonists. villains being stronger is a given), ans most of all, FUN!

    Starship please! We have a flexible start that way.

    As @Insomnant said, a mix! Players can choose to determine what level their PCs are, from trainees to seasomed veteran to somewhere in the middle. Personally, I will choose the somewhere in the middle.

    I like combats a lot, 70 combat 30 slice of life for me, but 50-50 is also a-okay!

    Oh yes! Conspiracy please! I am a sucker for deeper plots! Maybe the Guardian program isn't what it appears to be inside. Maybe the villains aren't really momsters, maybe... Maybe... Hahaha!

    EDIT: Also horrible injuries, YES! It shows that our characters are not undefeatable, that the world is not all sunshine and rainbows, it's not a matter how you hit, but how you can get hit and KEEP MOVING FORWARD!
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